Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, March 30, 2012


                                                          Virtual Spring Fair

I have not blogged for some time but I had joined a Virtual Spring Fair...not at all sure what to do but I am keeping my commitment and have been sewing like mad for our Quilt Day here in our little town,there is also a hat parade so please excuse the gorgeous hat when you get to it..It is sprinkling rain outside so i could not set the table out the way I would have liked..so here goes....

 My Spring Fair table I do not know how to do the link etc to the other girls so please look out for their comment and follow the trail...

 I realised that zooming in does not show whats on the table so here are just some of the items....little pot holders.
 These are "what not"bags and matching needle holders,some girls at our group have buttons in them,threads etc others use them to put their stocking in in their cupboards,as it is a quilt day I am sewing for I did the needle holders.
 Thses are water bottle holders for "mummy's" when they got walking they are used here at school too as it is so hot the children can take iced water to school and have it on their desks but I made these for Mum.
 These are mini "what not bags" these are for putting your cut off threads in as you sew,they are great and you don't have to scratch the dropped threads off your mats lol.
 These are lavender and rose drawer smellies bags,they smell lovely.
 More little bags for buttons this time and matching needle holders to use up the leftovers.
 Tea cup bag for taking to work or craft group.
 Two little bags just because the fabric was lovely.
Love swags and a peg bag..

There were also tea towel and hand towels but I just took a few pics to show what was there...

Now my hat for the hat parade part..sorry lol still in my pj's as well..how dreadful lol well it is Saturday!

My hat well at least i put one in the parade! lol I will try to link to the other girls we will see I may be able to come back and edit when I work out who you need to visit.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

                                         Surprise Visit and a V.S.D.(very spoilt dog.)

I have been missing from blogging for a few weeks,just coping with the changes in life and... not at times...so just taking a day at a time.Our daughter bought the children for a visit on the weekend and what is more Aussie than going bush with an esky of cold drink,watermelon,sausages and fresh fluffy buns.Portable barbie and a four wheel drive and off we go...
We went to a wonderful place of rapids and shallow pools and although wet and cold the kids did not care,a great swim then a sausage sizzle and watermelon,a great day,it just made me so thankful to have an uncomplicated day.

 How beautiful and pristine is this...
 Alex, Livvy and Will checking out the natural slippery dip .
 Just a little bit chilly and slippery.
Miss Molly in her new bed, the lady that calls to wash her gave it to her for a gift..make that Princess Molly will you, she just loves it and check out the bow the lady puts in after her bath..

I had a lovely time last week at Cackle Club a lady that I met through a comment she left on an English blog Tilly Rose turned out to live 10 minutes away and now is in our group, she is just so lovely,welcome Paula...check out Paula Alice's blog she makes lovely dolls..what a small world blogland is.!