Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, December 10, 2016

                      OUT WITH THE OLD AND IN WITH THE NEW.

I think most people I know will be glad when 2016 comes to a close.
For us we lost the two oldest Aunts in our family line and even though they were a great age it does not make it any easier.
Health wise I have just come to a place where we can breathe again as I had a large Melanoma removed from my leg,leading to full thickness skin graft and a large tummy cut for them to take the graft from.After an almost 8 week wait we received the news that with the second operation they have managed to get it all,so now just the rest of the healing to take place.
Tomorrow I have a Cataract taken from my left eye and after the right one is done later I hope that is me finished for awhlie! All is well.
Bob decided these past weeks he and retirement are not fans of each other!Unless you have copious amounts of money etc you can't continually go on trips .
Bob was offered 2 half days a week work doing gardens on a horse stud..he started this week and he has a spring back in his step..he was at the point where each blade of grass in our yard had a name given it...well almost..This is perfect as he can still get his pension and work 10 hours a week, he was back home before I knew he was gone the first day! Happy home again.

For over 10 years we searched to buy a Pianola and after all that time finally found one and bought it from a lady not 5 minutes away! Every day Bob gives us a little recital and we work our way through 85 rolls of music that came with it.We are really enjoying it.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

                                                                    Our Garden.
It needs some TLC at the moment but here is a peek

 We started with just 3 fish now look at them and the front fountain has another few in it!
 We have heaps of frogs and one lives in the lighthouse,the ones we have are black and white.
                                        Always a sign of spring are the good old Daisy.
 Our Fairy Garden got a bit damaged in the winds and storms so Bob built a new fence.
 See the Kookaburra on the little arch a friend sent him to me.
 We are trying the Passionfruit on the back shed wall and we have masses of buds,now we just need the Bees to come.
 Another friend sent me a little package with a postbox a cockatoo and some Fairies so we made this little mini garden.

Soon the weather will be lovely and I can get back out into the garden.I originally did the Fairy Garden with Mum,I used to take her outside and she loved it all.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


                                                        A Year Has Passed

It is so hard for us to believe it is exactly one year since Mum passed.
Our lives have been flipping and flopping and we are trying to get round the way of life for us.You would think it easy but the void is huge!

When Mum turned 90 a friend gave her a little puppy named Molly.We also inherited another puppy Billy from Mums younger sister when she passed.
So now we have 2 puppies and they are lovely and we do love them,they still miss Mum but we take them to the cemetery when we visit,we have no idea if they know what is going on.
Mum passed away on Molly's 5th birthday strangely enough.
So for her 6th birthday we made them Pork balls and put a candle in them.Billy was 11 at the same time so Molly had her ribbon on and Billy his bow tie and Bob nursed them for a photo call,Mum would have loved that.
I hope I can continue to blog,PC probs and catching up on things have put me out of order.
Hope some of you lovely people find me again.
Blessings from us all.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Home Safe after Travel

We have been away for a few weeks for a holiday to New Zealand. It is a wonderful country to visit,although very like home it is a place with a young history like Australia at the same time it is so different.
A place of high peaked mountains,water the colour of the bluest eyes,The beaches don't have he lovely white sand that we have,it is a brown colour,but we can forgive them that .
We visited Christchurch the city badly damaged by a terrible earthquake 5 years ago and reconstruction still going on.
It is a country of 2 islands North and South Island and the North is a majestic island paradise made up of many smaller islands just beautiful and the South is rugged high mountains,glaciers and rain forests a great mix,large lakes and bays gushing geisas and bubbling volcanic mud.
We had a farm stay among many  things and it was such fun, we went to Hobbiton where The Hobbitt and Lord of the Rings were made it was fabulous.
Here are a few little pics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Goes On.
Life is slowly seeping back into our bones as we get used to a different way of things without Mum.The house seems so empty,I wonder how such a little person could take up so much space in your heart and home.I have slowly made a few differences in the house and we are keeping busy in the garden.
Our first major job was to totally re do our pond and waterfall out the back as it had become so overgrown.new life has settled in,the frogs are back, we have five different croaks we can hear and it is natures music at night,soothing and wonderful.The frogs are laying eggs and the fish are eating them far too quickly so each morning we rescue the eggs and put them in the water pots,at least some will survive.
The pond looks very naked just yet,the ferns are peeping from the soil and will soon be back as will the little ground covers,we had to reline the pond as it had a leak,We had an old broken windmill which is now a lighthouse and Bob has now put solar lights around and it is all lit up at night,the windows light up and it looks wonderful,we often sit out back in the evening,listen to the little waterfall and frogs and reflect on the day.

Have a lovely day as you go on your way.I hope to get back more regular now,lots to catch up on and also to read all your wonderful blogs.God bless.