Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, June 25, 2011


                                                All Over Red Rover...well till 2012

What a great day,beautiful weather,just perfect,so many smiling faces from both the kids and the lovely elderly, the theme of the day was Happy Days and there were many Fonzie's there and many Joanie's,and one old Fonzie.
Prizes galore,so much so that at the end of the day we just kept going round and round until they were  the prizes were all gone.
We were expecting 125 but 132 turned up and we never say no to anyone, but if it keeps up like this we will have to hire the Opera House lol.
Honestly though it is all worth it,the aching legs tired body and the headache,the worry if there is enough food .The children and the Hospitality teacher did and amazing job ,every one fed,everyone loaded with presents,everyone feeling loved and respected.
The King and Queen totally shocked at being chosen,Mrs Milton has early dementia,her daughter said this just made her day..how lovely.. and the King Mr Day,he will be 90 in 2 weeks,they have organised a party for him twice and ill health has made them cancel so to him he said to be chosen as King was better than any party,he is a 2 war veteran and the local gent who knows the entire history of our valley,he will be much missed when he leaves this world.
Here are some pics of the day..hope you like looking at them.

The hall ready the night before,a little bit of finishing up to do,place mats, lollies etc

 Woolworths every year donate a fruit tray for each person and spares,just as well this year,because of the banana shortage we thought we would just get little trays but this is just half of them and they were so large,wonderful!
 The hall from the stage packed to the limits there were 14 tables all full up.
 This John Tobin the headmaster,he came in a Lakers team jacket and a yellow wig,he is a great personality,he is always M.C.
 Our dear King and Queen,doesn't Mrs Milton look thrilled, that's what it is all about.that is me giving them a little talk,you can see I did not look in the mirror before I left..damn!
 Some of the outside games.
 Brian and Robyn looking intently at the players.He is quite ill,I was thrilled he came.
 These games were all made by the woodwork class, we looked up all the old time games now they have made most of them.
 Mr and Mrs Skinner in the green and dark jackets,they are loveliest people you could ever meet, discreetly in the background in multi pink skirt is a much loved friend of mine.

This is the Old Fonzie, my darling other half, he calls himself dogsbody he carries and drives the bus for the oldies and I could not do it without him,he grumbles but delights in the day and he comes back for more!

This is Gwenyth Brown having a go at golf,she goes to my Cackle Club and is the most beautiful sewer and embroiderer,I just love her.
So that is a little look at our day,I will start gathering prizes again as early as next week,it was very hard this year doing this on my own but I have Bob and we made it!My only disappointment was that Mum did not want to go as she gets so tired,but she was in the wrap and giggle days,she was the tea lady and kept us going so I am so grateful for that,thanks Bob thanks Mum and bring on next year...but not too quickly lol.


  1. I bet an absolutely fab and memorable time was had by all~!

  2. Well done Carole. You're a STAR. I love the HUGE numbers on the chairs (presumably for the near-blind). And well done Woolworths; very generous!

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  4. yes Cro for the near blind and for the ones that get lost,they can't seem to remember where they sit lol aren't they gorgeous.

  5. well done it looks like it was a fabulous day and everyone had fun

  6. Sounds like a super day, well done all concerned. How lovely to see everyone enjoying themselves. You must be tired out Carole.

  7. You are an angel Carole. Well done!
    Bob, You are a very cool Fonzie!!
    It's a shame I couldn't be there to help.

    When are you coming for a visit???


  8. Wow Carole, that is amazing and such a lovely idea, love the king and queen, God bless them, Fonz is looking a bit of alright too, ha ha.
    Pat on the back for you.