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Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

                                                           A Little Piece of Heaven

First of all blof followers NOT WINGING!!! but... yesterday I fell AOT ( an Aussie expression for "arse over tit")flat on mt face down the post office steps,the entire Firestation staff were out front as they had just returned from a fire call and were backing the engine in! at first I could not believe I was on the ground,I did not know I fell until it was over.. now have a strapped left wrist...I cannot win! you have to have a laugh though,all those strapping men across the street and no one picked up this little old lady lol I got up really fast.could feel my face red, funny thing was the pain in the wrist did not start for about an hour then it was full on....not winging just you never know whats around the corner or down the steps lol.

Now last Sat I was on church cleaning roster,it is not a chore,I love it.Our church is very old,we are a small community and although it is old to us to you wonderful English and Europeans it would be just born!I just thought you would like to see a typical country church, this is the Angligan Church, I used to go there on Sat evenings but that service had been cancelled,unfortunatey even Sunday morns only about 8 people go,where as the church I like to attend at Newcastle with my daughter when I can there have hundreds, it is Penticostal,happy clappy you might say and so uplifting..I digress lol so here is our little church,it is in the cnetre of town and the only other Church is the Catholic one which is attached to the school and looks just like a hall so you really would not know it was a church.In our larger towns and cities we have lovely cathedrals etc but this is what the smaller towns ones are like...come have a look.

                                                           From the front entry

The church is all timber and these banners hang down both sides there are 12 for the 12 Aposils,the ladies many years ago made these,way before my time,the church was built in the very late 1800's,so like I say not old by camparrison to the rest of the world.

This is the alter,it does look lovely when all the fresh flowers are in place on Friday,when the ladies "do"them,we are not blessed with a priest living here we have a travelling one so the doors are not always open as they should be,all on the roster have their own key( I did not break in lol)

This little part is my favourite,it is the ladies chapel,it is to the left of the alter,a few chairs stacked there at the moment as we have had many large funerals the past month and the chairs were used outside as the church was full,but this little area has a lovely "feel" to it many a prayer was said here in war time I imagine and is still has the warmth.This little corner is where the Cackle Club quilts will be displayed when we have our quilt day as we are allowed to decorate the church with them and I will show you in a few weeks time.
Hope you enjoyed a little look ..I will try to keep my feet on the ground and my eyes too I think! have a great day and fill it with laughter,if no one gives you anything to laugh about ,laugh at yourself it is the best medicine.


  1. What a beautiful little church, with such a pretty interior. How sad that there are so few of you.

  2. Lovely banners that the ladies made. I am looking forward to seeing the quilts on display.

  3. I hope you wrist is better soon, our reflexes are pretty quick when we fall as I think we all jump up quicker than we fell.
    I like looking in old churches and the banners have lasted well.

  4. It's strange how people like their churches to LOOK LIKE churches. Yours has the classic Gothic windows, spire, and even faux buttresses.... all in wood. Quite different to the one I recently posted, eh?

    My favourite church/chapel was at my old school. I'll see if I can find some pix, and post them later. Hope your wrist is not too painful.

  5. Hope your wrist is feeling better soon hunny x x x

  6. so, you were looking at the big, strapping men instead of where you were going? ;)
    hope you feel better soon! and thanks for a peek into your lovely church...what fun to visit another part of our world. thanks!


  7. Lovely old church. They just don't make 'em like they used to do they? I hope you regain your arm, and your dignity soon! :)