Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, July 29, 2011

                                    Another Step Towards Retirement.

Today we travelled to pick up the caravan that we have purchased,getting ourselves ready for retirement.
It is not for 3 years but we want to get it all fitted out ready.

Although it is second hand it has been looked after beautifully.Mum had a sit in it and Miss Molly.

So  here is a peek at our home away from home of the future,it may be a long time before we test her out as we are back to being like young people, we need a babysitter for Mum,but we will eventually enjoy her.

 Bob did not even feel it on the back of the car, smooth as a babies bottom lol.

 They people that owned it really did look after it,the cushions and everything came with it,all new.
The stove has never been used,it has a microwave and reverse cycle air con which comes up through the floor.The seats are lovely to sit on and Molly liked it very much.

We are looking forward to our first sleepover, it may have to be up in the backyard but at least thats better than nothing lol.

and NO!!!!!!! we are not going to swing a sign on the door saying:

"IF the vans a rockin'
Don't bother knocking"

Thursday, July 28, 2011


                                                                A New Height to Aim for.

Quite a while ago now our little group of 5 and the wonderful girls at Treasures( the volunteers at our little op shop) built a little park on our top side of town(meaning over the hill not the best lol as in snobby).

The park is used so much and the kids have a great time, we have seats there for Mum and Dad but now we want something for Mum and Dad to do.
The latest thing in big towns is Adult Exercise Equipment and we have applied for a grant for help to get some for our parents.

We have applied for $10,000 and asked council to put it in for us, we are praying that it all happens,we have worked so hard to get things rolling and we do have funds we can use too so that maybe we can get extra pieces and the local footballers may use it to help with training,and the other local sports teams as well.
So keep your fingers crossed that maybe one day in the future I will blog that we have it.

Community work is so important and no one wants to be in the committees any more.Bob and I joined about 11 years ago and were just sitting in the back row for a long time, as people stopped coming for various reasons we found ourselves 5 years ago as Bob Mr President, me Secretary and Val as Treasurer and 2 darling ladies come along to the meetings.We have tried every year to step down but no young ones want to take over,it is so sad as everything needs new minds and energy,so we soldier on doing the best for our little town.So you look around where you live and if there are things being done..or not..maybe a small group is desperate for you to join in and lighten the load..go on have a go!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


                                       A Little Chat From the Heart

Do you have daunting thoughts from time to time?

Do you think where did that come from?

Earlier this week after an exhausting work day,we had dinner and the usual happened that is our home routine,Mum and I went into the lounge-room to watch Heartbeat and her other favourite shows( I sit with her as I think it is important) and Bob sits by the fire where there is another small TV and watches his shows,when Mum goes to bed he then comes in and we will watch something together.

On this particular night Mum was very tired and went to bed at 8 half hour earlier than usual,Bob was so tired he was sound asleep in the recliner near the fire..I was alone in the lounge-room and an awful thought came upon me...this is what it would be like if I lost both of them...would I be doing what I was then? would I do as 2 close friends who have lost their partners do..sew,read or whatever late into the night as sleep evades them.
I think I would sew every evening with the TV or radio gently in the background for company,but I am sure it would be mournful... the silence...
I asked Bob what would he do if I were to die first and Mum was gone and he was all alone.He was horrified that I would even have that thought process,and he said he has no idea how he would live.
I do really know where this thought came from...
On Monday I drove past the cemetery as I do each day doing deliveries , just past it there are 2 new housing areas that are filling fast as near by is the most wonderful view of the river and farms,in the front row there is a new grave,it belongs to Rosalie Brooks, a strange little lady who had ill health for many years, she was married and she and her husband were never apart,they never had a family but were very much a part of the family next door of Samoans,so they were not totally alone yet they were very insular.
Rosalie passed away after an awful illness  just 5 weeks ago.As I drove towards the cemetery I saw their car parked near the grave and was just gutted when I saw Geoff her hubby sitting in the car with the door open with his head in his hands,tears flowed for me for Rosalie and her love Geoff ,how hard it must be for him,how lonely and empty he must feel.
I did not go to him,he is a very private man and this was a very private moment but it bought all sort of thoughts into my head of what if's.

I just pray to God that he gives me the strength to cope with what is ahead,sometimes when one partner dies the other is liberated like my Mother in Law as she had an awful married life but stayed,then there are the Geoff's of this world,I think we are in the middle as we have interests in our life although we do most things together,I do think that it is so much harder for those that do nothing other than live for each other, I believe there is a balance and although it is beautiful to see such a partnership,how much harder must the pain be.

I pray for the strength, the courage and the overall faith in handling anything that life throws me,I do pray however that I am  missed just a little and that Bob will find a new and happy path as I would hate to see him in the pain that deep sorrow brings.
Bless you Rosalie Brooks you were a sweet little person and bless you Geoff as each day you try to get through minute by minute,you were a wonderful husband ,I will call and see you soon,I wish I could make your pain less,all I can offer is comfort in your time of grief.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


                                                        Whatcha been Doin'

I've been doing a little bit of baking...oooops...make that making!These are little cup cakes of felt that are in the little book Made by Me that I showed in another post,I thought I'd best have a go at a couple of things before I do them with the children.These are fun and any little one could make them and the decoration is only as good as your imagination(as you can see my imagination did not go far yesterday!)

These are little lavender bags from the same book.I am going to put little tassels on these,they smell gorgeous and could be filled with rose as well  they have lavender and rice in them.

Last Saturday we travelled 3 hours each way to look at a caravan, we were tired when we got back, we have bought it and have to go all the way back to pick it up all because we could not get the electric brakes fitted in time,so as Bob insists on doing all the driving I crochet along the way and got these towels done and also a dish cloth.

Thank you fro all the lovely comments on my blog about my old dressing gown,she has been washed and is all cuddly ready to go and be made into something else(the back anyway lol) and the new girl in now in use,somehow just yet she does not feel the same!

Monday, July 18, 2011

                                                          Parting with an Old Friend

This is my dressing gown I had had it for so long I have forgotten how I came by it, the elbows are threadbare and it is so cosy it is chenille and I love it,if I have been away I can't wait for a bubble bath and get into "old faithful"

However not everyone feels the same,my mother nags me about wearing that "old thing",its not very sexy but I don't care.
After lots of pressure I went shopping and bought a new one.It is a soft fluffy thing lilac and white spot and looks so cosy,well it would if I had taken it out of the bag and not placed it up in the top of the cupboard!

More nagging and almost convinced to part with my lovely,I was saved by the bell...as I entered the op shop I saw a lovely chenille dressing gown on the rack...$5 never been worn...a big size so just makes it more comfy.I bought it before anyone else laid their eyes on her, bought her home washed her up and she is ready to wear,when I put the other one out.See it is almost the same colour, the collar a little different but just perfect.
So the lilac spot stays in the top of the cupboard,my old "friend" will be parted with this weekend.She will not be wasted I have a darling friend that loves to make pants out of chenille for her little girl,the back is in good condition and the fronts so I will give her to Melissa to cut up and she will live on.
Am I the only person so attached to a piece of clothing?...I do so hope not!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

                                  Holidays over...Kids all Gone until next time......

Well William has gone home now, the house so quiet without the blissful laughter of a little person.Miss Molly is so lost,no one carrying her everywhere she needs to go lol.
We have played soldiers and Army with him,Great Nan has played marbles with Will there is  only 85 years difference!

We have played soldiers and Army with him,what a great way to end the day,a good war! lol but then a lovely story to ease the mind,Papa played too but chose to take the pics.

Strange thing is I never got to win,but I did manage to get al the soldiers doing push ups at one point and the sound effects from our boy were hillarious.hooohuuuh! with every up and down.

Smile for Papa Will...ok thats just lovely!,do you think he was tired of getting captured in photo lol
 This is priceless, Great Nana 90 teaching Will how to play marbles with some of my collection,Nana is showing him how to hold his fingers,I think she enjoyed it as much as William.

All the kids go back to school tomorrow and we will have to wait till the next holidays to have some children visit,Olivia will come next time,we will sew out of the book I blogged about previously, cook some cakes and just hug and hug.I am so thankful that our daughter allows the children to come and stay, you seem to get to really know them one on one,however the joyful shrieks that come from having many at once are worth more than anything in the world.
Bring on the school holidays I say..bring them on!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

                          Bye until next time Sweeties,Travel Safe you are much Loved.

The children have left and we are all quiet in our home again.there is nothing more  exquisite than the laughter of children,or seeing your child look happy,the sound of silence for me is not a good thing.

They have not long left for their journey, we are left with the normal pickings up, that's all done,they took home their stash of sausage rolls,home made soups ,sauces and jams etc all things that when they use them they will think of us.
Our son is suffering terribly from Kidney Stones so we started a natural treatment yesterday and I will call a herbalist tomorrow as the alternative is not very nice for him and the waiting list very long and he is in pain,he and his wife seemed very happy this visit,last time it was awkward as they were not getting along so well...when I wonder do we stop worrying about them..I think never lol.
Little Molly loved the children and had a wonderful time,she was entertained and now lays beside the fire exhausted but with a happy puppy smile on her face.
I took the children to the park for an hour before lunch to tire them out before their journey home,it was  exhausting but hysterical,pushing 3 on different swings at a time,catching them at the bottom of the slippery dip and the funniest thing of all was playing hide and seek their way.First of all we had to place your pointing finger out after a chant then one person counted to 21 and the finger that was 21 was the person in! Then that person counted to 44 while we all hid,at one point I hid over a small hill at the park,problem was I was side on end ended up rolling down the  embankment,I was a mess and could not stop laughing,what fun I felt I was 6 again ! When we left the park we called and saw a friends 9 puppies,the mum being molly's Mum and the children's puppy Clyde is Molly's brother so we had to go see the new batch.Once back home they were tired out and Bob had lunch ready a beautiful family meal was shared then it was time for a last coffee and time for them to leave.It was such a nice time,thanks kids, come back soon,and now I look forward to William coming to stay next week,he is always so much fun and since he has started tap dancing I feel a concert coming on.

Friday, July 8, 2011


                                                                   Family Visit and a Book to Share with You.

The family are coming for the weekend and what do Nannies do...they get things ready of course.

First of all make the sausage rolls a family favourite,fresh fruit salad,a cake for afternoon tea for the Big Kids  and Teddies in bed for the "little ones".

This is a little book I got at Big W for our grand daughters to make things from,and I guess the little boys could also.I think it is the lovelies book for craft I have seen and Olivia has one of her own and loves it.

The leg of lamb will be placed in the webber this afternoon ready for a roast dinner and sticky chicken legs are marinating  and fried rice and salad for tomorrows lunch,so you can arrive anytime now  kids we are ready!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


        Verification of Janine..God Bless you Darling Girl.

I thought I would post the latest article on Janine Vaughan , the lovely young lass that was raised in our home.
After doing my blog and mentioning Janine I have not been able to get her out of my mind.Honestly she was the loveliest person,always tryiing to get her birth mother to accept that she even gave birth to her.Her Dad I an still lives here not far from us and looks a broken man.
Imagine being a young man of about 18 or so and you have a girlfriend and she falls pregnant,something.. no one knows what ...makes the Mum decide as soon as she gives birth that she does not want this child, Ian and Julie had broken up before the birth,and on the day she comes out of hospital Julie bought Janine to our home and said to him "take her she's yours" end of story she never acknowledged this girl again.
So Ian and his parents raised Janine in this house,they did an amazing job,Mrs Vaughan told us this story when we came to look at the house.
I had met Janine before that as she worked at the jewlers in the next town,she was engaged and had begged Julie to come to her celebration,she told her no I am nothing to do with you, again she asked at wedding time and no was the answer again.
5 years or so on the marriage breaks down,over the years Ian marries and has another 2 children and his wife loves Janine to pieces and they are called brother and sisters but Janine stayed with Nan as it was what she knew.
After her marriage broke down Janine went to Bathurst for a fresh start,she was only there a short time when she vanished.
As I write this my heart aches for her, and for her step Mum as she has terminal cancer and her only wish is that Janine is found and lay to rest before she dies ,the unrest this family must have in enormous I cannot even imagine the pain .
Over the years I have been in a circle of friends and Julie has been at the sqme things as me she is a friend of a friend and no one ever dares ask her why she did what she did,if she ever feels pain for the loss,she is a very hard hearted lady she did have another child a boy and he is now a 40 year old man and is the apple of her eye and can do no wrong.. what happened to her mind..we will never know..she has many enemies and few friends but in my heart I feel for her and "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" if she had known how she effected this girls life would she do that to a child again...I would like to think not..but that's just me...hoping...

I put the article on so that you would all know I was not in fantasy land lol...as when I read the blog back I thought ..o'h yeah spooky house and now this,she should write a book lol..

Bless you Janine sweetie I know God is holding your spirit safe in his hands

$100,000 reward to help solve disappearance of Janine Vaughan
Janine Vaughan
Janine Vaughan
Minister for Police, Tony Kelly today announced a $100,000 reward for information surrounding the disappearance Janine Vaughan, reported missing seven years ago today.
Mr Kelly said the 31 year old Janine Vaughan was last seen entering a red vehicle in Keppel Street, Bathurst on 7 December 2001.
“Police are interested in any information that will lead to the discovery of Ms Vaughan’s whereabouts or the disclosure of the tragic circumstances of her disappearance,” Mr Kelly said.
“Ms Vaughan’s family deserves the closure of knowing what has happened to their daughter,”
Mr Kelly said investigators hoped the significant reward will encourage someone in the community to come forward with something that they might know, even after seven years.
“Of course memories fade but we hope that this significant reward will encourage someone to remember something that might assist the police with their investigation.” Mr Kelly said.
“Anyone with information, however insignificant, should contact police. Member for Bathurst, Gerard Martin welcomed the Government’s offer of a reward and encouraged anybody with information to come forward.
“It may not seem like much but if anybody has any piece of information, however small, it could prove to be the vital link police need to find out what happened to Janine Vaughan.
Mr Kelly said that any information will be treated as strictly confidential and may be given at any time of the day or night.
Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


                                         We have a Visitor..or is it us Visiting?

When we bought our home is was a square little butter box from the outside but when we entered the front door and saw the Daddo Boards and lovely old feeling of warmth we just could not resist.
We knew that there had been already generations of the same family live here so to us it was just perfect.
On our first inspection, Mrs Vaughan the owner told us that the 3rd bedroom was originally the kitchen and that they had added on a large back area,but the hearth on both sides of the wall ,the bedroom and the lounge room was still under the carpet.( this is to explain later in the story).
When we moved in and placed our furniture all where we wanted to we began our life here,only about a week in to settling,I went in the spare room to fiddle as we do and everything was in a different place,not the furniture but the bits and bobs,I thought my daughter had not liked where I had put her pretties as they were all moved and some even on the floor!
The following few days of us all getting cross with one another for not turning the lounge light off we realised we had all done so but something was turning it back on each time we turned it off,we realised that this is her way of communicating if things aren't right.
A few months of all these goings on and many more were bought to our attention when we saw something /someone dressed in a long brown skirt and cardigan was seen regularly coming from the spare room and going to the bathroom.
Not just seen by us but a friend in particular came often so she could see our visitor,sometimes the moving of objects was so loud we would say "she's at it again"just jokingly,she always showed herself to my Mum.
One of the nieces of the generation before our Mrs Vaughan came calling one day and asked could she look through the house as she had been here daily as a child,as we wandered through and we came to the 3rd bedroom she said"Nana Vaughan used to sit there by the hearth where you have the dressing table and she always dressed in a long  brown skirt and cardigan"!ooops.So now we knew who our visitor is.
The lights would go on and off all the time until we would go in and move the bits and bobs around, finally one day Bob suggested that we move all the furniture and leave the hearth area free of anything,old Mrs Vaughan must have been ecstatic as she as she no longer threw things around in that room.
She does however make us know when she is around in a lovely way, I cannot count how often our spare room is cold as ice(not so nice lol), how often a visitor will ask if we came in the bathroom while they were in there,we have friends that will not come visit and stay because they are scared.
Our lady is lovely, she is not scary nor is she obtrusive, she apparently was a lovely painter and when we first moved in I had a passion to learn and did  for some years and always felt her watching over me,she will not be seen for months and them Mum will say she just saw her passing by.
As it is so often said, the dead cannot harm you only the living,and in a way I feel blessed that she feels at home with us, we do not talk about it to the grandchildren although they have "imagined" they have seen a lady in brown,when they are past the nightmare stage we will explain and they will know not to be afraid as they have always slept here.
There is my little story of our visitor but I think perhaps we are visiting her, when we looked at the house we realised it used to have a front veranda so we took the boxy bits away and it was all still there, I think Mrs Vaughan was extra happy at that time, her home was back as it was,we wondered if she sits upon it at times and watches the world go by.

A post note after I realised I told the story but not the whole story...
The couple we bought the home from raised their grand daughter after she was unwanted by her Mum, their son was the father,the mother a woman I know well and cannot think why she would have done this..however Janine was raised in this home, her bedroom was the 3rd bedroom. Almost 5 years ago Janine disappeared she was a 37 year old beautiful girl,she was in a place called Bathurst,went out for a good time and never returned, her car and belongings in the car park.It is unsolved and she is considered to have been murdered, I often wonder if great grandmother is waiting patiently for Janine to be safe, somehow I do not think that will ever happen. I often think of the lovely girl and how she was robed of a mother first then of her life,may you rest in peace beautiful Janine, I pray someone is looking after you.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Versatile Blogger

What have you doe to me Callie! lol from Mu Mu and Squeeks Place...
Callie gave me a versatile blogger award and I need to state 7 things about myself that not many people know so here goes...I do aplogise that I have not put a pic or tag as I have no clue how to do it.

1) My biggest disappointment in life is that we had only 2 children,I would have loved to have had more but it was not meant to be,my health and Bobs determination made the doctors wishes of no more children a reality,I still get clucky everytime I see  a baby.
2)As a youngster I always wrote poetry and short stories,in my 2nd year at high school my book was taken from me for not listening in class,it took me 20 years to write another poem,I have quite a collection now but never show them.
3)I suffer from homesickness for England.I have been twice and fell in love with everything that I , experienced ,I find a desperation in my soul at times to go again,I am hoping in about 3 years time,it is like a flame that cannot be extinguished.
4) When I went away the England and left my family for many weeks each time, I gave them all a letter "things about me"that they never knew and each person cherished it,Bob still has his next to his bed,a reminder that we never really know one another,he did not know of my love of Ladybugs,snowdrops,lavender and the smell of new born babies...he does now lol
5)I have always lived in older homes, the home on my main page is the first home I went to as a bride,I simply cannot imagine living in a new home,I love old china and furniture as well so guess it is a theme of my life.
6) Being on Bobs life journey has been very hard, his breakdown  lasted almost 10 years,it changed our whole family,I had to become stronger ,the money earner,the parent not just to the children but to him,I do not think I could do it again...but then...I guess I would because that's what you do,it is probably the hardest thing I have ever done and 20 years on it is still a day to day thing at times,we are still together  yet it is different,happiness is a feeling that does not come as often as it once did and a more serious feeling comes upon us,I pray each day for the strength to see this journey out,I do not want to be resentful but it creeps in at time,I hope this means I am human.
7) I love people, I miss my family with all my heart, so I fill my time trying to care for others,to share the word that we must look after our seniors and to show by example we have mum living with us full time,at 90 years of age she is amazing,why more people do not care for their parents astounds me..is it easy?...no...do you have time for you?...no...Do you and your partner have time together?...no..would you have it any other way?...no...I look at it this way, Mum fed me,dressed me,cared for me,wiped my tears when I fell,held me up when I was weak,gave me hugs when I was scared...now the role is reversed and it is me that does these things for her.She has been both mother and father to me since I was 10,how will I feel when she goes to a higher place.. I don't know but I do know there will be a huge void in our lives.

So there are a few from the heart facts about me,with the Grace of God I shall travel my lifes journey surrounded with love of my husband and my children and their spouses and their children and with God watching over me and my Faith I believe life will be good.