Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, January 30, 2011


                                                  Warm and Fuzzy
I have had the most wonderful birthday this year,I don't know why it felt so special,then again ...yes I do...
Thank you to everyone for your lovely wishes and words.
I was so blessed that my daughter and her children were able to come for the night...it was just pure delight.
I received so many phone calls and emails,more than I have ever done for the BIG O birthdays and everyone said such lovely things(who was the woman they were talking about lol).
Really though it has just been lovely,I had a very special friend come this afternoon and have a cuppa, we nursed Eva together,prior to that she was a friend of Evas for many years and I was a friend of Evas for 7 years but we never really met up.Then when Eva as terminally ill we  got together and worked out a nursing/caring plan neither of us nurses but both had lost friends before and had helped out in the caring.So a new friendship was formed and it is lovely as Margie KNOWS me,others have thought they have known me ,just like a comfy pair of slippers we fit.So from sadness a new joy was born in this friendship. We do not live in each others pockets,but when there is a problem we are there for each other,how blessed we are to have known Eva and then for this to happen...as usual I have rambled on and got off the point lol.
Just have a look at this lot of gifts I received, I have never been so spoilt...shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but it is the cards I  love the best,gifts are not really my thing I love to give,however I am not giving any of them back!
A jewellery box from my dear old Mum so that I have something special to remember her by( she will not be forgotten ever!),and a beach towel as she is sick of me using a 20 year old one lol.
A new apron with heart and Grammy on it and a cd case and cd's with Hillsongs cd's and KD Lang,for the car it has Grammy's Grooves on the cover and a beautiful tassle to make together which we did not quite get finished this weekend from my daughter and family, little Olivia made the card.
A huge planter cup and saucer from my son and family,will be lovely on our outside table with some herbs in it.
A beautiful cup and saucer from Margy and she has ordered me the coffee mug to match, I love it it is very oriental looking, her card made me go to tears.
A scarf and lovelies all the way from Uk from my friends Aunt that I stayed with 7 years ago,they adopted me.
A lotto pack from my brother, if I win I am expected to buy him a wife I think lol hope he is patient!
And a beautiful card from Bob that I just loved more than anything and a bottle of Joop,he has also booked a weekend away for our 41st Anniversary and that is combined in February.
It has been very humbling to me the words that were written, made me wonder "do they think I am about to drop off my perch?" no....simply what I have been writing in my blog I have been saying and everyone thought it was time for  each of us knowing how special we are to each other..
Praise God,he is good,he gives us love and the power to love others.
We reap what we sow...it was never more obvious to me than it was this weekend.
I am truley a blessed woman and would not change places with anyone I can think of at this point.
I often wish there were less bills, more money in the bank,want this, need that,a load of cods wallop..I have all I need.
As the Beatles sang all those years ago"All you need is Love".
It will not be long now and the song will be "will you still need me when I'm 64"lol
Have a lovely night .

Friday, January 28, 2011

                                                  GROWING OLD GRACIOUSLY

It sits heavily on my shoulders that so many in my age group have passed away.
Today I turn 62, I am so happy to still be here and in pretty good health,to me the wrinkles are my life story, the lines beside my eyes show I have laughed more times than I have cried,the grey hair on the sides are blending in with the blonde ,my hairdresser this week commented that most come and pay for streaks mine are natural lol.
The little stretch marks on the tummy gently remind me of carrying a 8lb 12 and 9lb13 baby many years ago and are part of me, The cellulite I could easily part with but the rest can stay.I am no beauty by my heart is good I think,people remember actions far longer than your looks(I tell myself).
Yesterday my brother called, another of his friends passed away,they were in Vietnam at the same time,all have died by the age of 68 or so,he is 66 this year and said that it is obvious that the ravages of a very different war is not going to have men live long lives,this is 4 in the last 12 months that he actually knew.
In the last 4 years I helped nurse 2 of my friends through their last days one 53 and one 56,both with motor deseases,horrible way to die..then 2 years ago a friend and her daughter were taking  beloved pets to the vet,racing madly down a country road,both avid chatters and we can imagine them doing this when BANG! they ran into a truck,both Sue and Kim and the two dogs killed instantly,Kim being 20 and Mum 52.
I am not trying to morbid or anything just saying how precious life is.
For all you darlings who are turning the BIG 40 and BIG 50 and thinking "gosh I am getting old", be delighted in your age, revell in the fact that life has been good even if there has been some illness or still is you are still here with your loved ones.
Grab everyday with both hands,don't put things off, do them,make that call,eat that last piece of cake.If you want to wear something outlandish do so,who cares ,your heart is happy.
Recently I went to the beach with the grandchildren,all the beach babes were out and I thought "poor Bob is going to put his neck out" not knowing what to look at first lol then I forgot he is getting older,he saw a pie van and wanted something to eat! with all those delightful dishes to look at he was hungry for food! he is getting old lol.I had my swimmers on,celulite legs covered by a serong hoping no one would look at me the water was freezing as the normal warm waters had not hit the central coast at that point,children calling to me "come in Nanny".I put one toe in and thought 19 is too cold for me,I will just wave, then I thought if I die tomorrow will I regret this day,the answer was yes,so in I went,I tell you the pain started from the feet and after 20 minutes everything up to the boob line was literally frozen!Then Elijah announced he was too cold, lovely Nanny offered to take him back to shore and wrap a towel around him,what a life saver!he then thanked me for taking him for a swim,a memory he will hold and I could have so easily decided no,he did not notice the cellulite,he just had Nanny and thats all he and his siblings wanted.

This was taken on another day when a choice was made to do or not to do.I decided to paddle fell over ,got soaked so we had the best swim together and the funniest day,Kate on the left ended up falling in on the slippery rocks,broke her toe(not so funny)but we could still not stop laughing ,way up in the bush a day of beautiful memories,the kids are still talking about it!
I am so glad I have been given the joy of this age, it is the best age I have been so far,after reading another blog recently and a beautiful soul dying very suddenly it made me even more aware that we must do something special each day,so suddenly taken, no time for goodbyes or sorry's.
So far for my birthday I have had many calls from beautiful friends,grandchildren calling me and singing happy birthday from afar,lovely cards and gifts from Bob and Mum and this evening a surprise visit from our beautiful Kate and her children for the night,we did not excpect to get to see her till the end of Feb,I have made nectrine jam, preserved peaches and pears,now havng a coffee and doing a blog and have read all my favourite ones,what more could a girl want.
Life is to be cherished,I never take time to smell the roses,I hit the ground running at 5am every day so I am promising myself to slow down a little and take the time to enjoy each segment of the day.
Everyday is an adventure,we just forget that it could very well be our last.

Monday, January 24, 2011

                                                                             Australia Day

Advance Australia Fair,although we are having a tough time with floods and it is not over by a long shot, and here today is 37 degrees C and tomorrows forcast for 41,we are in desperate need for rain where we are..How strange is mother nature.
I am sorry lol I did rotate this but I guess it is just how our country is at the moment all topsy turvy so please excuse me, I got this flagpole for Bob for his 60th Birthday it is in our front garden.

Let me take you for a stroll around our garden, it is in between at the moment, too hot to plant new and the bulbs etc are al finished so I will jus show you the bits and bobs that live in it.

This little plaque has always been at the base of steps for the last 21 years I love it.

These children are a reminder of my son and daughter
They always read books together when they were little.

Bob has made me many bird houses they are in all the trees in our garden.

The Boganvillia in flower

Little garden with fruit trees,just planted in November.

Our chicken house

The shelter Bob had to make over the pond to protect the fish from the herrons, I hated it at first but now I do not notice it and the fish are safe.

                                                           Another bird bath and little children

                                                                Little Angels everywhere

                                                       They are hiding in all sorts of places.

                                                Oops perhaps this one needs some undies lol

Finally a picture of Molly and George still getting to know each other they are hysterical at times.Notice Bobs suntanned legs lol looks like he has white socks on and of course it is the afternoon so a well earned beer after being in 37 degrees c all day long.Hope you enjoyed our stroll,we will go again one day when all the bulbs are in bloom and not just all green, today everything looks shrivelled up, we will water after the sun goes down,the chickens are feeling the heat,Bob has just gone to sprinkle them with water.
How blessed are we to have a home, be it ever so humble, as so many of our countrymen face each day with theirs gone,I pray that all will find peace in new surroundings soon, and that the waters go and that new beginnings can be started,Australians are strong we will all pull together to help make their lives settled once more. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

                                                                    Lets catch up shall we? 

First of all I would like to share a few pics of Mums 90th birthday with you and catch up on all the news as life has been one  little thing after another...just a normal household I guess. So first a  few pics of Mums day.          
Of course Molly is in almost every shot of the day and Mum did not stop smiling all day, why would she surrounded by so much love!

This is the four generations of our girls,Mum 90,myself 61,our Katrina(known as Kate)39 and Olivia 7 ooops forgot Miss Molly.

This is our kate and her children,William 4 Olivia7 and Alexander 12,Mum has 15 great grandchildren but these were the only 3 able to attend,Kates husband Stephen had his heart attack the week before and could not travel but bless him he insisted the family come,we called him many times to see if he was ok.

Mum checking to see if the kitchenmaids had things under control,this is a very special friend of mine Glora,she travelled from Sydney  4 hours away for the day and she is an angel to me, I just love her,she is the little sister I was never blessed with.

Sweet William near the waterfall,notice the pink shirt,almost everyone had pink on as it is Mums favourite colour,everyone except Mum and we thought that was hillarious as she is always in pink!You would not think butter would melt in his mouth but he has the nick name Bulldozer Bill and he earned it lol! Now he is 4 he is a much more gentle soul.

An update now of Stephen ,he is very well now,leading a healthier happier more relaxed lifestyle,he went back to work yesterday and now looks at the world with a new light.

Update on lilli, here with daddy on poppy's bike,praise God she is wonderfully well after just a couple of weeks, she is a very good swimmer and just started back gently getting back into her favourite sport,school is still on holiday here but already she is so well we are truley so thankful to God for her wonderful recovery,she is eating well and her old cheeky self.

                                                                And now a star is born.

This is Olivia ready to go on stage at the theatre, she was dancing in a production of Scooby Doo,posing in a very adult way I must say, this is the same little Olivia in the above pics with her makeup on,she loves her dancing and we are very proud of her.
Thank you for all your lovely comments you have left on my blog is recent times, I hope to be back to normal now.
After the heart attaks, emergency surgery and the goings on,we hope that we have had our little lot.
We have just had Kates 2 littlest ones for the school holidays and I took them home Friday and had a sleepover as they love it when I stay.
Our Kate is a beautiful young woman,every day I give thanks for her, our son Michael is wonderful also he is just a little different and he is allowed to be,she is just a special person, I think it comes from her work in charge of a very large cancer hospital.Now all that experience is coming to the fore, she and Stephen have had a sad time lately as his Mum is terminal with cancer and lives far away in Kingscliff, they had a family talk and as Ruth is not in contact with her other 2 children through a family dispute and stubbourne personalities she has no one to lean on. After a family talk they decided to collect Gran and get her to come live with them so that she does not face this alone.So I had the little ones so the house could be prepared for Ruths arrival.Kate lives in a small 2 bedroom one study home, and we went down to help,we moved all three children into the biggest room, Mum and Dad are in the seconed bedroom and Gran is settled into the study room which had recently become Alex's room.
It looks lovely and although everyone had to store away many favourite items for however long this awful disease takes,they have done it with happy hearts.I will go down when I can and give them a break as it will become a very hard time for them as it gets closer.Tomorrow Ruth finds out how much time she has and they will just cover her with love for that time, William will make her laugh by the minute, Olivia will bring her more sweetness than she has ever known and Alex has wisdom and faith in God beyond his years, he I think will introduce her to peace.I cannot be more proud of this little family, they could have just ignored it all and let someone else do the job but they stepped up,they have not always been treated well from this poor lady but they put their whole hearts forward,forgave, forgot and got on with it all.This I think is the true meaning of family and looking out for your own.Bless you all and although it will not be easy it will be a lifes lesson to many looking on.
Blog life certainly ia making a difference to my life to know others understand what is happening is a great thing,to share is beyone words as normally I would have just sat and thought these ramblings.
So thank you all and when I read your blogs it just makes my day!I have not had a chance to comment for sometime but hope that now I can get back on track,I do read them all.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

               Some things are just too hard to put to words.

There are times when things just seem to tough to write about, then one thinks its all ok ,the stress is over life is good,how come the mind is till in turmoil then?
I have not blogged for a little while, we had a huge family trauma and I have been away helping but I sat here many times to write but could not, I do not understand.

Last week our eldest granddaughter Lilli  aged 10 became quite ill.She has had  indigestion for over a year  and then headaches for days,nothing Kirsty gave her could shift it,after going to the Doctor and blood tests they were no sooner home than the phone ringing saying her hemoglobin count was very low,come back for more tests, doing so the same again,it had dropped even more,she was taken to hospital and same again ,by this time she was passing blood,her usually beautiful brown skin was yellow and her face white.She was taken to a larger hospital for furthur investigation, by now a full body scan was done and a Meckles Divicum? (can't spell it),this is like a pouch coming off the intestine,left over from not closing off as a baby,these are usually found in the first year of life, this thing is like an alien,it makes its own acids etc and wa wrapped around her bowel so her body had to cope with double acids etc it was found and was bleeding and about to errupt,life threatening, she was given blood and operated on immediately. We are so blessed that Lillli got through as it may have not been that way.She is so brave we are so proud of her but it has been a harrowing week to say the least.
As I sat to write about it when I came home ,I found that I had coped while I drove the 2 hours to get to my son and his family,he had to wait back until I could get there with his little boys,then he could go to his wife and  sick child, then the boys were so upset about their sister that their behaviour was so out of the ordinary but it was understandable although for the first time ever it reduced me to tears, having said that it was probably the shock that made me that way too.Then driving home I was exhausted  and although all was well and we actually had Lilli home after 3 days as the the op went beautifully and the recovery quite quick,the trouble was in the before not the after, I found that the whole event caught up with me,how strange that we cope while its all happening and crumble when it is all over.
I praise God that it all happened on the actual day it did, I have only just gotten a girl to do every second Friday for me, we used to have only the work car but recently got another small car for emergencies! and I had Bob to look after Mum.It never fails to surprise me how things work to a rhythm.
Having said all that I am in total selfish mode as when I turn on the news our country is ravaged by floods, we have family in these areas too,at the moment they are safe, a little 4 years old dies this morning while they tried to rescue him, there are 76 missing that they know of, there are at least 13 dead,people have lost absolutley everything and it is not even near over yet, it is coming into our state now and is where my mother in law lives and just a flash came across to where I go delivering mail, I won't be crossing creeks today, what I am saying is wake up Carole, Lilli is safe!shake yourself girl and see what we can do to help these people that will never be the same again.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings,I am so thankful for all we have,I do not know how people cope when the outcome is the loss of a child, we were and are so blessed.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Break

After a very busy time for Mr and Mrs Postie we got the chance to have our annual 3 day break, we do get another at Easter but as we work for ourselves these are just all the time we can get.
This year Bobs Mum was to come for Christmas but ended up in hospital so we went to see her for New year and a belated Chrissy time, she is fine just a little hiccup as she is 90 they are to be expected.
Of course we went on our bike as it is a reason to travel light and feel the wind in our hair! or where it used to be lol.

Here is Bob waiting for his sister to come and have a little ride, she said it was her highlight for 2010.Our Bella is a wonderful bike and we love it! at times we think that in our 60's she is getting a bit big for us but we are not quite ready to part with her.It makes us feel 25 on the inside however when I catch my reflection on Bobs helment I think "who is that old girl" and shock ..it is me!I guess it is how you feel in th heart that counts.
It is a 6 hour journey to Bobs Mums so we break it up in 2 parts so that we can really enjoy the ride.We have to travel across the Gilbralter Ranges to get there, a very windey road,narrow and although breathtaking it is scary at the same time.
The difference between travelling in the car and the bike is enormous, we could hear the Cicardas singing joyfully, the the Bell Birds ringing sound,smelt the fennel growing along the roadside , as we passed the rainforest section we could smell the mulch like aroma,the ferns also have a distinct smell,the downside is when a decaying animal is on the roadside we get that pungent odour too lol but it is all in the fun.

I tried to get a pic of some of the road,however this is best i could get,I was probably hanging on lol.

We then had a stay at the coastal town of Port Macquarie,it is lovely there,our room overlooked where the boats are moored and we had a lovely time together as we have Mum living with us full time,time alone is a rare thing.We would not have it any other way it is just how it is for now.

The view from our room was lovely,in the evening all the bats came to feast upon the palm fruit so we watched them from just  a few feet away.

As dusk fell and all the boats came back in we sat on our little balcony and thanked God for our safe journey to this point we still had 3 hours to tavel to get home,it was a lovely way to start the new year, to be grateful for even the smallest things,to reconnect with one another and make plans for things to come. We did miss everyone at home but it was devine!This town is where we had our honeymoon so it is special to us, although it has grown so much it still feels like a special place to come,makes us feel young again and we have had many second honeymoons here, (shhhh don't tell the kids they will think thats disgusting lol).
Now we are back to reality, the lawns need mowing, Molly and Mum were happy to see us,the chook house needs freshening la la la on it goes,but we can smile at the memories of our little time away, we are so blessed in so many ways.
Thankyou God for your abundance in your blessings to us.