Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, March 1, 2013

                                                 A very  wet week...
I thought I would share my wet week at work with you...well not all lol some....

After many months of absolutely nothing in the creeks I need to cross over daily,the very welcome rain brings with it a few problms such as flooding,however,it is not near homesteads or anything,just making the rivers and creeks flow and bringing life back to all sorts of things.

The  normally tiny waterfall,full and running wildly,this will clean it all out beautifully.
                                     A wonderful set of rapids,a bit wld for me lol.

A perfect fungi,looks like perhaps what Madonna modeled her bra on...nature is just so perfect.
I had to stop for the cattle being placed into a different paddock,I always stop back until they are done so I don't spook them,the farmer usually signals for me to come on when he is done.
oops same pic twice and I could not remove it.
The farmer and his dogs chase some breakaway cattle,I love seeing him and the dogs working,his old brown one is front and the learner following close behind,he has 7 all together the other 5 were with the herd,so typically Australian,this farmers name is Cracker..it is really Geoffery but no one seems to use their correct name here we seem to be a country of "nic names".
Another little group of Fairy homes.

There is no man as fabulaous as Tor,he waits to say hello,it is raining so he is near the shed for some shelter,he has a couple of happy campers on his back.Isn't he just magnificent.


  1. Carole, it's all magnificent. The cattle, the rushing water, the fairy mushrooms, and old Tor.

  2. Your mushrooms are 'Parasols', and are one of our favourites. But do check first!

  3. oh so nice to see ''good'' rain photos from up north. thanks for sharing Carole.

  4. I'm glad you dont have to leap across those rapids!
    What beautiful photos of your area.

  5. beautiful photos, it all looks so green and lush. Lovely to see Macca Tor again!

  6. A drop of rain and everything greens over so beautifully - and mushrooms too - can't be bad.

  7. Pleased to see you haven't had the flood problems as in some other areas, just enough rain to be refreshing. Your photo's are great.