Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Life Goes On.
Life is slowly seeping back into our bones as we get used to a different way of things without Mum.The house seems so empty,I wonder how such a little person could take up so much space in your heart and home.I have slowly made a few differences in the house and we are keeping busy in the garden.
Our first major job was to totally re do our pond and waterfall out the back as it had become so overgrown.new life has settled in,the frogs are back, we have five different croaks we can hear and it is natures music at night,soothing and wonderful.The frogs are laying eggs and the fish are eating them far too quickly so each morning we rescue the eggs and put them in the water pots,at least some will survive.
The pond looks very naked just yet,the ferns are peeping from the soil and will soon be back as will the little ground covers,we had to reline the pond as it had a leak,We had an old broken windmill which is now a lighthouse and Bob has now put solar lights around and it is all lit up at night,the windows light up and it looks wonderful,we often sit out back in the evening,listen to the little waterfall and frogs and reflect on the day.

Have a lovely day as you go on your way.I hope to get back more regular now,lots to catch up on and also to read all your wonderful blogs.God bless.


  1. Carole so sorry to hear the sad news about your mum. You must miss her so much. She would have loved the lovely makeover on your garden. Take care. Love Molly xx

  2. My garden has so much of my dear Mother in it, even some of her plants that I took from her garden. They have travelled with me through France and England, and I feel somehow she is there in the garden.
    So good to see you here today.

  3. I do like a pond in a garden!! Wish I had a pond ....wish I had a garden come to that. I so miss it as we always had front and back garden at home in the UK. I make do with pots on my balcony ...not the same by half but I mustn't grumble I have other comforts in my home here in Spain.
    I look forward to future pics of your pond. :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  4. I'm sure your darling Mum will be very close to you in spirit, as you enjoy quiet time in your garden x

  5. I haven't been near your blog for a very long time - this is because I haven't been blogging myself for a while and there you are in my followers.....I'm so glad to have found you again however I am so sorry to hear of Mum's passing.
    I know none of us can live forever but the longer we have them the harder it is to part.
    Of course it will take a lot of time for anything to feel normal - when you were such devoted carers it is some difference to know what to do with yourselves and it was wonderful that you had from the end of April to attend to her....more time just when it was needed.
    So good that you were able to have this wonderful holiday....I suspected what had happened when you were able to holiday at all and then scrolled down to read the news.
    NZ is such an incredible place. We found it was very like Northern Ireland - our son spent his gap year teaching in Remuera.
    Love your photos, they bring back many memories. Do I see the Hukka Falls?

    Now is your time, you have given so much in caring for this wonderful Mother.

    May each day bring more warm memories of this very special person.

    Caring thoughts.