Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, December 15, 2012

                                                                 Thank you
I just popped by to say a huge thank you to everyone for Mums birthday wishes.She had a magical day,all the calls from family and friends and two daughters of Mums twin rang and that made her soooo happy.Then a niece that remembered her from my Dads side( from a divorced family you loose half of those you love in almost an instant.)This girl Barbara remembered her Aunty Joyce and knew it was her birthday Mums joy was just immeasurable I think it made her day complete.
So a huge thank you for adding extra special wishes to her day.
I am replacing my PC over the Christmas period and hopefully I can find you all again when I do the changeover.
Have a Peaceful,happy and very loving Christmas with those you love or if they are far away,I know how you feel but where love is,family is just right there in your beating happy hearts and they will feel the love.
Bless you all and hopefully be in action in the new year,photos and all!.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joyce Mavis and Thelma May Burrows came into the world weighing 3lbs each.
Leonette and Harry Burrows had to place them in the bottom drawer of their cupboard as they were far too small for a cot,they slept in there for many months .
12/12/2012..Joyce turns 92 today.Happy birthday Mum.
It is a happy day and yet so sad for Mum today,next week it will be 7 years since Thelma may passed away,Mums other half,the twin she shared all those 85 years with and misses so terribly.
As I sit here writing this, I listen for a familiar sound of the walker approaching along the hallway and Mum and Molly coming out for their morning coffee,Molly our pup was given to Mum for her 90th birthday and is her constant companion,Mum talks to Molly all day long,it is a delightful thing to see and to hear Mums soft mumbles when they go to bed is so sweet.
The children all live far away but all week there have been presents and cards arriving from her son, nieces old friends who have remembered,from grandchildren,I hid them as they arrived so she will have a lovely time opening them this morning.
A bunch of lovely flowers are waiting on the table for her,she loves flowers and my friend Marg is coming to visit this afternoon and she will stay and share dinner with us as she is one of my friends and Mums favourite .
Sadly I will have to go to work but Mum will have her cards to look at over and over again and she and Molly will no double look at her gifts over and over again and before she knows it I will be back,and we can look at them together again,the thing is when you are 92 you have the joy of the first feelings over and over as you forget what you did 5 minutes ago lol we call it the goldfish syndrome a memory of 3 seconds.Mind you Mum remembers the things you wish she would forget lol it is a wonderful thing to reach this age,,she is in great health,but often says she wished she had gone at the same time as Thelma as age is not kind to us,we want to do things and can't,you can't catch all that is said as everyone is talking so fast,the world in general moves too fast and you can no longer keep up.
The one wonderful thing is the knowledge that you have and the wisdom,if only all the young ones would sit and listen for awhile.Mum has seen wars come and go,seen her Dad go to war and then many years later her son.
She has seen fashions come and go and come again and now some are back yet again lol how fantastic!
The bread and milk come by horse and cart and then the change to modern vehicles.
The list goes on and on and on.
She tells us of the fun at the dances,having a dance card and all the wonderful innocence of life back then,o'h we could all learn so much no wonder the elderly are just not able to understand "the kids of today".
Happy Birthday Mum, we are so glad you live at our home and we would not have it any other way.We can make the rest of your days comfy and with company,I could not bear it if Mum lived alone in some little flat somewhere.
I will take some pics today and Kath my Pc still won't let me take Picasa off and so I am in a spot that the kids will fix at Christmas for me so then I will invade you all with catch up pics.
Thanks for visiting,wish you could have some cake,as I have been writing this I stopped for a while,I heard Mum approaching down the hall,Molly has been out to the grass for a wee,I have made Mum and I a cuppa,now we wait patiently for Bob to get up so we can open Mums gifts because they are hidden in our room lol it is just 5.30am and already we have been up awhile.
Mums first sight was the flowers, she loved them,Gerbras bright pink and there are deep lilac lillies,I gave her a kiss and said happy Birthday and she said "is it I had forgotten "lol isn't it fantastic!
Bless you Mum,it is selfish but we hope we have you for a while yet sweetie.

Monday, December 3, 2012


                                         The Silly Season ,Family and The Queen.

For most Christmas is exciting and for us it is too but more exhausting than exciting.Because of the change in lifestyle for many, internet shopping is a BOOM!!!!and after the purchase of course there is the delivery and for us that is us!!
Each year  we start to deliver 2 weeks before Christmas on the weekends,this year we have been doing it for 3 weeks already!..
I did not join a Christmas challenge this year to keep me on track,I did however give myself a Dec 1st deadline and that was met,so everything was wrapped by then,all the food organised other than the fresh things.
Our son came at the weekend and we had Take 1 Christmas and it was lovely,we will have our daughter and other relies for Christmas itself.

The day has arrived today when we needed to count or Sealed Pots..as you know I was hoping the have $500 in my three pots and I excelled that by a huge amount,we were in shock to find we had saved...wait for it...$2098.90!!!!! we are saving very hard for our fares to the Uk in about 2 years time,now we have just got to save the second fare this 12 months.
I am so disappointed, I took pics of the pots emptied and some of Christmas family timr but I keep getting a message to say I have run out of room for pics yet I have sent them all to a stick and there are only 4 on the PC..I am confused anyway no pics as planned.
So the Queen was in her counting house today,counting her pots and feeling very delighted as it was a hard slog but I am hoping to do just as well next year.
We are so busy at work that blogging has come a very sad last and I am afraid the next couple of weeks will be similar,so Merry Christmas to all and I hope to get some time to catch up ..and post some pic.!