Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Long Wet and Wild DAy

I knew it was going to be a rough day when I could not see the beautiful mountains that I normally see in the distance,the rain was too heavy.

This is my first section of dirt road, Dangerfield Lane and it was just starting to build up water on either side.

No mail for you today my lovelies,this was my first track that I could not cross,too much water for this little black duck!

O'h my goodness as I get higher into the mountains the rougher the streams are getting.

Oops no mail for these families today either,if the water is not rushing too fast I do go across but today it was just too dangerous..sorry folks I will try again tomorrow.

No chance here either,looks like the it is still rising.
 This is the little waterfall i have shown in past blogs,no picnic here today.This is usually the lovely serene spot,my favourite place i pass every other day.

I have to make a decision will I go over or not,I decide to as the middle is quite calm,although it does not look it here.

 This is an area I had to turn around in as I could not cross over,water,water everywhere and not a drop to drink!Well maybe a little.
 Another one I could go across.
 and another, i almost did not go across this one then decided as I had a lot for the 2 families over this crossing I would try,it was quite shallow otherwise I would not have dared.
 I am not sure if you can see this properly maybe if you enlarge it you can see the old foot bridge that has gone into disrepair,this is what they used to cross with at times like this,with the children grown i think they just button down the hatches and stay put!why not I say!!
 These poor darlings crossed over and then the river came up now they have to wait it out to get home.
This is not the prettiest sight, the wild dogs take all the lambs so the farmers trap the dogs or poison them and hang them in a tree to show the neighbours that they have caught the wild dog...can't help feeling sorry it was only doing what is normal for a dog,but the lambs are the farmers livelihood so they have to keep watch.

Now this is scary ,another decision to make and it was a yes.
The raging waters gain momentum.

 The waterfall from the other side,look at that wave you could ride a surfboard on it...well maybe not lol.
The horses running to meet me,no mail today fellas sorry,they are lovely and more often than not I have to stop and chat to them.

There was no water here on my way out!

 On the way home I saw a beautiful rainbow,look low into the pic to see it.
Lovely weather for ducks and this sweetie was waddling along on our side of town,perhaps looking for a puddle.I am home safe and sound the wood fire crackling,I am dried out after getting soaked and I ponder as to what tomorrow will bring as it is still raining buckets and more forecast.thanks for joining me on my day,God is amazing these farms were in dire straights,no water in the dames etc,so now it will be wonderfully green  and lush,we may have webbed feet but we will glorify in it.
By the way poor old Bob is soaked as well so lots of cramp tablets for him tonight I think,he has been slip slidin'all day,but he is safe also in front of the fire...Amen.


  1. Thankyou for sharing a day in your life Carole. SO far away and so different to ours. I can't imagine living somewhere that gets cut off by heavy rain. How lovely that the horses come to greet you.

  2. It has been horrid weather and looks like it is going to hang around. Our backyard had big puddles everywhere and the ground is sloshy.
    We have had about 6" so far

  3. Hi Carole
    Firstly thanks for visiting my blog, I feel very blessed when I get messages, kinda like getting a letter.
    OMG !! how brave are you, driving out in all of that, as you say the causeways can be very dicey, but on the other hand how pretty even in the torrential rain, love the cows and horses...poor dog, but who do you blame..probably the humans who didn't care for the animal in the first place, so sad :o(

  4. Oh you are brave - I guess you have a four wheel drive? I hate driving through water, and sometimes here the roads get flooded too and I have to go through it to get home. Stay warm and dry!

  5. Great weather for ducks as they say!