Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, April 9, 2012

                                                   Bits and Bobs.....
Our weekend away was lovely,here are some pics of our time away some interesting some not just a chronicle for us really....
The place we stayed was not far from where I grew up,all my family are buried there and in 3 different cemeteries so that in itself was a feat lol I always like to go see the relatives that I miss so much,then we had time with my Aunt who has just lost my darling Uncle John.

The sad thing about living so far away is that no one upkeeps the graves and so I aplolgise in advance for the sadness of the condition of my families graves,next time we go we are going to take everything we need with us and give them a polish and clean up.

 These graves are in the bush in a very old uncared for area under gum trees,I was so sad to see that no one had been for a long time,next time we will come prepared to clean them up and put new flowers on for Nan and Pa.
 Mums twin Aunty Thelma and Uncle Roy,they will always be a huge part of my heart.They are in a Rose Garden cemetary that is very well kept.
Finally Uncle John who has just recently passed, my brother left some flowers and we left some choc eggs as I always gave Uncle John some only to get back to see my Aunt to find that nothing is allowed on the graves! ooops I imagine someone removed them pronto..

Onto more pleasant things we had fish and chips on the riverbank of the manning,something we have always done and it was on this riverbank that I met Bob many years ago so we sat and looked at the lovely river and enjoyed our fresh fish and chips and salad.

 Look to the left....
 Look to the right.....

Look to the left again...ooops there's Bob..now you did not think I would show you me eating did you!

This is my Uncle Roy's family home that he grew up in as a little boy.We knew his Mum our great aunt as Aunt Tot as she was well under 5ft.Now it is just all overgrown but the memories are so clear of fruit cake and raspberry cordial on Sunday afternoon visits when I was just a child..I just had to get Bob to stop the car so I could take a pic and remeniss for a moment.

Now a couple of holiday shots where we fished and walked etc.

 Early morning a long walk and a fish...we caught lots but none big enough to eat!
Bob living in hope lol...maybe some more another time...

Have a blessed day as I write this we have had a call that our darling Elijah 6 years old has fallen off the trampoline and broken his leg...poor little sweetie he was very brave he told us and had just a tear,after he threw up as it was all too much he said..so 6 weeks of being laid up..poor little man at least it is the school holidays and he will not miss quite as much,lucky they had a holiday to Fiji before he did it..bless you little man we are proud of you being so brave!


  1. Hi Carole
    Looks like a beautiful place. Sounds like there were probably some mixed emotions on your visit to. Thinking back about people.
    Fish n chips how yummy!. Sounds like you have some great memories & how lovely to.
    I hopethat leg heals well & quickly as possible for little Elijah
    Take care x x x

  2. Hi Carole
    Had a little tear when you said that they would probably remove your graveside offerings from Uncle Johns grave :o( sad isn't it.
    It looks like you had a well deserved break and in a beautiful part of the world too.
    Hugs to poor little Elijah, I'm sure he will have the plaster covered in signatures before you know it. Nice to be back.

  3. Bless you Elijah, hope your poorly leg is better soon!
    Lovely photos, memories and family stories Carole.

  4. Breaking a leg is proof that he was doing some pretty heroic jumps, or bounces. Tell him to wear his plaster with PRIDE.

  5. How sad to find those graves! Interesting to trace family home though. Sorry about Elijah. I hope that his recovery is swift and he gets some good 'stuff' drawn on his plaster! Joan

  6. It's good to keep memories and even better if you can be in the place where those memories occurred. Love to Elijah, I hope he makes a speedy recovery.
    Love from Mum

  7. It's sad when they won't allow you to put anything on the graves. I bet the fish and chips by the river were delicious though. Your poor little grandson - hope he's on the mend soon.

  8. Get well soon Elijah!

    Sounds like a lovely trip away, full of memories.

    Hope Bob didn't get too romantic with you!

    Sft x

  9. Sending tons of healing vibes Elijah's way.

    Have a lovely Midweek! xx