Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, June 27, 2011

                                                   Thank you Everyone

Thanks for your lovely comments,there is so much for the young happening in the world and so little for the elderly, I don't mean that they are not taken care of locally etc just an opportunity to have lots of cuddles and tenderness when at the time in their lives they need to feel special, in a world of rush and hurry they get forgotten,that call we were going to make to see if they are ok,that 10 minutes to drop in for a quick chat to Mrs Brown down the road but we are rushing here and rushing there,and tomorrow never comes, next thing we hear the death notices on the radio and we think "I wish I had called in etc".

That is what this day is all about, we invite those that have no family close by,or those that have family but not close and past things causing distress,and those that are just plain lonely.
A hug is grossly underrated,if you see these old faces when you place your arm around their little shoulders and when you squeeze them gently you just see them soaking up the love.
Of course we have plenty that come that have lovely family lives but at the end of the day it is for those alone, lonely and isolated.
The lovely old lady that was Queen,she has early dementia and as cranky as you can imagine but just look back at her face and she was like that for the entire day.The little op shop
that i run is right across the road from her house and she was our first customer 11 years ago and she still came to shop up to 18 months ago as she has to cross a busy road.She is a funny old thing and we lover on the good and bad days.
Thank you all for enjoying the day with me,we don't want to be thanked and we just want to make a difference even for one day a year.We are still exhausted two days later but would not have it any other way.Bob is a rock.I am off to my very first grandparents day at Eden, lilly and Elijahs school.I will travel down today and have a sleepover and will be in my glory tomorrow.
Bless all of those of you that smiled at an elderly person today,checked in on one or just plain cared.You are sure to be blessed.


  1. Thanks for bringing those needy people to mind today. When you spend time with oldies it is you that are blessed. They teach us how to slow down and reflect on life.

  2. oh what a lovely day you had.. and I hope your Grandparent day at the School is a success. I never got to go to one of my gr'daughters ( she's in Sydney) but once when I visited her, the music teacher invited me in to sit in on Band Rehersal and told the to play their best for LJ's granny. I was so happy♥

  3. I did enjoy reading all the posts about the seniors day.
    I used to care for a group of elderly ladies and came to see them in a new light, to value and respect them greatly.
    Have a wonderful Grandparents day, you deserve it xx