Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A Love Lost

I have not blogged for so long as the ability to somehow got wiped from my pc,I am having another try and have missed everyone so very much.
On 18th September at 2.30am Joycie passed away quietly.Our plan was for Mum to be here at home always ,but she became a little ill the week prior and we were told she was too frail and too much now for Bob and I.
We retired from work on 30th April to nurse Mum full time, it was a huge job for us both but we loved every minute of it.
Our lives have changed so much, we are lost,so used to no sleep as we were up with Mum every night several times for many months.She never complained and made the magic age of 94.
My brother and I lost both Mum and Dad when Mum went and the hole left in our lives is huge. So lucky to have been blessed to be born to her.
Her two puppies are missing her terrible but slowly adjusting.


  1. Hello Carole,

    Condolences to you and Bob on the loss of your sweet, dear mother. I will miss your stories and updates about her.
    I am glad you were able to post today and let us know why you've been away for so long. We will keep you in prayer and look forward to when you feel up to blogging more regularly.


  2. Carole, I have so often wondered about you, and how you were. You will miss your dear mum so much but I'm sure you will have many happy memories to dwell on.
    So good to see you here today.

  3. My dear friend Carole, I'm so glad I met your beautiful mum. As everyday passes I pray that your hearts will heal a little more.
    I'm sorry I missed you when you called in. I'm sure we will catch up again soon.
    Take care and God bless.

  4. Lovely Carole, I had been wondering how you were, but somehow suspecting the worst.
    I am sorry you are feeling sad and lost, I want you to know that your freind many miles away, sends love and kind wishes to you and Bob x

  5. I a sorry to hear your Mum has passed on, her wee dogs will miss her, as of course you do. I did enjoy your stories of her and it was good to see you both enjoying each others' company while she was with you.
    God bless you,


  6. so sorry to hear of your sad loss and especially at this time of year. She was blessed to have you and your husband to care for her so well. I'm sure she was very happy in her last years with you both. Ann

  7. So very sorry to hear of your mother's passing Carole. It is wonderful to think though her last moments with you and your family were full of such warmth and love,cherishing her to the last. Amanda xx

  8. I have just read your sad news Carole, I am so sorry. I know how much your dear mum meant to you and Bob.

    Sending big hugs,

    Much love,
    Tania xoxo

  9. Oh Carole i was so sad to read this as i always loved to see what your mum was up to,may she RIP,beautiful memories in your heart forever xx