Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, April 14, 2011

                                                                 Big Weekend Arisn'

Ruth has been layed to rest in her beloved home town and her brother Mick has been lay down to join her,the family perhaps will be lost for some time as a huge gap has been made, our little family are very tired but would not change a thing they did a marvellous job of nursing Ruth and she was wrapped in love.

Now today is scary for me our eldest grandson was chosen at school 1 of 18 to go to Hong Kong for 2 weeks, they will be in the providences working in rice fields,seeing the wonders of China and such an honour but as a Grammy I am worried about him as he is only 12! gosh what a journey for a lovely young man,he is a gorgeous boy  a very committed youth worker already in his church and just seems beyond his years,his dream is to be a pilot so we will see what life deals him,safe journey darling Alex ( I always whisper in their ears that they are the favourite one so all 6 grandchildren think they are Grammy's favourite and no one else knows hee hee).

Eva my darling friends anniversary is next week so the memories of her seem stronger than ever,it will be 2 years and as her resting place is in the UK her family will take flowers there for us.

Now back to normal life,our quilt fair is on this weekend so it is go go go, it will make me think of things other than the sadness that has shadowed us recently.Today is hanging day and we will hang about 150 quilts and little displays so I will take pics.
Tomorrow night is the opening night with nibblies and drinks and a talk from Yan Pring an Aussie quilter and crafter and the opening of our new premises for our Aberdeen Information Centre which is part of the Community Group that I am in,the Mayor of the biggest town near to us will open it,a "she" how lovely women are holding these positions these days.
There will also be a tribute to Influential Women of the Hunter there,that will be intersting there will be pics and a little blurb on each one.
Then Sunday is the day it all happens, usually people come from all over to see the lovely works the ladies have made,I did not enter any quilts this year opting for smaller items for a change, I will be in the kitchen,I am happy there lol away from the maddening crowds.
My list for the cooking is quiches, boiling dozens of eggs ready for sandwiches,Strawberry Mousse,Whole Orange Cake that I make now wherever I go from Rhonda on Down Earth blog it is the best cake I have made for a long time so easy,Pecan and Maple syrup little tarts,and a caramel,macadamia and white chocolate slice,devine a little expensive but special yumm yumm ,these will be for the lunch our little group offers you get a choice of 2 lunch menus,one is sandwhices and 2 pieces of slice or cake and a hot or cold drink,then there is quiche and salad,Strawberry Mousse with wild berries and cream served in a wine glass and a hot or cold drink...I think people will be happy with that...so bring it on,a huge weekend ahead,Hang the quilts today, cook all day sat and relax Sat eve with the opening,and then the big day itself..o'h imagine the sore feet on Sunday evening I will be back to winging lol..love it all..
So have a good weekend everyone I hope that I have some interesting pics to show the quilt lovers and maybe some tales to tell .


  1. Carole, so much has happened in your life in such a short space of time. It will be difficult and scary for you when your grandson goes off to Hong Kong but what a wonderful experience it will be for him. all our thoughts and prayers go with him and you too!

  2. Sounds like it will be a very busy weekend for you and I think you will need to put your feet up on Sunday.

  3. You don't stop, do you Carole! Don't worry about your grandson, he'll be fine. Although I do think that 12 is very young to really appreciate such a trip.

  4. busy busy busy.....my word hunny is there no stopping you superwoman!
    Good luck with everything....especially your grandson...what a wonderful opportunity!
    Huge hugs
    Karen x x x