Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, April 30, 2012

                                  Just when I thought we were finished in the Kitchen!!!!!

last year a blog friend sent me some Rosella plant seeds and I also got a Rosella plant for Christmas.Bob realised that the flowers were ready for harvesting,so it was bring them in and a new experiment started for us to make Rosella Jam and Rosella cordial.It was easy and most enjoyable and the best part is that the jam and cordial are delishious! In a little over 1 hour we were all organised and well on the way to making our new recipes.

 This is the now naked bush,I wish I had thought to keep a flower to show those who do not know of this plant, it is a very old known plant with a lot of younger people having never heard of it.This one is surrounded by pumpkin vines,there are over 20 large pumpkins on it and they are so sweet.
 This is the jam bubbling away,it is the most beautiful red,and this does not do it justice.
 This is the cordial mix set aside for 24 hours,it is then strained and bottled a very simple process.
 Out of 1/2 bucket of flowers we got 4 bottles of jam and one and half litres of cordial concentrate.
I wanted to say something about the Lemon meringue...Mum has a little problem with pastry at times and I am not a great pastry maker,so I buy a packed home brand vanilla or buttercake mix and make it up and cook it first ,then I place my filling and meringue on top and place back in the oven..it is also beautiful for caramel meringue or butterscotch meringue,just an alternative for those of us that don't have great pastry skills.

I want to mention my doctors visit as I am hoping you all did not think I was terminal or anything,I was expecting to be getting ready to have the liquid radiation treatment only to find to the doctors disappointment and to mine that I have now developed the eye disease that goes with my Graves disease,he was positive that I would not develop this but it seems radiation cannot be given when the eyes develop this problem.I am not allowed any sunlight or wind in my eyes,and it is very uncomfortable let alone annoying, I now have wrap around sunglasses that fit over my others,we are praying that the medication and my care will help this stop and that by July we may have a chance to have the radiation as I cannot get well without it.
There is no need to comment I have now gotten used to the idea and know what I have to do...you know God has been so good to me..he has taken a child that had a hard childhood and matched me up with someone who also had a hard time so we know the value of family and constancy.I am with someone that puts up with me through thick and thin and although Bob is a non believer he also knows how important my love of God is to me,when we were young he used to mock me a little and decided he liked the fact that when things are tough I pray on his behalf lol.
I know I will beat this thing that makes me feel so out of sorts,fatigued and yukky..but I also know how lucky I am,I do not have cancer, I do have the use of all of my body,no missing limbs,still got a brain that functions..so I am fine and God is good,he has told me to slow down,I did not,so he took it into his own hands and now I have had to slow down and smell the roses.....now if Bob would just stop picking things in the garden I could have a real rest lol...."what's that Bob? the beetroot is ready for bottling?...have you been told where to go lately...lol... we will do it next weekend."

Honestly though thank you all for caring,I won't be getting a lot of craft done but I will try to do a bit each day and when the eyes get too sore just finish and sit awhile.Being  blessed with so many lovely followes..what more could a girl want..bless you all.

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Natures Wonders and a sunny Sunday...

After a not so good visit to the specialist I decided not to blog about that as life  has it's ebbs and tides,I will just wait for the tide to come back in.....

Here are some of the wonders I enjoyed at work this week..
 This is on one of the river crossings I travel over each day,the moss is such a vibrant green it makes me pull up every time.
 This big old fellow is so mild, I pull up and have a chat to him but he just chews his grass and never gets up,he is soooo lazy.
 Here is a new little person that arrived last week,they are so lovely.
 The farmet has 4 Alpacas that protect his sheep, this fellow is so black he is almost like a siloughette?
 When there is not much feed,and at the moment there is not much around the farmers get a permit to take the cattle to "the long yard" which means ( for those that do not know) that they are allowed to eat along the roadside,the farmer has a sign either end of the distance they travel to tell you to b careful,there is usually a farmer in a truck sitting and minding them,it gives you a fright at times when you come around the corner and come across a whole heard and the farmer has forgotten his signs.
 Bob has been cooking lots on his new best friend"the Webber",this is his veal stew,it was delishous.
 While the coals were still so hot he roasted one of our home grown pumkins,we then scooped all the lovely flesh out and froze it ready for pumkin soup.
 Then a damper to go with our stew,I think perhaps a couple of kilos went on this week
 With the leftover stew I made pasties and we had them for lunch today and froze the rest for week day lunches,it was a nice change for using up what was left.
 A treat for Bob,his favourite is Lemon meringue Pie so I surprised him with this ,we will have it for dinner tonight after a lovely dinner of leather jacket fish, a family favourite.
 Here is Bob being so nice to me, I have a "thing "about birdhouses I love them and Bob has made me many,this one was at the rubbish tip this morning and he will not usually let me bring anything back but today he was a sweetie,he decided to place it when the trunk of our old tree and I can see it from the kitchen window,thanks Bob you are an old sweetie,just for that I will let you have a piece of your own pie lol.
Our homes do not have high fences in our street,some do but most like ours and George and Janet next door we just have a wire fence,you can see their washing on the line and their bird cages they have mainly Finches and Galahs,they have fantastic vegie patches and George supplies all the local fishermen with live worms,so we do have a bonus that they wriggle under our fence into our soil so we have lovely soil ..it works well all round,Janet and I are on the same church committee and she is on my treasures shop committee so we have mini meetings over the fence at times..here I am rattling on..have a great week and be blessed as you meet your trials and joyful as you have lovely happy days.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

                                                         Would you like to share our day?

We attended our little towns Anzac march this morning and I thought I would share it with you...

For us(our family) today we remember especially my Grandfather William Joseph Burrows from 2nd world war,Uncle Ben who was a Rat of Tabruk ,my father in law Charles Adye Johnston who fought in Greece and was a prisoner of war for 3 years in Germany,his brother Herbert who was also captured ,my brother Robert Cornish from Vietnam war,my nephew Cris from Timor war,nephew Nic from Timor and Afghanistan wars.our son Michael who was active in the Army Reserves and now young Alexander is an Air Cadets..all came home safe only Pa and Bobs dad have left us now for a higher place,but for us it is a time for remembering all they did for our country,and forever we will be grateful.

 Someone always gets their head in the way lol...our local band from the next town..

 WE have only two oldies left at this stage,Roy Stadden is in the beret he is from the Uk but now an Aussie.
 Our towns Scout group..
 Our High School...we have a large Catholic High School in our town,their primary school is in the next large town and we are blessed that they built the High school here,kids travel from afar to attend.
 Our local little primary School....
 The local football kids and coaches..
 Frank Daily a local horseman....
 Our Fire Fighters,we have a large rural fire tem,their station is across from our Post Office.
 Listening to the Anzac talk and singing hymns...
 A flight officer from Williamstown Air Base,he was the guest speaker.
 The 12 year old  young lady who played the Last Post and she was wonderful,great work Kiralee.

This is a typical little Aussie group,Declan and twin sisters Charlett and Savanah they are special to me they live around the corner,Declan marched today with his school and when he saw me yelled out "hello caramel",how cute they never call me Carole they have always called me Caramel!

Sunday, April 22, 2012



Goodmorning...can you bear with me for just a moment...this week is one of anniversaries here with Anzac day, which is very important as we have family members in our past who fought for our country so we remember them with reverence and it is wonderful watching the grandchildren learning about their family tree and the wonderful members of it.
At the same time our son in law has his birthday Anzac day 49 this year,our daughter in laws Mum passed away that same day 10 years ago so we remember her always,and we make sure Stephen has a happy day.
Today is the anniversary of my best friend Eva's passing 3 years ago,how time passes and still her light shines in the hearts of us that loved her, through her I made a wonderful friend Marg,Eva's daughter has become our adopted daughter bringing 2 gorgeous little girls to love,and then there is her UK family that have become my family.Her friendship was wonderful,her sense of humour wicked and she still holds the record of the only person ever in our local nursing home that wore a G String!!!
Eva had "motor" illness that was terminal and unfortunately there is nowhere for these people to go but to nursing homes full of the elderly, but I tell you this she sure made their lives liven up for the few months she was there...such a good person and her memory stays on..she also would have been 60 tomorrow,we are not sure how she would have liked that but think perhaps she would have told a white lie about the event and she did not look her age even in illness.So we think 49 would have been the limit she would have ever admitted to lol.
So it is a mixed week for me,we feel sorrow for those who have left us but all our lives we strive to be a good person so that Heaven will await us,so they are already at their destination, we are still on our journey...we owe it to those that are not here to make the most of each day, remember only the wonderful happy things as it is a celebration of their lives, we are sad for us as it is we that miss them so much,but it is the wonderful times they shared with us that makes us better people.
Have a great day and tell someone you care about them today for you do not know what tomorrow brings,be safe as you go through your day,smile at that someone that looks "sour" you may just make their day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

                                              Visitors and Fun Times...

 First of all some friends on my work day,this lovely fella comes to say hello,he has been waiting years for mail,I always mean to write him out a card..must do that at Christmas!
 Some pedestrians,they sit and stand on the road,I stop, get the camera then they move!
 The sheep are the funniest ones but they moved finally as well..

It has been very busy this last 10 days...first our daughter and her family called on their way home after their holiday for a sleepover...so 5 plus two puppies for a stay it was delightful...This is our daughter Kate with Angus the black one and Hamish the white one,they are Westipoos,a cross between West Highland Terriors and Poodles makes them allergy free as daughter is allergic to dogs.

Then a visit from Lilli and Eden and little brother Elijah had broken his leg and they came so Mum could get to the fracture clinic etc a bit easier,they were very good and Lilli was a wonderful help at the Quilt Fair which went very well..

 Lilli taking the lunch orders and the money.
Eden looking very happy here but he was very homesick this time,we took it one day at a time and made it to Monday ...whew!!! I drove them halfway and met Dad yesterday,now back to normal for awhile..we will have the other Grandchildren next holiday.It is so hard when you work as we have to fit it all in,the work,the fun and the crafty things..makes Nanny and Poppy's very tired lol but it is a good tired.

Back to the Specialist next week so hoping that life will get more settled then,a decision will be made what to do with me lol hope they don't ask Bob's advice!

I have found that I am not stressing about life so much these days,I wish I had been to the doctor much sooner,he told me to de stress and I am trying hard,I have taken myself off many committees but it is a slow process,nothing has changed at this point,but this was my last Quilt Fair as a committee person and already it feels lighter,one down still a few to go,I have given notice to all I do and just have to wait for meetings now to make it official.
As far as family goes,I am told they are all adults,if they have issues with one another at any time,well that is for them to fix not me..I am to just go with the flow and since doing this it is so much easier.all is well with my lovely daughter and myself,also with my son and myself so after that what does it really matter in the big picture.
I have to be well and here to enjoy life with Bob and look after Mum so onwards and upwards I go,worries thrown over my shoulder like spilt salt and being thankful for little things daily is what a smooth day needs,knowing that going into each day with Gods grace is what we strive for,knowing we do our best for our fellow man makes the heart lighter,so now as I go through each days journey I am so grateful for what I have,at last at this grand age of 63 I know the difference between want and need lol.

Monday, April 9, 2012

                                                   Bits and Bobs.....
Our weekend away was lovely,here are some pics of our time away some interesting some not just a chronicle for us really....
The place we stayed was not far from where I grew up,all my family are buried there and in 3 different cemeteries so that in itself was a feat lol I always like to go see the relatives that I miss so much,then we had time with my Aunt who has just lost my darling Uncle John.

The sad thing about living so far away is that no one upkeeps the graves and so I aplolgise in advance for the sadness of the condition of my families graves,next time we go we are going to take everything we need with us and give them a polish and clean up.

 These graves are in the bush in a very old uncared for area under gum trees,I was so sad to see that no one had been for a long time,next time we will come prepared to clean them up and put new flowers on for Nan and Pa.
 Mums twin Aunty Thelma and Uncle Roy,they will always be a huge part of my heart.They are in a Rose Garden cemetary that is very well kept.
Finally Uncle John who has just recently passed, my brother left some flowers and we left some choc eggs as I always gave Uncle John some only to get back to see my Aunt to find that nothing is allowed on the graves! ooops I imagine someone removed them pronto..

Onto more pleasant things we had fish and chips on the riverbank of the manning,something we have always done and it was on this riverbank that I met Bob many years ago so we sat and looked at the lovely river and enjoyed our fresh fish and chips and salad.

 Look to the left....
 Look to the right.....

Look to the left again...ooops there's Bob..now you did not think I would show you me eating did you!

This is my Uncle Roy's family home that he grew up in as a little boy.We knew his Mum our great aunt as Aunt Tot as she was well under 5ft.Now it is just all overgrown but the memories are so clear of fruit cake and raspberry cordial on Sunday afternoon visits when I was just a child..I just had to get Bob to stop the car so I could take a pic and remeniss for a moment.

Now a couple of holiday shots where we fished and walked etc.

 Early morning a long walk and a fish...we caught lots but none big enough to eat!
Bob living in hope lol...maybe some more another time...

Have a blessed day as I write this we have had a call that our darling Elijah 6 years old has fallen off the trampoline and broken his leg...poor little sweetie he was very brave he told us and had just a tear,after he threw up as it was all too much he said..so 6 weeks of being laid up..poor little man at least it is the school holidays and he will not miss quite as much,lucky they had a holiday to Fiji before he did it..bless you little man we are proud of you being so brave!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

                                          Happy Easter to all those who visit....

Bob and I are off in the caravan for Easter..back to the place we went last but it rained all the time,we did not care and to be honest we won't mind this time either though some fresh fish will be lovely.
We are going to have dinner with my best friend from my teens who lives quite close to where we are going,old friends are golden and it will be lovely to share a fish dinner with them on Friday night.Friday morning we will go and find my Uncle John's grave,as we could not make the funeral we feel it is not really true that he is no longer here,so we will pay our respects and then go and see Aunty Rae his lovely wife and sit awhile as we remember him,I think a fish dinner will be much needed as those tears are still tightly wound in their ducts, I fear they will be released.The rest of the time will just be for us..my brother is travelling to look after mum for us,she is very excited she has not seen her son for almost a year(shhh don't tell anyone he is her favourite..how come the one that does the least is the the favoured one lol) I don't mind I am doing what I should be caring for her for the rest of her days and I would not have it any other way.

Happy Easter everyone and blessings from our home to yours...hope I have some big fish pics for you...