Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Home Safe after Travel

We have been away for a few weeks for a holiday to New Zealand. It is a wonderful country to visit,although very like home it is a place with a young history like Australia at the same time it is so different.
A place of high peaked mountains,water the colour of the bluest eyes,The beaches don't have he lovely white sand that we have,it is a brown colour,but we can forgive them that .
We visited Christchurch the city badly damaged by a terrible earthquake 5 years ago and reconstruction still going on.
It is a country of 2 islands North and South Island and the North is a majestic island paradise made up of many smaller islands just beautiful and the South is rugged high mountains,glaciers and rain forests a great mix,large lakes and bays gushing geisas and bubbling volcanic mud.
We had a farm stay among many  things and it was such fun, we went to Hobbiton where The Hobbitt and Lord of the Rings were made it was fabulous.
Here are a few little pics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Goes On.
Life is slowly seeping back into our bones as we get used to a different way of things without Mum.The house seems so empty,I wonder how such a little person could take up so much space in your heart and home.I have slowly made a few differences in the house and we are keeping busy in the garden.
Our first major job was to totally re do our pond and waterfall out the back as it had become so overgrown.new life has settled in,the frogs are back, we have five different croaks we can hear and it is natures music at night,soothing and wonderful.The frogs are laying eggs and the fish are eating them far too quickly so each morning we rescue the eggs and put them in the water pots,at least some will survive.
The pond looks very naked just yet,the ferns are peeping from the soil and will soon be back as will the little ground covers,we had to reline the pond as it had a leak,We had an old broken windmill which is now a lighthouse and Bob has now put solar lights around and it is all lit up at night,the windows light up and it looks wonderful,we often sit out back in the evening,listen to the little waterfall and frogs and reflect on the day.

Have a lovely day as you go on your way.I hope to get back more regular now,lots to catch up on and also to read all your wonderful blogs.God bless.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Love Lost

I have not blogged for so long as the ability to somehow got wiped from my pc,I am having another try and have missed everyone so very much.
On 18th September at 2.30am Joycie passed away quietly.Our plan was for Mum to be here at home always ,but she became a little ill the week prior and we were told she was too frail and too much now for Bob and I.
We retired from work on 30th April to nurse Mum full time, it was a huge job for us both but we loved every minute of it.
Our lives have changed so much, we are lost,so used to no sleep as we were up with Mum every night several times for many months.She never complained and made the magic age of 94.
My brother and I lost both Mum and Dad when Mum went and the hole left in our lives is huge. So lucky to have been blessed to be born to her.
Her two puppies are missing her terrible but slowly adjusting.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It is a big year for Bob, Georgie and I this year.We have placed our resignations in to Australia Post for the 30th April.I am having trouble getting my head into that space as I love my job and although I am ready to enjoy some quiet time I see many people each day and love them all.I sometimes am first to hear the news of a new baby,the passing of a loved one or the loss of a baby,broken hearts,family feuds etc,same for Bob he is not only the town postie but confidant to many.
The sad day when my mail delivery car was decorated for my last Christmas as a bush postie.

Poor Georgie...first he had 5 minutes of fame last year,plastered all over the national Daily Telegraph and Sunrise Tv and the Today show chasing him and Australia Post stopped his career before it started lol,(we like it better that way anyway.)..Now he is suffering withdrawals....
Crofts are shut for January!.he is craving Crofts Pies so much Bob cooked himself a frozen one and Georgie was over quick as a flash, he also loves Crofts salad rolls especially the Beetroot,many ...times travellers pull Bob over to take a pic of them eating at Crofties, some people say they should call the RSPCA most love seeing him and think it is great, the problem is Georgie thinks he is a person so the RSPCA is not good..best call DOCS..he also loves Potato Straws and chips,yogurt ,white coffee 2 sugars(if you have it another way you are safe lol) he loves Red wine,he hates anything made with light milk or diet food.
Bless his heart,he will miss all this when we give up work,I think we are going to have to have a little plan so he can have a ride on the bike occasionally and have a weekly Crofties!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Our eldest grandchild Alexander has just turned 16.People say the youth of today are stuck in front of their phones,Xboxes etc but I think there is a fine balance in life and it is up to the parents to guide and help the children find that balance.
I think my daughter and son in law found that balance 2 years ago when Alexander joined the Air Cadets.
This is a wonderful thing for young girls and boys,Mums are NOT allowed to launder,iron or clean their shoes, they go out on camp once a month and learn to live rough ,he comes back exhausted but exillerated.
He has learned disiplin(he only went with his shoes not up to par once),he has learned brotherhood,responsiblility just to name a few things.
Alex has always wanted to be a pilot or in the Air Force at some level and has focused on this happening since he was 4!
He may change his mind as kids are prone to do but he will be a better young man for his experiences.
He had his Grand Parade this last weekend,another thing we have had to miss but we were with him in spirit,maybe it was a good thing we could not go( we have Mum full time and she can no longer be left alone) Bob and I would have been bawling as we are so proud of him.

Alex front

Far right
Well done Kate and Steve you have done a great job.


Friday, November 21, 2014

On the October long weekend we always do our Christmas cakes and puddings, this year was no different but Mum found the stirring quite hard almost 94 makes you think is this the past time we shall do this together  making all the more special.Bob had a stir too as no family were here this time,usually someone is home to stir the pud. They are now in the freezer,another strange thing e have had to do for many years no ,we used to hang the pudding in the Laundry for months but several years ago somehow the seasons became more humid and the cloths went mouldy so now we freeze them and if at all possible they are even more delicious.

Each day we find things that Mum can't do anymore that once was just a daily routine,but with lots of laughter and love we get through.
Her favourite thing is the shower that I now have to give her,she loves her back scrubbed and especially hair wash and set day as she is very fussy about her hair. The most laughter we have is at bedtime as I put her to bed, our neighbour recently sent me a text to say he could hear us across the road above the storm bird which has been driving him crazy for weeks.
Usually it starts from Mum telling me I am a rough house Annie as she sits on the bedside and I have to lift her legs up to get her in.She is a trooper and  even if in my mind I am wanting to hurry I am very aware of the privilege it is to look after her and I never let on,I find then a little while later I am so glad I was patient, I think otherwise I would be sad I my heart.

Friday, November 7, 2014

                              Just a few things we have had going on around  homethe garden.....

 Bob bought an old wood burning stove and is making an area on the back patio for it, we now do all our Jams,Pickles and roasts in it and bread..it is his most favourite thing.
 Roses from our garden, they were really wonderful this year,now that Mum is not so able to walk around and look at them we make sure she always has some nearby to admire and smell.
 Awful winds this week dislodged a Pee Wee nest from our large Gum tree,we rescued these babies and placed them in a hanging pot for Mum to find and she did.
 The King Parrots come daily for a bath and drink from many bird baths we have around the yard,this one loves the ladies head.
Georgie enjoying a shower of rain on Bob shoulder,he just loves it in the rain and of course Bob has many scratches on his shouldrers.