Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, March 4, 2013

                                                   More drawer bits and bobs....

The children have many of my "special "things already and most of these are just things I have found scrounging over the years.My daughter chose her 'want" things but she has them here  at home in my china cainet and our son has done the same..I will ask him again about some of these bits too.

These scissors are very old and I dug them up in the garden when we first moved here 2 years ago.

                                          Old post cards,specticles,even little pipes from Thialand,business cards from a B&B in UK near Chester one of them.
 Hand warmer,scales,shirt sleeve keepers,old lighters,silk thread, record needles,on and on.
Tiny scottie dogs,jewellery,shoe button gadget,hat pin,more shirt sleeve keepers.
Instruction for a very old lamp we have,more post cards from a past child generations back,she died at 8 and this was from a great Aunt of hers.The pic is of my great great grandfather on my fathers side.As I am from a divorced family we have no pics etc Dad kept everything.However on one of our family moves Bob was moved to Cobar and old gold mining but now copper town.Mum told me that my roots were from there so we went to the museum to find that Papa Cornish had owned 2 pubs and several gold mines...lost the entire lot at poker!!!!! The curate there photo copied pics of Papa for me and so here is one the others are in a safe place.

 Years ago someone gave me this full set of never used spoons.I think they are Bishops spoons.We lost them and have always been looking for them thinking they must have been thrown out.What was at the bck of this drawer neatly wrapped in and old flour bag..yaayyyy we found them.They have never been used.
This is a tiny little ladies razor,Bob placed a 5 cent near it so we could see the size.it must have been a travelling one.
 This one did not come out but may years ago at an op shop I found this mans handky,it has the name beautifully written  B Weidman 1897..our hospital wing is named after this man,so it is part of Muswellbrook the nearest large towns history,I think this should go the the museum.
              Old flour and salt bags and bird seed bag......

So that is my drawer,yes there was a little more but enough is enough.lol


  1. Lots of things, but every one has a history!

  2. What lovely treasures in those drawers...so lovely to know that special pieces have been chosen by your children as keepsakes...

  3. The spoons are generally known as 'Apostle Spoons'. Your collection is not unlike my own; lots of funny little things that are all far too interesting to be thrown out. Unfortunately the drawers eventually become filled!

  4. Isn't it amazing what you find when you're not looking for it?
    Happy spring cleaning :)


  5. Fascinating, the bits and bobs we keep.
    Love from Mum

  6. That was a really, really interesting collection of bits from the past. I noticed especially the 'Cheshire' bottle opener, the Singer Sewing machine booklet - Made in Great Britain and Gramophone needles from Sheffield.
    It's a 'Small World' now, isn't it?
    Hope they are all kept safe.