Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, March 3, 2013

       This  little cupboard that sits innocently in the kitchen.she is full of mystery, her drawer is like an onion full of layers of "stuff".I thouhgt perhaps those of you who like old things might like a peek or have a peek anyway.I will have to do these over a few days.
Do you have a  messy drawer in your home like this..please say yes..it is full of what some call junk I call them my Treasures, and I am going to have to get rid of them as the kids are not interested so when I can get my mind around doing all these things I will lol.
It is very messy on top as it seems to be everyone's  dumping ground,Mums tablets,hand creams mail etc but it will be tidy soon!

We open the drawer and yes it is full to the brim.

I will show you some of the contents
This is what is in the razor box
A little anniversary sewing kit.I will show you more over the next few days.The pics are taking so long to upload.


  1. Oh...I have drawers just like that. I don't know what one does when children have no interest in family heirlooms.

  2. I wish you were my nana, because I would not throw any of these things out....I get sad when I hear that people do not want things passed down to them....even if your children dont want them, how can they guarentee that your grandchildren wont love old wares when they are older....?
    And then the questions will be asked, 'what every happened to that...???"

  3. Yes we all have a'junk'drawer. It is sad when your kids are not interested in 'old stuff'.My grandparents just took everything to the second - hand shop.I cried when I found out, so many beautiful things, gone to strangers. They didn't see it that way. To them it was just old stuff that they were sick of looking at. It seems familiarity does breed contempt.