Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, September 18, 2016


                                                        A Year Has Passed

It is so hard for us to believe it is exactly one year since Mum passed.
Our lives have been flipping and flopping and we are trying to get round the way of life for us.You would think it easy but the void is huge!

When Mum turned 90 a friend gave her a little puppy named Molly.We also inherited another puppy Billy from Mums younger sister when she passed.
So now we have 2 puppies and they are lovely and we do love them,they still miss Mum but we take them to the cemetery when we visit,we have no idea if they know what is going on.
Mum passed away on Molly's 5th birthday strangely enough.
So for her 6th birthday we made them Pork balls and put a candle in them.Billy was 11 at the same time so Molly had her ribbon on and Billy his bow tie and Bob nursed them for a photo call,Mum would have loved that.
I hope I can continue to blog,PC probs and catching up on things have put me out of order.
Hope some of you lovely people find me again.
Blessings from us all.


  1. Nice to see you Carole, do continue to blog!

  2. Hello Mrs. Carole,

    I was so please to find a new post from you. I miss your musings and I hope you will be able to blog on a more regular schedule soon.


  3. Hi Carole, That year has flown by so fast! Hope you can get your computer fixed soon. Molly & Billy are super cute and Jess loved it when they slept on the end of her bed:)
    Take care my friend. xx

  4. Lovely to hear from you Carole. Keep posting whenever you can. I can imagine that you have a big void in your lives and hope it won't be too long until you settle into a new rhythm of life.