Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, June 30, 2011


                            Did I like Grandparents Day?? Did I what! it was wonderful.

                                              Here I am Nan,Eden is 8 and is year 2 at his school.
 This is Edens "ME" box a little bit about himself,when I opened the lid there was still a lot in there,what a lovely idea, I wonder what I would place in a "ME" box.
 Eden and I ,he took this for me with his arm outstretched lol,my son and daughter and Eden and I are the only blue eyed people in the whole family, at least they got a little bit of me lol.
 Inside the modern classroom,his teacher Mrs Jurd never married and is so softly spoken and so lovely and she tells us the children are teaching her how to use the smartboard!
 The children sang a song that made me cry,the first part was "Granma,Granpa I love you, I love all the little things you do"...in the middle they all got up and danced and I loved that the boys were not shy to dance with one another,whilst we sat in their chairs and I fitted!
This is the school emblem,they have chosen the Bee as you can see be safe etc the school song is sung to the music of the ..."I'm on my way from misery to happiness today uhh uhh uhh"..I think it was by the Protectors something someone will help me,I thought that was hilarious and could not get the original words out of my brain,I am a bit old fashioned in school stuff but it bought me up to par.
So that was a little bit of my visit.I got to see Elijah and Lilli at recess and lunch and aren't Nanny's great for getting a few coins for the canteen and an icy pole, I loved it some, said I would be bored but never for me,I was with the children,we had a lovely snuggle in bed as I had a sleepover and got to collect them from school the first day and take them on the big day so for us all it was a treat, I am now looking forward to seeing my other grandchildren dance in their concert.Olivia is a tap dancer and William has just started but he will be in the show so by December my excitement will be at boiling point.

Monday, June 27, 2011

                                                   Thank you Everyone

Thanks for your lovely comments,there is so much for the young happening in the world and so little for the elderly, I don't mean that they are not taken care of locally etc just an opportunity to have lots of cuddles and tenderness when at the time in their lives they need to feel special, in a world of rush and hurry they get forgotten,that call we were going to make to see if they are ok,that 10 minutes to drop in for a quick chat to Mrs Brown down the road but we are rushing here and rushing there,and tomorrow never comes, next thing we hear the death notices on the radio and we think "I wish I had called in etc".

That is what this day is all about, we invite those that have no family close by,or those that have family but not close and past things causing distress,and those that are just plain lonely.
A hug is grossly underrated,if you see these old faces when you place your arm around their little shoulders and when you squeeze them gently you just see them soaking up the love.
Of course we have plenty that come that have lovely family lives but at the end of the day it is for those alone, lonely and isolated.
The lovely old lady that was Queen,she has early dementia and as cranky as you can imagine but just look back at her face and she was like that for the entire day.The little op shop
that i run is right across the road from her house and she was our first customer 11 years ago and she still came to shop up to 18 months ago as she has to cross a busy road.She is a funny old thing and we lover on the good and bad days.
Thank you all for enjoying the day with me,we don't want to be thanked and we just want to make a difference even for one day a year.We are still exhausted two days later but would not have it any other way.Bob is a rock.I am off to my very first grandparents day at Eden, lilly and Elijahs school.I will travel down today and have a sleepover and will be in my glory tomorrow.
Bless all of those of you that smiled at an elderly person today,checked in on one or just plain cared.You are sure to be blessed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


                                                All Over Red Rover...well till 2012

What a great day,beautiful weather,just perfect,so many smiling faces from both the kids and the lovely elderly, the theme of the day was Happy Days and there were many Fonzie's there and many Joanie's,and one old Fonzie.
Prizes galore,so much so that at the end of the day we just kept going round and round until they were  the prizes were all gone.
We were expecting 125 but 132 turned up and we never say no to anyone, but if it keeps up like this we will have to hire the Opera House lol.
Honestly though it is all worth it,the aching legs tired body and the headache,the worry if there is enough food .The children and the Hospitality teacher did and amazing job ,every one fed,everyone loaded with presents,everyone feeling loved and respected.
The King and Queen totally shocked at being chosen,Mrs Milton has early dementia,her daughter said this just made her day..how lovely.. and the King Mr Day,he will be 90 in 2 weeks,they have organised a party for him twice and ill health has made them cancel so to him he said to be chosen as King was better than any party,he is a 2 war veteran and the local gent who knows the entire history of our valley,he will be much missed when he leaves this world.
Here are some pics of the day..hope you like looking at them.

The hall ready the night before,a little bit of finishing up to do,place mats, lollies etc

 Woolworths every year donate a fruit tray for each person and spares,just as well this year,because of the banana shortage we thought we would just get little trays but this is just half of them and they were so large,wonderful!
 The hall from the stage packed to the limits there were 14 tables all full up.
 This John Tobin the headmaster,he came in a Lakers team jacket and a yellow wig,he is a great personality,he is always M.C.
 Our dear King and Queen,doesn't Mrs Milton look thrilled, that's what it is all about.that is me giving them a little talk,you can see I did not look in the mirror before I left..damn!
 Some of the outside games.
 Brian and Robyn looking intently at the players.He is quite ill,I was thrilled he came.
 These games were all made by the woodwork class, we looked up all the old time games now they have made most of them.
 Mr and Mrs Skinner in the green and dark jackets,they are loveliest people you could ever meet, discreetly in the background in multi pink skirt is a much loved friend of mine.

This is the Old Fonzie, my darling other half, he calls himself dogsbody he carries and drives the bus for the oldies and I could not do it without him,he grumbles but delights in the day and he comes back for more!

This is Gwenyth Brown having a go at golf,she goes to my Cackle Club and is the most beautiful sewer and embroiderer,I just love her.
So that is a little look at our day,I will start gathering prizes again as early as next week,it was very hard this year doing this on my own but I have Bob and we made it!My only disappointment was that Mum did not want to go as she gets so tired,but she was in the wrap and giggle days,she was the tea lady and kept us going so I am so grateful for that,thanks Bob thanks Mum and bring on next year...but not too quickly lol.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


                                       5 Minutes to spare and what do I do.... lol Blog!

I am absolutely pooped,Saturday and our Golden Oldies day will be on and we are ready and raring to go.
This year the theme is Happy Days,I was going to consider going as Pinky Tuscadaro but realised she I just aint!
I will wear an outfit and if game post a pic but in the meantime I have had it hard this year boo hoo my partner in crime that helps every year is off on a cruise so I have been Superwoman and done it alone...until now!Bob helped me box the prizes in their sections and we can't wait to have our house back,there is a mess everywhere I look  but at the end of the day it is worth every moment.

I have had a call from a friend who has offered to come to the school tomorrow afternoon and help me,she is a  wonder,and I will ask another Treasures girl to help me too, mind you girls we are all over 60! lol.
Here are some pics of the pressies and that is after about a quarter have ben packed and more to collect tomorrow...have fun you gorgeous seniors and soldier on!

The lounge room,with a quarter already packed,the green parcels are the ones I found on my door step a few weeks ago,lovely fairies live in our town.
The spare room,the stripey bags have 130 showbags in them ready for the lovely oldies.
The overflow on the front verandah,bob has placed them there and covered them ready to load tomorrow and take to the school,these are full of wine and chocolates and cups filled with lollies.
Molly,this is a shadow moment for you from Bob.

Monday, June 20, 2011


                                                   Happy 8th birthday Olivia

Our darling grand daughter Olivia Verity is about to turn 8.Livvy is the loveliest little person(just like her Mum our Kate)always making sure others are ok before herself she is a carer of the future.
I remember the day Livvy was born, we were so thrilled as our daughter does not have good births and that this little darling arrived safe was a miracle in itself,and every day since she entered the world she has been a delight....my favourite?...no I love them all the same but I am so proud of her love of the Lord and her generous and beautiful nature,hugs and kisses from Grammy, Pa Pa and Great Nana.
On her recent visit the only pic I took,with our Molly who forgot she had legs till Livvy went home as I gaurantee Molly did not walk a step that whole weekend!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


                                                         How Precious they are...

Back from the coast babysitting and it was wonderful to be able to say that I have been able to see both sets of grandchildren 2 weekends in a row. One lot came to me and I went to the others.
It is pure bliss to get those cuddles and squeezes,and you realise that there will be a time not too far away when these are not so readily available( I have to say though Alex at 12 still loves to hug us).
I was thinking at the weekend that when old age comes along the cuddles become less,more often than not your partner is gone,the children live afar and a hug is a rare thing.With Mum living with us I realise I do not hug her enough, when we used to visit her ,she lived 4 hours away I would be out of the car like a flash and huge hugs all round,now Mum is here all the time it is not so often,I have told myself I must fix this as I will be undernourished when the children go off on their life journey and hugs become rare.
Last weekend I did not get a chance to take pics of the gorgeous Gunns,this weekend Mummy took a pic of the children with Nanny and as you can see Elijah is a grumble bum he had just woken,Eden,and Lilli oops Lilly she changed the way she spells her name as it is really Lillian and has always been Lilli  but she informed me we have changed lol aren't they a scream.

The countdown is on for my seniors day and it will happen this Saturday, I have been so busy i had not had a chance to get a costume,it is Happy Days and I did think of Pinky Tuskadero but I fear it will be Mrs Cummingham lol.
Have a lovely week ,all the wrapping is done to a degree of the prizes more come in all week,the showbags are done and now just the decorating I am sure this will be the last place I get to sit for another  week,I will have pics for you.
Have a blessed week and remember to give someone that little hug.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

                                    WHAT MORE CAN A COCKATOO DO!!!

When you are used to going on the mail run with your favourite person Bob,and it is too wet and he leaves you at home 4 days in a row,what more can a poor Cockatoo named Georgie do?
Well he decides he will just stay home near the fire and being a typical Australian ....have a beer..and blow Bob let him be out in the cold and wet,George is happy!

(honestly it only the drip in the bottom lol) he is funny red wine is by far the favourite beverage!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

                                     How High's the Water Mama..5ft High and Risin'

I took pics again today but will not show them all,,suffice to say the rain has not let up with 4"falling in some parts and the water was 3ft higher than yesterday and lapping the roads,I was a little stressed today and decided in the end to turn and come home...here are a couple of pics to show how fast the water is raging..

                                                                    Near the waterfall
 Where the actual waterfall is...the road was covered last night and there was a lot of debris on the road today..
This was as far as I could go..a lot higher than yesterday.So lets see what tomorrow brings it is still raining heavy and forcast more to come!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Long Wet and Wild DAy

I knew it was going to be a rough day when I could not see the beautiful mountains that I normally see in the distance,the rain was too heavy.

This is my first section of dirt road, Dangerfield Lane and it was just starting to build up water on either side.

No mail for you today my lovelies,this was my first track that I could not cross,too much water for this little black duck!

O'h my goodness as I get higher into the mountains the rougher the streams are getting.

Oops no mail for these families today either,if the water is not rushing too fast I do go across but today it was just too dangerous..sorry folks I will try again tomorrow.

No chance here either,looks like the it is still rising.
 This is the little waterfall i have shown in past blogs,no picnic here today.This is usually the lovely serene spot,my favourite place i pass every other day.

I have to make a decision will I go over or not,I decide to as the middle is quite calm,although it does not look it here.

 This is an area I had to turn around in as I could not cross over,water,water everywhere and not a drop to drink!Well maybe a little.
 Another one I could go across.
 and another, i almost did not go across this one then decided as I had a lot for the 2 families over this crossing I would try,it was quite shallow otherwise I would not have dared.
 I am not sure if you can see this properly maybe if you enlarge it you can see the old foot bridge that has gone into disrepair,this is what they used to cross with at times like this,with the children grown i think they just button down the hatches and stay put!why not I say!!
 These poor darlings crossed over and then the river came up now they have to wait it out to get home.
This is not the prettiest sight, the wild dogs take all the lambs so the farmers trap the dogs or poison them and hang them in a tree to show the neighbours that they have caught the wild dog...can't help feeling sorry it was only doing what is normal for a dog,but the lambs are the farmers livelihood so they have to keep watch.

Now this is scary ,another decision to make and it was a yes.
The raging waters gain momentum.

 The waterfall from the other side,look at that wave you could ride a surfboard on it...well maybe not lol.
The horses running to meet me,no mail today fellas sorry,they are lovely and more often than not I have to stop and chat to them.

There was no water here on my way out!

 On the way home I saw a beautiful rainbow,look low into the pic to see it.
Lovely weather for ducks and this sweetie was waddling along on our side of town,perhaps looking for a puddle.I am home safe and sound the wood fire crackling,I am dried out after getting soaked and I ponder as to what tomorrow will bring as it is still raining buckets and more forecast.thanks for joining me on my day,God is amazing these farms were in dire straights,no water in the dames etc,so now it will be wonderfully green  and lush,we may have webbed feet but we will glorify in it.
By the way poor old Bob is soaked as well so lots of cramp tablets for him tonight I think,he has been slip slidin'all day,but he is safe also in front of the fire...Amen.

It's Raining again!

It  has been raining solid for 3 days now,all the long weekend and  was wet,wild,windy and we had a surprise visit from my daughter and her three gorgeous children,the time was spent playing cards,eating yummies, doing a jig saw and eating yummies.I had the makings of Kates favourites,Lambs Fry and Bacon  and a piece of silverside,she was in blissland lol.
Anyway yes I forgot to take pics I was too busy cuddling kids and smooching my much missed girl,she is just precious to me ,so is my son and I am going to babysit for him this coming weekend so I will get another load of grammy cuddles!
My main thing is that with this rain it is horrible for the postie and his lady.I feel sorry for Bob as in Australia they deliver on little postie motor bikes and the footpaths are sloppy and muddy when it is like this,at the end of the day his legs have terrible cramps from staying balanced.As you know I go right up into the mountains delivering mail and this calm crossing in the pic will be flooded! I go across many of these,I do not know how far I will be able to go as the creeks come right up when in flood, the farmers have put safety markers for me now as when I first started I did not what was safe and what was not and almost got washed away,I lost my number plates and the front of the car was pulled off(the big bumper bar bit) so now I am really cautious as the water can come raging in seconds.Last week a huge boulder was dislodged onto the road and someone before me had rolled it to the side,I was so thankful it did not fall as I drove by,I took pics but did not upload hem properly and removed them from my camera!so today I will take pics of my day and show you,funny if the rain is not right up in the mountains I will have to do a post on wet chickens who won't stay in the roost lol.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


                                                Perfectly Spoilt......that's how I feel

MY button swap parcel arrived today all the way from the UK.I delivered my own parcel to myself,when I saw this addressed to me in all the packages I was to deliver I was so excited...

Tracey thank you so much,you absolutely gob smaked me by my beautiful parcel, I opened it with my 90 year old Mum and is was a toss up who oohed and ahhed the most!
 First one opened was an envelope and this is what was in it,and a lovely note from Tracey.
 Each package had a tag with a button on it ,Tracey it is just beautiful....
 Lavender bags with little button fabric.
 Cards of buttons...
 Pin cushion with button fabric...honestly Tracey how spoilt am I...
 Gift cards and key holder
 A gorgeous little button tin...
 Ta Daaa this is what was inside!ribbons and buttons..
 Edible buttons...

 Precious little heart buttons.
I just loved everything...to say I was overwhelmed is an understatement,everything is just lovely, I feel I missed the beat with my package  to Tracey as I wished I had put more buttons in Tracey's parcel..
I would just like to encourage everyone that has not gone into a swap to do so...it is so lovely gathering things for your swap partner and receiving the parcel is just as exciting..if you have not gone into a swap before try it ,go for a simple one that has no pressure,my next one is a Thrift shop one and you need to purchase your items at an op shop,it is great fun.I just have to remember the name of the blog  for you to check it out lol..