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Our Home our Haven

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Mixed Bag

I wonder what you do when you are stressed or worrying too much for your own good.For me it is sewing I suppose,either that or I have a compulsive disorder I am not aware of lol.
Ever since I started to sew,paint and do craft in general I could never just do 1 item,it is as though I just can't help myself.

We have our quilt day in 2 weeks and we were all asked to do a display and as you saw in previous blogs I made all those bags to go on display,I wont however be putting them all in.
I also make cup holders that you take your coffee cup to work or meeting etc,it is a lovely little bag,it has pockets for teaspoon and tea bags or little jar of coffee.I often make these for gifts and my daughters friend ordered 6 in "shabby chuc" colours,I decided well I will do one for her other friend that loves horses and a few for the display.Same as for the little thible holders I made a few of them.
So this weekend my sewing coener looked like this:

From this chaos(although I knew where every thing was) came this:

Yes you are seeing right!! 22 cup bags some with embroidery,some just scrap and patch types a horse one in there lol and 18 little thimble holders! Crickey no wonder my eyes were popping!
So all I have to do now is finish off a quilt that will be given to an elderly lady yet to be chosen on our seniors day and then I am done until it is time to cook for the day.Yes it is a stress reliever, and yes it does stop me worrying about everything and yes I am feeling like a sausage factory.Why do I make so many of everything,blessed if I know.

Here are a couple of finds I had this week and could not resist.

                                                These cute little pink pepper and salt shakers.

My  grandaughters will love these tiny fine china cups and saucers for their cuppa next time they visit and a lovely Robert Burns birthday book.

Have a great day,enjoy the ride of life no matter how rough,keep your chins up and know that things can only get better,have faith that all things happen for a reason and that reason will be revealed at some time.Pray with meaning, love with all your heart and give thanks daily for even the smallest things that come your way be it even a smile or a touch of kindness.
NOW!!! if I can just take all that advice and use it I will be fine lol
Thankyou all for your friendship.xx


  1. You are a busy bee. Do you ever simply do nothing? My anti-stress medicine is a glass of wine.... but then I drink that anyway; stressed or not!

    Another week Carole. Best wishes.

  2. You have been busy! I think if we have something to do it takes our mind off our problems.

  3. My WV for the above was 'restyn'.

  4. I do like the cup holders! What a good idea.

  5. Wow, you are industrious Carole!
    What do I do? walk the dogs :-D

  6. Hi Cro, you made me think, no not often do I do nothing and I do have a glass of wine sometimes with dinner and then proceed to fall asleep lol.
    Kath I need to walk Molly as all this making is fine but the toosh also grows as well as the goodies.
    Elizabth,the cup holders are lovely as gifts i try to buy a cup tha matches and then a lovely teaspoon and some special tea bags to place in them,they are not ahrd after the first 10 lol.
    Deb,I think if my family lived closer i would never make a thing it seems to be how I cope with whats going on.xx

  7. Carole - my eyes are popping too at all that lovely work you've done!

  8. I love all the bags you have done Carole what are you going to do with them? Well done