Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, November 21, 2014

On the October long weekend we always do our Christmas cakes and puddings, this year was no different but Mum found the stirring quite hard almost 94 makes you think is this the past time we shall do this together  making all the more special.Bob had a stir too as no family were here this time,usually someone is home to stir the pud. They are now in the freezer,another strange thing e have had to do for many years no ,we used to hang the pudding in the Laundry for months but several years ago somehow the seasons became more humid and the cloths went mouldy so now we freeze them and if at all possible they are even more delicious.

Each day we find things that Mum can't do anymore that once was just a daily routine,but with lots of laughter and love we get through.
Her favourite thing is the shower that I now have to give her,she loves her back scrubbed and especially hair wash and set day as she is very fussy about her hair. The most laughter we have is at bedtime as I put her to bed, our neighbour recently sent me a text to say he could hear us across the road above the storm bird which has been driving him crazy for weeks.
Usually it starts from Mum telling me I am a rough house Annie as she sits on the bedside and I have to lift her legs up to get her in.She is a trooper and  even if in my mind I am wanting to hurry I am very aware of the privilege it is to look after her and I never let on,I find then a little while later I am so glad I was patient, I think otherwise I would be sad I my heart.

Friday, November 7, 2014

                              Just a few things we have had going on around  homethe garden.....

 Bob bought an old wood burning stove and is making an area on the back patio for it, we now do all our Jams,Pickles and roasts in it and bread..it is his most favourite thing.
 Roses from our garden, they were really wonderful this year,now that Mum is not so able to walk around and look at them we make sure she always has some nearby to admire and smell.
 Awful winds this week dislodged a Pee Wee nest from our large Gum tree,we rescued these babies and placed them in a hanging pot for Mum to find and she did.
 The King Parrots come daily for a bath and drink from many bird baths we have around the yard,this one loves the ladies head.
Georgie enjoying a shower of rain on Bob shoulder,he just loves it in the rain and of course Bob has many scratches on his shouldrers.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

                                 The boys and I are still doing our soldiers care packages.

We have been working so hard on our passion and to date we have done more than ever before 254 and another 33 in the spare room to go and then we will get the names for our Christmas boxes.
I have 7 boys now and I call them my magnificent 7! We were blessed enough for a local company to sponsor us with a uniform to wear so we are very professional looking now.We have blue polo shirts with navy writing and red caps, these three colours represent all three Australian Forces.

Our home at times looks like a postal depot,and if we get unexpected guests we have to scarper and clear the bed off,but we would not have it any other way.
To do this and expect no reward is a wonderful lesson for these boys,however we get some amazing letters back from troops telling us how much a difference it made to them.
All the boys are great and make up for us not having any family close by,when our daughter comes home she loves to join in and help the boys she is a wonderful support for us with Mum and everything we do bless her.
Our little town is so generous to us,as soon as I am in need of goodies for the boxes I put it on the Facebook community page and all of a sudden everything  turns up that I need.