Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, January 30, 2011


                                                  Warm and Fuzzy
I have had the most wonderful birthday this year,I don't know why it felt so special,then again ...yes I do...
Thank you to everyone for your lovely wishes and words.
I was so blessed that my daughter and her children were able to come for the night...it was just pure delight.
I received so many phone calls and emails,more than I have ever done for the BIG O birthdays and everyone said such lovely things(who was the woman they were talking about lol).
Really though it has just been lovely,I had a very special friend come this afternoon and have a cuppa, we nursed Eva together,prior to that she was a friend of Evas for many years and I was a friend of Evas for 7 years but we never really met up.Then when Eva as terminally ill we  got together and worked out a nursing/caring plan neither of us nurses but both had lost friends before and had helped out in the caring.So a new friendship was formed and it is lovely as Margie KNOWS me,others have thought they have known me ,just like a comfy pair of slippers we fit.So from sadness a new joy was born in this friendship. We do not live in each others pockets,but when there is a problem we are there for each other,how blessed we are to have known Eva and then for this to happen...as usual I have rambled on and got off the point lol.
Just have a look at this lot of gifts I received, I have never been so spoilt...shhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone but it is the cards I  love the best,gifts are not really my thing I love to give,however I am not giving any of them back!
A jewellery box from my dear old Mum so that I have something special to remember her by( she will not be forgotten ever!),and a beach towel as she is sick of me using a 20 year old one lol.
A new apron with heart and Grammy on it and a cd case and cd's with Hillsongs cd's and KD Lang,for the car it has Grammy's Grooves on the cover and a beautiful tassle to make together which we did not quite get finished this weekend from my daughter and family, little Olivia made the card.
A huge planter cup and saucer from my son and family,will be lovely on our outside table with some herbs in it.
A beautiful cup and saucer from Margy and she has ordered me the coffee mug to match, I love it it is very oriental looking, her card made me go to tears.
A scarf and lovelies all the way from Uk from my friends Aunt that I stayed with 7 years ago,they adopted me.
A lotto pack from my brother, if I win I am expected to buy him a wife I think lol hope he is patient!
And a beautiful card from Bob that I just loved more than anything and a bottle of Joop,he has also booked a weekend away for our 41st Anniversary and that is combined in February.
It has been very humbling to me the words that were written, made me wonder "do they think I am about to drop off my perch?" no....simply what I have been writing in my blog I have been saying and everyone thought it was time for  each of us knowing how special we are to each other..
Praise God,he is good,he gives us love and the power to love others.
We reap what we sow...it was never more obvious to me than it was this weekend.
I am truley a blessed woman and would not change places with anyone I can think of at this point.
I often wish there were less bills, more money in the bank,want this, need that,a load of cods wallop..I have all I need.
As the Beatles sang all those years ago"All you need is Love".
It will not be long now and the song will be "will you still need me when I'm 64"lol
Have a lovely night .


  1. So pleased that you were spoiled on your special day :]

  2. Belated warm Birthday Wishes my sweet friend! Nice words, love and hugs are free and always the most appreciated gifts, we are rich in so many ways!
    Deb x

  3. Carole your birthday sounded wonderful. So good to have found your friend when you were both going through the pain and desolation of losing Eva and you both being able to support each other.

  4. Glad you had a lovely day Carole, I wish I was there to have a cuppa with you. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog this morning. It bought a tear to my eye. Luv ya!!

  5. Glad you enjoyed your special day. :)
    I sailed straight through 64 with no trouble at all.
    It was the 65 than hit me! A Pensioner!
    An "Old Age Pensioner" with a bus pass!
    Actually - it's all in the mind, isn't it,
    and you are only "As old as you feel". :)

  6. Thank you Carole, for the follow, I appreciate that so much, sounds like a great birthday. Age is mostly just a number, hope you have many more!. Blessings jane