Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, January 24, 2011

                                                                             Australia Day

Advance Australia Fair,although we are having a tough time with floods and it is not over by a long shot, and here today is 37 degrees C and tomorrows forcast for 41,we are in desperate need for rain where we are..How strange is mother nature.
I am sorry lol I did rotate this but I guess it is just how our country is at the moment all topsy turvy so please excuse me, I got this flagpole for Bob for his 60th Birthday it is in our front garden.

Let me take you for a stroll around our garden, it is in between at the moment, too hot to plant new and the bulbs etc are al finished so I will jus show you the bits and bobs that live in it.

This little plaque has always been at the base of steps for the last 21 years I love it.

These children are a reminder of my son and daughter
They always read books together when they were little.

Bob has made me many bird houses they are in all the trees in our garden.

The Boganvillia in flower

Little garden with fruit trees,just planted in November.

Our chicken house

The shelter Bob had to make over the pond to protect the fish from the herrons, I hated it at first but now I do not notice it and the fish are safe.

                                                           Another bird bath and little children

                                                                Little Angels everywhere

                                                       They are hiding in all sorts of places.

                                                Oops perhaps this one needs some undies lol

Finally a picture of Molly and George still getting to know each other they are hysterical at times.Notice Bobs suntanned legs lol looks like he has white socks on and of course it is the afternoon so a well earned beer after being in 37 degrees c all day long.Hope you enjoyed our stroll,we will go again one day when all the bulbs are in bloom and not just all green, today everything looks shrivelled up, we will water after the sun goes down,the chickens are feeling the heat,Bob has just gone to sprinkle them with water.
How blessed are we to have a home, be it ever so humble, as so many of our countrymen face each day with theirs gone,I pray that all will find peace in new surroundings soon, and that the waters go and that new beginnings can be started,Australians are strong we will all pull together to help make their lives settled once more. 


  1. I feel the same, to have a safe home, a patch of garden...is just bliss.......xxx

  2. Lovely pictures. Lovely garden Carole. We have had rain all day here today so I'm sending you some raindrops wrapped up in love. xx

  3. I crave Spring right now, Carole! Enjoy a lovely Thursday, my day has cone to an end.. xxxx

  4. A proper garden. Filled with things that are important to YOU.

    To avoid herons eating your fish, place some ceramic pipes in the water. They need to be reasonably large; but not so much as to be seen. When the fish spot a heron they instantly dive for cover. We did this and never lost another fish.... and no wire mesh!

  5. Just stopping in to catch up after a while away from the computer. So glad to hear your granddaughter is healing well...will keep her in prayres.
    Your garden looks lovely. I can't wait until Spring here in S.E. Texas so I can begin working in my garden.


  6. How lovely to get this peep into your garden. I just love the photo of Molly and George, my friend had 5 dogs and a Cockatoo, Cocky ruled the whole house.
    I laughed at Bibs legs, my husband is like that all summer. His legs go brown from playing golf, but feet and ankles white,arms brown, except for one hand where the golf glove goes, which stays white.A red neck and ears complete the fetching "patchwork" effect ha ha

  7. What a lovely look around your garden and at some of the life in it : )