Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beauty Tips from a Beautiful Lady

Below is a wonderful poem Audrey Hepburn wrote when asked to share her 'beauty tips.'

It was read at her funeral years later.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
 For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
 For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
 For beautiful hair, let a child run his/her fingers through it once a day.
 For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.
 Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
 As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, and the other for helping others.

How lovely and wise is that!! we should all read it again and again, let it sink into the very essence of your being and bones.That chocolate that you ate last night sitting on your hips today doesn't really matter does it?

I think we place too much importance on how we look,unless we feel uncomfortable and unwell , leave yourself in a peaceful state of mind and body.If not and it  feels so much better with a little less weight,then just shed a little, don't set goals that are impossible,afterall most times after dieting,the weight creeps back on so we place ourselves in a postion of unrest.
It is now the season of festive foods,women everywhere have been madly dieting for summer,Christmas,Thanksgiving etc only to indulge and put it all back on...ohhhhhh!!! the pain when we step on the scales,wouldn't it be better just to have a little less on our plates each meal,cut back slightly and we would hardly notice it.
O'h thats good advice think I will take it lol.
Beauty of course comes from within,it shines from our eyes and  our smile.I think the best beauty treatment of all is being in love..there is nothing like the glow on the faces of two people in love.
How about today you start your beauty treatment,put a bounce in your step as you go through your day, make eye contact when you smile at those you know and when you smile at a stranger it will become infectious.
Have a blissful day,if you ,like me have a heart filled with the love of our heavenly Father let it shine and don't be afraid to let others know.You don't need to be sprooking about it in every word,it will be blaringly obvious in how you use your day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

Sunday today and beautiful weather but we decided to stay at home and catch up on jobs on the waiting list.First for Bob was to put a skylight in the kitchen over the work bench, it has been in 14 years since we put the kitchen in and who ever is cooking has to work in their shadow so today was the day Bob said "I see the light!" lol and he did a great job Bob thank you so much,more power saved.

First he had to cut a hole on the inside,then up on the roof and cut there as we have a tin roof,then back inside to fit the hole cover and plastic window.(as you can see these are his paint shorts lol,the paint on the shorts should have been on the ceiling!)

Then ta dahhh it is brighter than the actual lights,we are so thrilled but now you can see the painter(Bob the odd job man lol we can't even blame anyone else!) did a shocker of a job on the ceiling about 6 years ago,so now when we repaint after Christmas we will have to be more careful lol.

Next was for me to make young Master William a blanket for Pre School which he will go to for 1 year before starting big school.He needed a blankie for their afternoon rest time.

These are the same type as I have made all the other 5 grandchildren when they started pre school,I do polar fleece on one side and on the other a good cotton,they use the  polar fleece against their skin in the winter and the cotton side in the summer.I have made these right from when all the children are tiny starting from half this size ,they have always called them their beach blankie and they take them in the car and wrap up in them on the way home, you know sometimes you are a little burnt and shivery they love to put the fluffy side against them and used to fall asleep on the way home.Then I gradually get them a bit bigger and this is the last one I make them it lasts them for ages.(The ladies at Spotlight tell me you cannot put these fabrics together but SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!don't tell them.... I have been doing it for 11 years and it works great!)

I had enough fleece left to make a little carry bag, this will hold Williams sheet, pillow and blanket when he goes to pre school,I will change the ties before I give it to him as they are too short  making the opening not big enough  really so I will get some cord when I go to town,he loves Buzz so I think he will be happy.The Buzz fabric was so expensive in the normal fabric section,I wandered over to the curtain section and it was half the price and twice the width, I have found this many times on different ocasions so I check it all out now.


Next was to finish some needlecases that I got the idea from on the blog,I love these and would love to keep them all but they were made with love and made to give someone pleasure.These are from the old doilies etc that had too many holes in some places to save,and some were made from napkins,I have several more to do but these are the first finished ones.I am not doing these to sell just for gifts so I do thank the land of blog for lovely ideas that we can all share,mine are not perfect but I am happy with the outcome,so thank you girls for all sharing your ideas.

These are so simple and when they are finished you can't help looking at them and admiring the embroidery the ladies did way back in time,so neat and tidy,they feel so lovely as there is nothing like aged linnen.

We also planted some lovely bits and pieces in the garden as Mums birthday approaches we are trying to get the garden looking lovely for her, it is coming together and looking nice and neat, all the turf has now taken and looks so lush.I have cooked myself crazy and have only the slices to go now, I have vegetarian and meat dishes done and frozen,100 sausage rolls,100 cabonosi swirls,cheesecakes and heaven knows what else,just slices to go.All my Christmas shopping is done and just to be wrapped as there is only me to do the party and I have to be organised as I work full time.Yes I am tired but it is a love job and they are always a pleasure.I have my newspaper article ready for our community paper,the Hampers for the Homeless are going wonderfully and I have so many beautiful blankets for the winter packed away ready for the homeless,this little town is so generous.We also always have a poor collection of toys and food and that is going fantastic,so many poor will get a wonderful hamper ,we do this every year at Christmas but the homeless ones will be going all year,after all they don't just get hungry at Christmas.Bob and I will be out selling raffle tickets in the next couple of weeks to try to keep our little community Info centre open.It is not just me and Bob alone,there are 2 others that share these jobs and we all work full time so it is hectic but O'h so worth it!
The way I see it is, we have food each day, we have a lovely comfy bed, we have a roof over our heads and hot running water and a flushing loo all at our fingertips. God made each day 24 hours, so if I can give about 1 hour a day for the good of my fellow man I think my Heavenly Father will be well pleased.Sometimes I drag my feet to do my little bit but I walk on air coming home,my grandmother never rested,her blood flows through my veins be it a curse or an honour, I prefer to think it an honour,this is of course how I got myself sick, I have taken things much more slowly now,I used to run everywhere but these days by 2pm I am bone tired but I will get better.My Nanna always said she would be lying down for long enough when she was placed in her box,she managed to stay upright till she was 85 and now is in the wonderous slumber,so I think I will just  do as she did.

Have a lovely Sunday and Sunday evening with those you love and who love you,praise God for your health and for what he provides for you.Be kind to someone each and every day and try to remember to be kind to yourself,that is the hardest thing to do.
May His heavenly light shine upon your wonderful faces and may you feel blessed and special.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Inspiration for Christmas

After reading Deb from Simply Me asking if anyone has started their Christmas shopping I decided to share my start of Christmas sewing with you,these took me longer than I expected as the old health stops me some days..but at last I have finished this lot.

Recently my sweet friend Bronwyn from my Cackle Club gave me this surprise gift of a Pillow Bag to take my pillow in if I go away overnight,I loved it so much it gave me an idea that my grandchildren would love one for when they go on sleepovers.
I must say her work is so beautiful that my own interpritation is very simple by comparrison.

For my grand daughters Lilli and Olivia I have added suffolk puffs and Bric Brac braids and buttons and reversed the fabrics,the girls are cousins and I always have to be aware that they love the same things although one favours purple and one pink so I just reversed the fabrics.

For the 4 boys the 2 older ones similar fabrics reversed and the younger 2 boys the same.When they are all in the same place at the same time at Christmas I have to make sure they all look alike as it would be shameful if one had an extra button lol( just joking..well not really)
In actual fact when you have 6 to make it was much more affordable  for me to get the fabrics to mix and match and the way they are the brothers of each family have different to each other.

Next thing is to make  some little gifts for friends it is always exciting to make special things and at this stage I am still working out what! better get a move on I think.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend,it was hot ,hot .hot. here.
Thank you God for the patience,perserverence and yes even the finger pricks while making these ,thank you for allowing me the joy of making these chidren something and they better like them or else!each one contains a new pillow as well.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

                                                      Update on Miss Molly   

Just thought you might like to know Miss Molly has settled in beautifully.She helps herself to one of Bobs work socks each afternnon to place in her little bed,along with her fluffy toys.     
She goes outside for her toilet no problems just runs up and lets us know.She was absolutely not impressed on her vet visit.After being weighed a huge 800 grams lol at 6 weeks.Then a thermometor up her bottom, a needle for the usual protection, then Frontline  flea and tick  protection put on her neck genlty , the absolute shock af a big needle that placed a micro chip in her on her back,she gave a cry and we felt terrible,Bob held her while they did this, in our country it is the law we have to have this done.Poor little sweetie, the vet offered her a reward but she told her where to put it with just one glance lol.I think when we go back for her follow up needles Molly will not be so eager to greet the vet.  

However after we got home and she had some puppy milk and some yummy dinner she was exhausted and promptly fell asleep,she slept for ages so much so that we were like kids waiting for Christmas so we could give her lots of cuddles.When she woke she was bright and cheerful and we made a huge fuss of her.

We think our next visit  to the vet will be very interesting indeed!She is already proving to be a wonderful little companion for Mum and she just seems to know to be careful around Mums feet,Bob on the other hand gets ambushed at every turn, it is so lovely to see him enjoying Molly as we thought he would be our worry.
I seem to be the toilet lady and food supplier lol I am happy with that roll just as long as I get my cuddles at the end of the day and because I am up I get the lovely greeting of Molly almost turning herself inide out when she sees me.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

 Heavy Heart for the Homeless

I am just putting my heart on the page today as many bloggers do, no photos today just something to think about.
Sometimes when we have something heavy on our hearts we feel it for the moment and then it is business back to normal,you may see something that makes you think"thats awful I must try to do something",then life's busy days come and go and we realise we never did do what we had planned.

As a Christian,it is times like this that we believe the Holy Spirit is talking to us and we are either obedient to the message or not.If not then we often suffer the consequences such as a guilty consience or ask for forgiveness,each person knows what they should have done.For non Christians if can be interpreted as just a  subconcious thought I suppose, or a knowing of what right and wrong in the world is.
Recently I went to visit my daughter and I love to go to her church,it is Penticostal,happy clappy,rock and roll music and if you are not foot stomping had clapping and full of the message when you leave you have either been dead for 3 days or totally deaf lol.The thing is the pastor does not preach at you, he talks to you,there is a huge difference,his talk of the day was the Homeless in the city of Newcastle(Australia).There are so many in the thousands actually.
This was so heavy on my heart,when I came out I thought "I have to do something"knowing this time I would not forget to be obedient.In the outer hall of the church was a pamphlet with a shopping list for a hamper for the Homeless.I took a list and bought it home.
I am very much involved with my community and we even print a small free monthly little paper.I do a column called Treasures Talk as I am co ordinator of our little opshop,we are all volunteers and all the goodies come from the townspeople and the money goes back into things the town needs. I wrote in my column this month about my going to church etc and the message of the day and put the list in there.I also asked for blankets for the homeless for next winter.My heart felt good, I had come home,followed through and printed of a hundred lists placed them all over town in the shops etc where people could pick one up and put it on the fridge.I asked not that people in these hard times try to get a full hamper but even one or 2 items extra when they shopped and I would make the packages up.
It has only beens a week,I have already a pile of the loveliest soft blankets and food is starting to come in.
I found that when I made inquiries in our local area alone we have many homeless and they are not people who can get the dole as they have no fixed address it is frighteneing.In the city many are corporate people who have lost first their company,then their home and family and have nothing absolutely nothing.My daughter in laws sister recently moved from 2 states away leaving a 20 years marriage taking her 11 year old son with her, she came to be near her sisters only to find she had never rented so had no references,this and the fact that at least 30 people were trying for each flat that was available,she after exhausting her welcome with every relative spent many nights in her car!(she finally has a home after 4 months!) I could not believe it! this is the way many people get to be homeless.
Mother Tereasa once said "if you cannot feed thousands,just feed one".
I am so sorry to have rambled on,I just wanted to get everyone to think about just when you shop next time buy a little item extra and drop it off at a charity shop near you,you will make a difference.
I am so thankful everyday for the food on our table,our soft bed and shelter.I know we are just an average family but we have too much when others have nothing.
I always thought of homeless as runaways or alcaholics and the like I never thought in the blink of an eye it could be any one of us.
Thanks for reading if you got to the end lol,ordinary people can do ordinary things that will make an extraordinary difference to another.
Feel blessed today and remember to give thanks to God for keeping you and yours safe.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well what can we say! Mum turns 90 in a few weeks and a male friend came aknocking on Saturday with an early present.I knew it was hard to know what to get a 90 year old but a puppy! lol

Anyway she has made herself at home she is a Shitzu, Maltese cross,adorable of course.
We have not had a dog for many years as we were so hearbroken when we lost our Boxer Sasha to breast cancer,we could not face getting attached again.Molly has in less than 24 hours turned us all into oooh and ahhh besotted adults lol.
We did forget about the crying all night etc,and we did take her to work today but it will be too hot for her and too long a day in the car and she will never learn to stay alone if we do that all the time.
So tomorrow it is needles and  micro-chipped so guess it will be me that takes her.

Molly was the runt of the litter and is very tiny,but in no way is she shy.She has done what we thought was the impossible and in no time at all placed herself on the chair with Bob.Who as you may know does not like pets of the four legged variety too much so I have longed for a puppy or a ginger cat for so long.This is Mums puppy but as she is so old  have to do all the bits lol so it is a claytons pet.A friend called last night and told me I almost have a ginger cat as Molly has caramel ears lol

So Molly and Bob watched the news together and I guess life will not be the same until she is settled,housebroken and learns her manners. I have to say she has impressed us at just 6 weeks when we take her outside she does her toilet and turns back to the door as if to say "well come on,I'm done what are you waitng for"very bossy little lady.
Hopefully Mum will not trip on her too many times as we have to be so careful,another reason we have not had a four legged pet,but what can you say when someone turns up with such a cutie,well maybe give her back if she keeps howling like she is right now lol.
Have a lovely day everyone.