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Our Home our Haven

Monday, December 8, 2014

Our eldest grandchild Alexander has just turned 16.People say the youth of today are stuck in front of their phones,Xboxes etc but I think there is a fine balance in life and it is up to the parents to guide and help the children find that balance.
I think my daughter and son in law found that balance 2 years ago when Alexander joined the Air Cadets.
This is a wonderful thing for young girls and boys,Mums are NOT allowed to launder,iron or clean their shoes, they go out on camp once a month and learn to live rough ,he comes back exhausted but exillerated.
He has learned disiplin(he only went with his shoes not up to par once),he has learned brotherhood,responsiblility just to name a few things.
Alex has always wanted to be a pilot or in the Air Force at some level and has focused on this happening since he was 4!
He may change his mind as kids are prone to do but he will be a better young man for his experiences.
He had his Grand Parade this last weekend,another thing we have had to miss but we were with him in spirit,maybe it was a good thing we could not go( we have Mum full time and she can no longer be left alone) Bob and I would have been bawling as we are so proud of him.

Alex front

Far right
Well done Kate and Steve you have done a great job.



  1. Discipline of this sort is very good training for young people. Well done!

  2. Very good looking young man. Wonderful he has an objective and I so hope he achieves it. Nevertheless all this training will stand him in good stead for the future.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. A young man to be rightly proud of. What a shame that you were not able to be at his parade, but I'm sure that he would understand - he sounds a treasure of a grandson

  4. There are good (and bad) people everywhere. Well done Alex.