Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Little Break

After a very busy time for Mr and Mrs Postie we got the chance to have our annual 3 day break, we do get another at Easter but as we work for ourselves these are just all the time we can get.
This year Bobs Mum was to come for Christmas but ended up in hospital so we went to see her for New year and a belated Chrissy time, she is fine just a little hiccup as she is 90 they are to be expected.
Of course we went on our bike as it is a reason to travel light and feel the wind in our hair! or where it used to be lol.

Here is Bob waiting for his sister to come and have a little ride, she said it was her highlight for 2010.Our Bella is a wonderful bike and we love it! at times we think that in our 60's she is getting a bit big for us but we are not quite ready to part with her.It makes us feel 25 on the inside however when I catch my reflection on Bobs helment I think "who is that old girl" and shock ..it is me!I guess it is how you feel in th heart that counts.
It is a 6 hour journey to Bobs Mums so we break it up in 2 parts so that we can really enjoy the ride.We have to travel across the Gilbralter Ranges to get there, a very windey road,narrow and although breathtaking it is scary at the same time.
The difference between travelling in the car and the bike is enormous, we could hear the Cicardas singing joyfully, the the Bell Birds ringing sound,smelt the fennel growing along the roadside , as we passed the rainforest section we could smell the mulch like aroma,the ferns also have a distinct smell,the downside is when a decaying animal is on the roadside we get that pungent odour too lol but it is all in the fun.

I tried to get a pic of some of the road,however this is best i could get,I was probably hanging on lol.

We then had a stay at the coastal town of Port Macquarie,it is lovely there,our room overlooked where the boats are moored and we had a lovely time together as we have Mum living with us full time,time alone is a rare thing.We would not have it any other way it is just how it is for now.

The view from our room was lovely,in the evening all the bats came to feast upon the palm fruit so we watched them from just  a few feet away.

As dusk fell and all the boats came back in we sat on our little balcony and thanked God for our safe journey to this point we still had 3 hours to tavel to get home,it was a lovely way to start the new year, to be grateful for even the smallest things,to reconnect with one another and make plans for things to come. We did miss everyone at home but it was devine!This town is where we had our honeymoon so it is special to us, although it has grown so much it still feels like a special place to come,makes us feel young again and we have had many second honeymoons here, (shhhh don't tell the kids they will think thats disgusting lol).
Now we are back to reality, the lawns need mowing, Molly and Mum were happy to see us,the chook house needs freshening la la la on it goes,but we can smile at the memories of our little time away, we are so blessed in so many ways.
Thankyou God for your abundance in your blessings to us.


  1. Happy new Year, you 2 young rockers!
    Glad Bobs Mums is OK after being poorly.

  2. Happy New Year, and all the best for 2011 - I'll visit whenever I can. A.

  3. Happy New Year! It is so good to have a break even if it is only a few days. Don't worry about getting older.......it is how you feel inside:0)

  4. How wonderful for you to use your break in such a lovely way, the ride, the stay and the chance to visit as well as be together alone...blessings to your family for 2011...

  5. Hell's angels? Or just ordinary one's? You lucky pair. I've never owned a bike, and regret it more and more; too late now methinks.

    Not sure exactly where you are, but my daughter in Rockhampton is now living on an island! Hope you are OK.

  6. Carole your trip sounds wonderful! Hope Mum-in-law is on the mend again. Happy Biking for 2011

  7. Glad you had a lovely break away.
    Hope to catch up with you soon, get Karen on board to have a cackle club day here!
    Mel xx