Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, November 21, 2014

On the October long weekend we always do our Christmas cakes and puddings, this year was no different but Mum found the stirring quite hard almost 94 makes you think is this the past time we shall do this together  making all the more special.Bob had a stir too as no family were here this time,usually someone is home to stir the pud. They are now in the freezer,another strange thing e have had to do for many years no ,we used to hang the pudding in the Laundry for months but several years ago somehow the seasons became more humid and the cloths went mouldy so now we freeze them and if at all possible they are even more delicious.

Each day we find things that Mum can't do anymore that once was just a daily routine,but with lots of laughter and love we get through.
Her favourite thing is the shower that I now have to give her,she loves her back scrubbed and especially hair wash and set day as she is very fussy about her hair. The most laughter we have is at bedtime as I put her to bed, our neighbour recently sent me a text to say he could hear us across the road above the storm bird which has been driving him crazy for weeks.
Usually it starts from Mum telling me I am a rough house Annie as she sits on the bedside and I have to lift her legs up to get her in.She is a trooper and  even if in my mind I am wanting to hurry I am very aware of the privilege it is to look after her and I never let on,I find then a little while later I am so glad I was patient, I think otherwise I would be sad I my heart.


  1. Carole, your dear Mum looks so delightful, and so happy to be working with you. Take every moment you can get with her and make the most of them. You will never regret it.

  2. You are making wonderful memories and I'm sure your Mum appreciates the time you are having together. You both look so happy. I've made two Christmas cakes and I got Bob to stir one of them as well because like you I had no kids to do it this year.


  3. It's been Mincemeat stirring time with us; but much the same. What a good person you are Carole. Your Mum is privileged to have you as a daughter.

  4. how lucky your Mum is. I have just been listening to a programme about elderly people living in horrible group homes where they were not cared for with a quarter of the care you give your own sweet Mamma.

  5. Hi Carol,
    Warwick and Jess made the pudding the other day and we don't hang ours either as the cloth does go mouldy. I know about the laughter in your house!! God bless:)

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