Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, January 22, 2011

                                                                    Lets catch up shall we? 

First of all I would like to share a few pics of Mums 90th birthday with you and catch up on all the news as life has been one  little thing after another...just a normal household I guess. So first a  few pics of Mums day.          
Of course Molly is in almost every shot of the day and Mum did not stop smiling all day, why would she surrounded by so much love!

This is the four generations of our girls,Mum 90,myself 61,our Katrina(known as Kate)39 and Olivia 7 ooops forgot Miss Molly.

This is our kate and her children,William 4 Olivia7 and Alexander 12,Mum has 15 great grandchildren but these were the only 3 able to attend,Kates husband Stephen had his heart attack the week before and could not travel but bless him he insisted the family come,we called him many times to see if he was ok.

Mum checking to see if the kitchenmaids had things under control,this is a very special friend of mine Glora,she travelled from Sydney  4 hours away for the day and she is an angel to me, I just love her,she is the little sister I was never blessed with.

Sweet William near the waterfall,notice the pink shirt,almost everyone had pink on as it is Mums favourite colour,everyone except Mum and we thought that was hillarious as she is always in pink!You would not think butter would melt in his mouth but he has the nick name Bulldozer Bill and he earned it lol! Now he is 4 he is a much more gentle soul.

An update now of Stephen ,he is very well now,leading a healthier happier more relaxed lifestyle,he went back to work yesterday and now looks at the world with a new light.

Update on lilli, here with daddy on poppy's bike,praise God she is wonderfully well after just a couple of weeks, she is a very good swimmer and just started back gently getting back into her favourite sport,school is still on holiday here but already she is so well we are truley so thankful to God for her wonderful recovery,she is eating well and her old cheeky self.

                                                                And now a star is born.

This is Olivia ready to go on stage at the theatre, she was dancing in a production of Scooby Doo,posing in a very adult way I must say, this is the same little Olivia in the above pics with her makeup on,she loves her dancing and we are very proud of her.
Thank you for all your lovely comments you have left on my blog is recent times, I hope to be back to normal now.
After the heart attaks, emergency surgery and the goings on,we hope that we have had our little lot.
We have just had Kates 2 littlest ones for the school holidays and I took them home Friday and had a sleepover as they love it when I stay.
Our Kate is a beautiful young woman,every day I give thanks for her, our son Michael is wonderful also he is just a little different and he is allowed to be,she is just a special person, I think it comes from her work in charge of a very large cancer hospital.Now all that experience is coming to the fore, she and Stephen have had a sad time lately as his Mum is terminal with cancer and lives far away in Kingscliff, they had a family talk and as Ruth is not in contact with her other 2 children through a family dispute and stubbourne personalities she has no one to lean on. After a family talk they decided to collect Gran and get her to come live with them so that she does not face this alone.So I had the little ones so the house could be prepared for Ruths arrival.Kate lives in a small 2 bedroom one study home, and we went down to help,we moved all three children into the biggest room, Mum and Dad are in the seconed bedroom and Gran is settled into the study room which had recently become Alex's room.
It looks lovely and although everyone had to store away many favourite items for however long this awful disease takes,they have done it with happy hearts.I will go down when I can and give them a break as it will become a very hard time for them as it gets closer.Tomorrow Ruth finds out how much time she has and they will just cover her with love for that time, William will make her laugh by the minute, Olivia will bring her more sweetness than she has ever known and Alex has wisdom and faith in God beyond his years, he I think will introduce her to peace.I cannot be more proud of this little family, they could have just ignored it all and let someone else do the job but they stepped up,they have not always been treated well from this poor lady but they put their whole hearts forward,forgave, forgot and got on with it all.This I think is the true meaning of family and looking out for your own.Bless you all and although it will not be easy it will be a lifes lesson to many looking on.
Blog life certainly ia making a difference to my life to know others understand what is happening is a great thing,to share is beyone words as normally I would have just sat and thought these ramblings.
So thank you all and when I read your blogs it just makes my day!I have not had a chance to comment for sometime but hope that now I can get back on track,I do read them all.


  1. Your life seems to be filled with both good and bad. Let's hope that the good outweighs the bad, many times over, for the rest of the year!

    How wonderful to have so many family members all together at the same time. My lot are all over the place.

  2. Thanks Cro, I feel we have turned a corner, we just hope Ruth finds peace in her last months.LIfe is mostly good we have just had so many hiccups but hope it is all over now..You must miss your children and grandchildren very much I know we do when we can't see them for ages.Have a great day and love the look of that bread yesterday!

  3. Hi Carole
    What super memories captured in beautiful photographs. Life hey....no one said it would be easy, full of lessons and blessings. Thinking of you.
    much love my friend
    Deb x

  4. The photos are so lovely. What a beautiful lady your mum is, and what memories she must be able to share with you.

  5. Carole - what lovely photos of your family. Your Mum looks so well and happy, bless her! So glad to hear that Stephen and Lilli are both on the mend. Quite a difficult time ahead with Stephen's mum being so poorly. My best wishes to you all. Have you ever thought of having all your lovely blog posts printed out and made into a book. - A precious souvenir for all the younger generations. (Just a thought) xx

  6. This is such a sweet and precious post!
    I threw your notes in the big Gvieaway hat,fingers crossed for YOU.
    Have a lovely new week. xx

  7. How lovely, what a gorgeous happy family you have, Your Mum looks marvellous for her age, she is obviously a very well loved lady and it shows in her beautiful face.