Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

                                                           A Little Piece of Heaven

First of all blof followers NOT WINGING!!! but... yesterday I fell AOT ( an Aussie expression for "arse over tit")flat on mt face down the post office steps,the entire Firestation staff were out front as they had just returned from a fire call and were backing the engine in! at first I could not believe I was on the ground,I did not know I fell until it was over.. now have a strapped left wrist...I cannot win! you have to have a laugh though,all those strapping men across the street and no one picked up this little old lady lol I got up really fast.could feel my face red, funny thing was the pain in the wrist did not start for about an hour then it was full on....not winging just you never know whats around the corner or down the steps lol.

Now last Sat I was on church cleaning roster,it is not a chore,I love it.Our church is very old,we are a small community and although it is old to us to you wonderful English and Europeans it would be just born!I just thought you would like to see a typical country church, this is the Angligan Church, I used to go there on Sat evenings but that service had been cancelled,unfortunatey even Sunday morns only about 8 people go,where as the church I like to attend at Newcastle with my daughter when I can there have hundreds, it is Penticostal,happy clappy you might say and so uplifting..I digress lol so here is our little church,it is in the cnetre of town and the only other Church is the Catholic one which is attached to the school and looks just like a hall so you really would not know it was a church.In our larger towns and cities we have lovely cathedrals etc but this is what the smaller towns ones are like...come have a look.

                                                           From the front entry

The church is all timber and these banners hang down both sides there are 12 for the 12 Aposils,the ladies many years ago made these,way before my time,the church was built in the very late 1800's,so like I say not old by camparrison to the rest of the world.

This is the alter,it does look lovely when all the fresh flowers are in place on Friday,when the ladies "do"them,we are not blessed with a priest living here we have a travelling one so the doors are not always open as they should be,all on the roster have their own key( I did not break in lol)

This little part is my favourite,it is the ladies chapel,it is to the left of the alter,a few chairs stacked there at the moment as we have had many large funerals the past month and the chairs were used outside as the church was full,but this little area has a lovely "feel" to it many a prayer was said here in war time I imagine and is still has the warmth.This little corner is where the Cackle Club quilts will be displayed when we have our quilt day as we are allowed to decorate the church with them and I will show you in a few weeks time.
Hope you enjoyed a little look ..I will try to keep my feet on the ground and my eyes too I think! have a great day and fill it with laughter,if no one gives you anything to laugh about ,laugh at yourself it is the best medicine.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

                                                         Things we hate to do...

It seems lately all I do is winge so I will do that straight up then mention it no more! I had to have sun cancers cut from my hands on Friday,I have stitches on both hands and they are awful,I taught swimming for years to school children, before the days of compulsory sun block and caps and now I am paying for it,at the end of April I have to use a cream on my face and apparently I will look like Frankensteins bride for 6 weeks, o'h well if it gets rid of the sun spots bring it on,it has to be better than the freezing of them and the cutting out,I had both on Friday.

Did the tree hear we were going to chop him down poor fella,the kids love this tree face and we have saved it to place on another.
We had to remove a very big Paperbark tree on the  weekend and we are so sad to see it go as it was over 40 years old but was dead on one side and a branch fell into the neighbours yard so it had to go.It was a huge job and the fellow up the road helped Bob, he arrived on foot and was carrying a petrol can in one hand and a very big chainsaw over his shoulder,it was not the first time I had felt like singing the I'm Lumberjack and I'm Ok song in recent times, he did look a sight strutting down the road,he did a great job,now we just have to have it all taken away,we cannot keep the wood as it burns very fast and leaves heaps of ash,it is a pity as there is so much of it.

                                               Full size of the tree,we are going to miss it so much.

George on the left is our neighbour,then Bob then John.every job needs a forman and George is perfect for the job!

One more piece to go.


Just the stump left, we are going to keep it and make a table top for it for bird feeding,the Bromiliades are gone and the old bathtubs have  been moved to the vegie patch, they were our strawberry tubs.As you can see we all have wire fences in our row of houses and the dogs can chat and we can see each others birds,we don't mind no privacy although the tree gave us a certain amount.

Then theres Mum 90 years old and demanding to do the ironing and with Gracie on her shoulder and Molly watching on,as I was banned from outside work till the stitches settle and Mum saying the ironing is "her job",I had to be happy with sewing and I got lots done and will show it all when it is finished.
From next week on it is going to be good health and no more winging from me,and I am going to get regular blog readers to remind me if I slip up lol.Have a great day and blessings to all.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

                                        MY RAK ARRIVED....BOY WAS I SPOILT!

I and many followers of On My Verandah joined a Random Act of Kindness that will run for the whole year, my gift arrived today...what a lovely surprise and I was so spoilt,thankyou again Bec and thank you Maree.
Bec this will keep me out of trouble for ages, there are quilt lables, embroidery threads,fat quaters,squares a lovely heart and beautiful card,it arrived on a day I needed a boost..God is good...thanks you again Bec and Maree for organising...my month for posting is May and the deal is that you also send a gift to the lady that sent one to you,so Becs is still in the making.mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder what it will be lol xx

Sunday, March 13, 2011

                                                                  A bit of Everything

My parcel arrived from my  colour swap that Maree had organised,thankyou so much Lise it is lovely.

My swap parcel is leaving my home today,the colour had to be Lime Green,I had fun putting it together,so a nice little surprise for a certain lady is on its way.Thank you Maree from On My Verandah for organising this swap.

We had a lovely Watermelon and decided to have a go at Watermelon jam that I had heard about, we got it eventually but not sure if I will do it again,although very yummy.

You cannot se it properly but it is a vibrant red,almost looks like tomato here lol.
( Bob in the background wiping up for me)
This is a little jug and honey pot that I found at the op shop,I really like the Grindley
china as it is plain but soothing colours,the blue,pink and green and yellow,although this jug is not Grindley it is English and matches.The honey pot is nothing special as in maker but it is sweet and I loved it..
I realised I have bought more things home when I am culling out!But I really do like the pink so it had to come home,I use lots of my things but of course many are just sitting gathering dust lol.
Have a wonderful day,the weekend goes so fast,back to work today the best part is that my job is joyful, I drive far up into the bush as you know and there is an abundance of beauty everywhere.last year the council widened part of the road and we were most upset as it was an area where all the little Quails seemed to live,we did not see them all of last year and the "presto"last week we saw them in the dozens they must have gone furthur into the bush until all the activity died down and now they are back on the roadside,funny little creatures the babies look like cocroaches they are so small,I am truley blessed for my place of work however being at home is where I would love to be,4 more years to go!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

                                                           The Love of all Things British/English.

The fact of life is I loved the UK before I ever got to go there, I never thought I would in my wildest dreams have the oportunity and when I did it made the hunger for all things even worse so much so that I actually get homesick for the place and the lovely people I met on my way.

Therefor it affects my Tv watching,I am lucky that Bob and MUm love it all just as much as me and although we are not huge TV watchers these are the shows we never miss...you English followers will probably say yukk  but sorry about that lol.
When The Bill finished myself and many others were devasted!It never was quite the same after the explosion that took out half the original cast lol but we got to love all the new ones.
We have watched Heartbeat for years it seems but with new digital TV chanels they  started the series right at the beginning and I could actually see the roots of the show,mind you I think I watch all these just to stare at the scenery.
As Time Goes By is just the nicest show we never miss it.
Born and Bred is old as the hat but Mum loves it and the little village is wonderful.
Then there are the old favs that are rerun over and over but you always laugh....Are You Being Served,George and Mildred,Benny Hill,Hycythn Bucket lol and her long suffering husband and family we all know one!
The latest not to miss for me is Escape to the Country,I can be a sticky beak and look inside all those houses I have driven past not all of them but some villages I have been to and I so enjoy this show.
My 2 all time favourites would have to be The Antique Roadshow and Bargain Hunt.
I so enjoy Graham Norton, he is as camp as a holiday park but I find myself cackling and Bob actually laughs loudly!! Graham deserves an award for achieving that lol.
I have left out many others but to be honest the American content that we get is not all that great,the English humour is so like the Aussie I think we "get it",many shows now are just not nice for Mum the swearing upsets her and the American ones seem to talk too fast for her to grasp and I have never noticed that before.
I actually got to go to many Car Boot sales when I was over there as Eva was collecting vintage Fire Brigade and car medalions for her husband,I bought lots of lomoge that my DIL collects and a lovely vintage solid gold anchor pendant for my daughter  and 2 Royal Doulon flower arrangements for a pond.I had the leave the Doulton behind as although they were small they were too heavy to bring home and to my amazment when Evas sisiter came here for a visit she bought them with her so I have a little piece of England in my bedroom...anyway...love them or hate them they are fun!

On another note George our cocatoo flew away yesterday,we searched and searched for him,Bob on his postie bike all over town and me and my neighbour in the car,Mum called my mobile to say that the little boys over the road found him high in their gum tree oblivious to the worry he had caused this was over an hour into the search.Bob finally got him down "hello" Georgie says..we'll give him hello,we bought  him  in and re trimmed his wing...our biggest worry was that a dog would get him, the little boys (there are 5 of them) were so thrilled they found him we gave each of the $5 reward..their dad said no and I explained that they needed to know also how important it is to help others even though reward is not always there and it was so much cheaper than watching Bob cry each night and sending him to a therapist for cocky fretting!So Georgie is safe Bob is happy the little boys eyes were as big as saucers as they held their money and the day ended as it should,us watching first Born and Bred,then Hearbeat and then Inspector Morse! did not even mention him and Miss MArple, Periot,and on and on and on lol.
Have a wonderful day,full of love ,sunshine and blessings,I have been yukk all week no use winging,blood tests done,know the results as my body told me long before the Doc will call and just have to put up with it,reading blogs makes life a little sweetier and smiles come and go and then there are those with problems so huge that we just pray for them,that times will get better,so peace be with you all..and also with you as Ronnie Barker used to say ,or something like that no! it was goodby to you ..and goodbye to him...or was it? lol have a great day.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


                                                  Who's That Knocking at My Door?

I have often received an email about if Jesus came knocking at your door,would you be ready to receive him,would you ask Him in? would you think your home was too messy or any other excuse,would you suddlenly think of all the UNGODLY things you had recently done and be ashamed? I know I would be just drag him in and ask him so many questions,but first I would thank him for all the daily blessings he brings to us in our home and the protection he provides me as I travel daily, what would you do?
.We certainly keep our neighbours enthralled at times.Being very committed to our community and the needy we all all sorts on the doorstep.Not the needy themselves but those wonderful people in our little town that are aware of the needs of others.
We have packages left on our verandah from people who don't want to be thanked,last time is was a 2 seater lounge! we then take all these little things to our opshop which Bob and I run with the help of 13 wonderful volunteers we all have a roster system so the time asked to help is just a few hours a week some do more than others.
Yesterdays knock was the Police wagon!! "again"! I hear the neighbours say,"gee they seem so quiet" lol but really the new people in the street must be agog with curiosity,all the others in the street,well they are used to it and they know if there is someone in trouble I will be knocking for help.I work a lot with a local police lady she is just wonderful.This time she came for help for a single bed for a little 6 year old boy.He is a member of a family of 6 children, Mummy has taken off and left Dad with the 6 of them.The daddy is really struggling,in shock at his dilema and the little fellow sleeps with him,it has been so hot Dad has not been getting any sleep, is overwhelmed by the mess Mum left behind and just can't cope.So we have found a bed for the little man, they have no cupbaord for clothes so thats next to do today,the clothing is strewn all over the house, it has not been cleaned for a very long time.A group that Cheree (Police lady) has gotten together, that with Dads permission will go in and do a big cleanup and get him sorted,another is doing a budget for him as they have never worked out money,another will be offering help with childminding while Dad looks for work.I saw them all off to school yesterday morning,all with teir hair beutifully brushed, they were clean and laughing and 2 were holding Dads hands as they walked to school,looking like there was not a care in the world.
This is an Aboriginal family and their ways are a little different ,apparently they all sleep in the one room,I think that is lovely but now Dad may get some rest with the little fellow having his own matress(I bet he sneaks over to Dad when Dad gets to sleep lol).The Grocer has given him a package as has the Butcher so he is getting a kick start,he will have a struggle this man, he is a lovely looking young man he would be no older than about 28 what a trail for him not more than a kid himself.
Don't you just lay your heart out to God and be soooo thankful for all the blessings he has given you..I have never in all the ups and downs been anywhere near this postion and never will, we all have our own journey in life and as I get older I realise more and more that my belief has gotten me through so much.
My Heavenly Father is my "ROCK",he is the one I go to in good times and bad,friends say to me they do not believe in God and I do not preach at them but I have to tell you when things get tough they say"can you pray for me" it is an honour to do so but you know prayer is free, Faith, Hope and Love are free.I feel scared for those that do not have faith not because I think Christianity is the only way to go,I did not say Religion as that is a different thing..but I don't know what non believers do when things are really tough, I would love to know what thoughts are in the mind as my first ones are for God to help me and give me strengeth.I have never not been a believer even from a tiny child, I had to have belief as that is what got me through those frst horrifying 10 years.
I see us all looking the same on the outside,their lives seem to roll along with as many blessings as mine but they do not believe, so what is the difference between a beleiver and a non believer ?I think the difference must be the peace in my heart, the knowledge that I feel so loved and cherished by Jesus,a knowing that I am protected,that one day there will be more when my earthly life is over.
As you walk along the streets of your life today and you see people that look as if they have not a care in the world ,smile say a little prayer for them as the outside may be decieving,inside there may be a derperate soul,just as the little family I have told you of today,all of us need to shown kindness,the eyes say it all let your smile come from the ehart, it will show in your eyes and that person will know that someone really cared for them today.
This is probably a rambling messy blog ,but I just needed to ramble to myself mostly,and if Jesus came to my door today I would be like a 16 year old meeting a rock star, speechless for a moment,shaking but o'h so joyful and my one main questions would be"how can I be a better person and what can I do to make the world a better place".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

                                                                           What was that!!!!!!!!

No pics today as I actually was too busy to take them and when I thought of it is was too late! Yesterday at 2pm life was just normal black and cloudy storm approaching type of afternoon.I was at Cackle Club in the community hall with my lady friends when thunderclapped and winds that were unbelievable  came from nowhere,then hail and torrential rain....!10 minutes later nothing,all gone..quiet ,hail gone ,rain gone, a new repect for those poor Queenslanders that had the winds etc for days.
When we came outside the hall there were trees down a mess everywhere, as I drove into our street I could see the neighbours trampoline twisted amd mangeld not in their backyard but out the front! then our home ,car port gone! flagploe gone! verandah lounge fabric ripped as if someone took to it with scissors,front of the house covered in mud where the wind and rain had picked up soil,2 houses down a lovely lady and son live.. no front roof and verandah gone! can;t believe it all happened in 10 mins.
I do not know who else had damage as we were all so worried about the neighbours who lost their roof,will have a look today.So clean up is on ,holes to be filled that used to hold poles and cement holders for the car port,twisted flag pole to be removed and I will have to order a new one for Bob as he loved it, his flag is shredded,so a new one is in order for him.Little things as all fixable,my thoughts went back to those still trying to get things done in Qld,life has gone on for us but for them it will be a long time.
Makes you think about whats precious,my first thoughts were that Bob and Mum were ok and their thoughts were for me...so that whats important at the end the day.