Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, December 10, 2016

                      OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW.

I think most people I know will be glad when 2016 comes to a close.
For us we lost the two oldest Aunts in our family line and even though they were a great age it does not make it any easier.
Health wise I have just come to a place where we can breathe again as I had a large Melanoma removed from my leg,leading to full thickness skin graft and a large tummy cut for them to take the graft from.After an almost 8 week wait we received the news that with the second operation they have managed to get it all,so now just the rest of the healing to take place.
Tomorrow I have a Cataract taken from my left eye and after the right one is done later I hope that is me finished for awhlie! All is well.
Bob decided these past weeks he and retirement are not fans of each other!Unless you have copious amounts of money etc you can't continually go on trips .
Bob was offered 2 half days a week work doing gardens on a horse stud..he started this week and he has a spring back in his step..he was at the point where each blade of grass in our yard had a name given it...well almost..This is perfect as he can still get his pension and work 10 hours a week, he was back home before I knew he was gone the first day! Happy home again.

For over 10 years we searched to buy a Pianola and after all that time finally found one and bought it from a lady not 5 minutes away! Every day Bob gives us a little recital and we work our way through 85 rolls of music that came with it.We are really enjoying it.