Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, January 11, 2014

                                                             The week that was......

Some visitors to our garden, Bob puts Georgies left over food in a feeder attached to our large Gum tree and we get so many visitors, these couple are so quiet we can go almost right up to them, they bring their babies to show us each season,sometimes there is up to 8 visiting, this day just the two came and it was great as Lilli was here to see them too.


And here are some pedestrians that I met this week,funny things cows they just stare at you and move when they are good and ready,we wasted a whole 5 minutes this day and we did not care they are just lovely,isn't it wonderful how long cows eye lashes grow.
One farmer has Alpacas to mind his sheep a white one and a black one, I just love them, they also have amazing eyes.

Thursday they were on the roadside feeding,we are so desperate for rain, food is not plentiful again and so they feed on the 'long yard" as we call it over here, you need a permit and have to pay to do this,hand feeding takes it toll on the farmers,hopefully rain will come soon.

Not a drop of water left in the many creeks I cross,I can't wait until the rains come and the wood hens come back and the lizards are there  having a drink,poor things wonder where they found a waterhole.

Have a wonderful week everyone and may the sun shine on your lives and in your hearts,may your plates and tummies be full,while our lives just go on a flow others are so hungry and homeless, we are truly blessed to be where we are,God is good to our family I pray that he will find a solution for all those struggling,in our own little way we all need to do a little no matter how small,one person does make a difference.

Monday, January 6, 2014

                                    Photos you are just so glad you took.

A few years ago we took Mum to visit her sister Pat in Kiola so they could spend a couple of days together.They talked on the phone every day for many years.It is one year today since Mums very close sister passed.Mum misses her soooo much....Aunty Pat is on the right.Mum turned 93 in December and her dear brother John passed away the year prior so his anniversary is on the 22nd of this month and her sweet twin Thelma passed away 8years ago.It maks Mum very sad some days,but the lovely thing is she reminisces a lot and tells of the many happy times mostly of when they were all young,so she has more joyful memories than sad ones.
I think this picture tells it all Aunty Pat and her big sister Bid.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

                                                  New Year brings many Changes

Well Christmas has come and gone and a great time was had by all, New year arrived and went also a nice time but everyone I see is soooo tired out by it all...I know we are.Mum had a lovely time and was spoilt as she should have been.

The countdown is on for us ,6 months to go in our working lives, I am terrified, I wonder how we will manage etc,but I guess everyone wonders that,all our working life has been as lower wage earners and just the last 6 months things have looked up but now we will have to give that up.
I am looking forwad to being available to seeing the childrens school events, travelling on the train to visit etc, time for the things I used to love to do,I just hope we can do at least one of our dream trips..we will see...

I am going to try to take a picture each day of my work day.
The first to share is of the pupils of the little school I have told you of, 6 pupils and the school is named Rouchel Public School  pronounced Roo-kell.

Bob had the chance to come with me just before Christmas and he got to feel the joy and love the children give to me, when they hear my car coming they squeal with joy and run to collect the mail.Can you imagine the noise when they saw Bob in the car...then Georgie...(they are famous you know lol the kids told me!)..
Anyway they all had a hold and each had their pic taken with Georgie,and Bob was in his glory.Just one of the many things I will miss!

Aren't they all gorgeous! the tallest boy nelson is off to High School this year and that will leave 5 children, the government has given permission for the school to stay open for another year they pray for another family to move to the area.
Have a great day.