Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, March 20, 2011

                                                         Things we hate to do...

It seems lately all I do is winge so I will do that straight up then mention it no more! I had to have sun cancers cut from my hands on Friday,I have stitches on both hands and they are awful,I taught swimming for years to school children, before the days of compulsory sun block and caps and now I am paying for it,at the end of April I have to use a cream on my face and apparently I will look like Frankensteins bride for 6 weeks, o'h well if it gets rid of the sun spots bring it on,it has to be better than the freezing of them and the cutting out,I had both on Friday.

Did the tree hear we were going to chop him down poor fella,the kids love this tree face and we have saved it to place on another.
We had to remove a very big Paperbark tree on the  weekend and we are so sad to see it go as it was over 40 years old but was dead on one side and a branch fell into the neighbours yard so it had to go.It was a huge job and the fellow up the road helped Bob, he arrived on foot and was carrying a petrol can in one hand and a very big chainsaw over his shoulder,it was not the first time I had felt like singing the I'm Lumberjack and I'm Ok song in recent times, he did look a sight strutting down the road,he did a great job,now we just have to have it all taken away,we cannot keep the wood as it burns very fast and leaves heaps of ash,it is a pity as there is so much of it.

                                               Full size of the tree,we are going to miss it so much.

George on the left is our neighbour,then Bob then John.every job needs a forman and George is perfect for the job!

One more piece to go.


Just the stump left, we are going to keep it and make a table top for it for bird feeding,the Bromiliades are gone and the old bathtubs have  been moved to the vegie patch, they were our strawberry tubs.As you can see we all have wire fences in our row of houses and the dogs can chat and we can see each others birds,we don't mind no privacy although the tree gave us a certain amount.

Then theres Mum 90 years old and demanding to do the ironing and with Gracie on her shoulder and Molly watching on,as I was banned from outside work till the stitches settle and Mum saying the ironing is "her job",I had to be happy with sewing and I got lots done and will show it all when it is finished.
From next week on it is going to be good health and no more winging from me,and I am going to get regular blog readers to remind me if I slip up lol.Have a great day and blessings to all.


  1. Bless her, look at her there....what a picture with the bird on her shoulder...I believe to be needed and useful,happy and surrounded with love is what keeps many elderly people so healthy for so long...x

  2. You will miss the tree for a little shade on a hot day but it did open your backyard up.
    When I think of all the years we sunbaked in the sun with oil all over our bodies we are going to pay for one day. That cream works really well but it does look horrible for a while ( looks like really bad burns). Good to see you looking after yourself.

  3. Oh no not the skin cancers!

    I have them popping up everywhere. I spent most of my childhood in the sun, being a farm girl we were never inside much and we didn't wear hats and to top it off I am fair skinned with freckles. My hands have been exposed due to horse riding, no sunscreen back then and boy did I burn them on occasions. I remember mum treating me with all the homemade concoctions she could think of.

    That cream sounds interesting, will be brilliant if it does the job and gets rid of the cancers. You will have to let us know how it goes.

    Look at your mum, dear lovely lady lending you a hand, reminds me of my grandma.

    Oh and I bet you are going to miss that tree, did you keep the wood for a log fire or dont you have one?

    Best wishes to you,


  4. Poor old tree, I'm sure you'll miss it. It seems as if it was an essential part of the garden. I can picture all those Koalas jumping out just before it fell.

  5. Aren't Mumms wonderful, and your lovely lady looks like a sprightly young gal at 90!
    I liked the way Gracie was heping out :-D
    That was a big tree Carole, We just had a large conifer cut down at the weekend and it has really opened out our view of the Abbey ruins. It's a shame when they get too big, but we'll enjoy the fires in the winter.

  6. Sad to lose such a lovely tree, but if there is danger it is sensible to have it cut.

  7. Gosh Carole, that tree was a big un. What a shame you can't use the firewood! That skin cancer sounds really nasty. Keep using the cream! Hope it clears up soon. xx

  8. Sorry to hear you're having a few probs right now hun....
    Big huge Tilly hugs!
    Karen x x x