Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, March 23, 2013

                                                     Update and New Happenings.
Our lovely tania had her surgery on Friday,7 1/2 hours,much more invasive than was first thought so we have to wait now for her to feel well enough to talk to see what  they needed to do and what is next as they took biopsy's from other areas..we are concerned for her but praying that it is all gone.The girls from our little shop will send flowers tomorrow,she is a much loved volunteer.

Remember long ago I told you of the little park that our little op shop started ,well part two has started and we are so excited, here is the progress so far....

   These downloaded out of order but you will get my drift lol...this was day 2

This was day 3

 This is day 4 the equipment is in place,now needs to be secured and soft fall rubber will be pured for the soft landings.
This was day 1 ,I drove by and could not believe that our adult exercise equipment area was being prepared!
We are so excited we worked so hard to raise the money to make this park a nice place to be and itis happening at last!

Our roses have been gloriuos this year so I have been making my own poi pouri? and when i shook the sheet they naturally fell into a heart shape,made my day.

Hope you had a lovely week,I pray that you think about our serving boys in Afghanistan this week as they are doing it tough ans some more than others,all of them are special and someones sons.

May your days be ful of joyful light,
May your smile be full,open and bright,
As you pass a stanger today.
Smile your smile and say G'Day.
I am sue you will make someone feel  special.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Days are tough...
This is a pic of one of wrap and giggle days from a couple of years ago,the annual event where we treat all the seniors in town to a day of fun and gifts.
The one in the pink is Robbie a most gorgeous person,me and then the lovely Tania.She has had a shocker year and was alone at Christmas and told no one.
Tania also works for me at the op shop so does Robbi but Tania is my Monday girl and much loved.
Last Friday she had a colonoscopy and you know what I am going to say...yes she has Bowel Cancer,yesterday was more scans and tomorrow a visit to the surgeon.Another dear friend is going with her so she is not alone.
Lots o f hard times ahead but they have told her if you get Cancer this one is the one with the best chance  so many prayers are being said.
I wanted to talk about selfishness,selflesness and not selfrightious.When Tania sat down and told me what was happening I felt sick,what could I do? how could I help? buggar.....
Tania's sons marriage was in tatters at Christmas her other son in a mess himself and she gave them both everything she had to make things easier,leaving herself with nothing and alone and too proud to ask anyone for their company. so she spent Christmas alsone..that won't be happening again..one of the boys is now on his feet again and will help pay for the tests.
After Tania told me her news she then said she did not know how she was going to travel the 2 hours for all her visits etc she had $1 to her name......I cannot remember ever being like that since the kids were small when it happened often..I remembered that feeling add to the mix the horror of what is ahead and it is a wonder she was sane.
I came home and sat with Bob,we decided that this week the  Sealed POT misses out,I am obsessed with every coin going in there.So I went to see Tania and gave her some money for fuel,coffee and lunches for the next 2 visits.No it was not kind of me it was the right thing to do...I am shoving everything into my pot for my future and here is a gorgeous person who may not have a long one.
Before you place your money in the pot this week,have a little peep around and see if there is a Tania in your life,work out the rights of things and go from there,she was not embarassed.I was not selfrightious thinking I have an abundance as we have not,it was not a loan and only because none of my gilrs have a PC or would read this am I writing of it.
I just felt so humbled to know that we have the POT there and that we could decide without hesitation what to do.Tania will be paid tomorrow ( she is a pensioner) and she will be ok again.
Life is just too hard at times and we are so grateful for a life where we are usually on top of things these days,but next year we will be pensioners,I hope if we are in trouble someone notices...next time you ask "are you ok?" to someone dear listen to their answer but at the same time look at their eyes,if I had not done that I am not sure what would have happened for this dear friend this week.
praise God and keep her safe and a good healthy outcome after the dreaded C is removed.

Monday, March 4, 2013

                                                   More drawer bits and bobs....

The children have many of my "special "things already and most of these are just things I have found scrounging over the years.My daughter chose her 'want" things but she has them here  at home in my china cainet and our son has done the same..I will ask him again about some of these bits too.

These scissors are very old and I dug them up in the garden when we first moved here 2 years ago.

                                          Old post cards,specticles,even little pipes from Thialand,business cards from a B&B in UK near Chester one of them.
 Hand warmer,scales,shirt sleeve keepers,old lighters,silk thread, record needles,on and on.
Tiny scottie dogs,jewellery,shoe button gadget,hat pin,more shirt sleeve keepers.
Instruction for a very old lamp we have,more post cards from a past child generations back,she died at 8 and this was from a great Aunt of hers.The pic is of my great great grandfather on my fathers side.As I am from a divorced family we have no pics etc Dad kept everything.However on one of our family moves Bob was moved to Cobar and old gold mining but now copper town.Mum told me that my roots were from there so we went to the museum to find that Papa Cornish had owned 2 pubs and several gold mines...lost the entire lot at poker!!!!! The curate there photo copied pics of Papa for me and so here is one the others are in a safe place.

 Years ago someone gave me this full set of never used spoons.I think they are Bishops spoons.We lost them and have always been looking for them thinking they must have been thrown out.What was at the bck of this drawer neatly wrapped in and old flour bag..yaayyyy we found them.They have never been used.
This is a tiny little ladies razor,Bob placed a 5 cent near it so we could see the size.it must have been a travelling one.
 This one did not come out but may years ago at an op shop I found this mans handky,it has the name beautifully written  B Weidman 1897..our hospital wing is named after this man,so it is part of Muswellbrook the nearest large towns history,I think this should go the the museum.
              Old flour and salt bags and bird seed bag......

So that is my drawer,yes there was a little more but enough is enough.lol

Sunday, March 3, 2013

       This  little cupboard that sits innocently in the kitchen.she is full of mystery, her drawer is like an onion full of layers of "stuff".I thouhgt perhaps those of you who like old things might like a peek or have a peek anyway.I will have to do these over a few days.
Do you have a  messy drawer in your home like this..please say yes..it is full of what some call junk I call them my Treasures, and I am going to have to get rid of them as the kids are not interested so when I can get my mind around doing all these things I will lol.
It is very messy on top as it seems to be everyone's  dumping ground,Mums tablets,hand creams mail etc but it will be tidy soon!

We open the drawer and yes it is full to the brim.

I will show you some of the contents
This is what is in the razor box
A little anniversary sewing kit.I will show you more over the next few days.The pics are taking so long to upload.

Friday, March 1, 2013

                                                 A very  wet week...
I thought I would share my wet week at work with you...well not all lol some....

After many months of absolutely nothing in the creeks I need to cross over daily,the very welcome rain brings with it a few problms such as flooding,however,it is not near homesteads or anything,just making the rivers and creeks flow and bringing life back to all sorts of things.

The  normally tiny waterfall,full and running wildly,this will clean it all out beautifully.
                                     A wonderful set of rapids,a bit wld for me lol.

A perfect fungi,looks like perhaps what Madonna modeled her bra on...nature is just so perfect.
I had to stop for the cattle being placed into a different paddock,I always stop back until they are done so I don't spook them,the farmer usually signals for me to come on when he is done.
oops same pic twice and I could not remove it.
The farmer and his dogs chase some breakaway cattle,I love seeing him and the dogs working,his old brown one is front and the learner following close behind,he has 7 all together the other 5 were with the herd,so typically Australian,this farmers name is Cracker..it is really Geoffery but no one seems to use their correct name here we seem to be a country of "nic names".
Another little group of Fairy homes.

There is no man as fabulaous as Tor,he waits to say hello,it is raining so he is near the shed for some shelter,he has a couple of happy campers on his back.Isn't he just magnificent.