Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Monday, September 16, 2013

                                                   Five Minutes of Fame......
There is a saying that in everyone's life we have five minutes of fame...I have had mine ..though it was embarrassing the kids thought it was great.I have not blogged it for attention but as we all do  with our blogs it is our little diary, a record of things that happen on our life's path.
I spend a lot of time telling people that just one person can make a difference, it is true but it is also true that we never get "things done" alone there are always many helpers and when  was interviewed for this article I named all my friends and helpers but in the telling of the story by the writer I was saddened to see their names were not there. Anyway here is a little bit of m from a section of our local paper called "True Blue" where each week they tell a story of someone in the Community,a couple of weeks ago it was me.

This is taken in our little park that houses the hall we meet in for the Cackle Club...looking very glam in my Australia Post uniform .

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

                                                         Life as we  know it...........

I have not blogged for ages due to my rule that no downsided blogs for me as although it helps clear the mind it is depressing really lol.

Life has been very busy, my lovely family is healed and they are all getting on well and that is all we can ask really just a clam and happy time when we are all together,though that is not often it is exciting and not stressful now.

My Mums health is great as she approaches her 93rd birthday.Bobs Mum however has had a very unwell year with 2 operations close by and just getting on her feet to find something nasty lurking in her Colon ,we are waiting to see what the Specialist advised Friday  and praying it will be an easy fix as she is also 93 in 2 weeks bless her she has had enough.
Our daughter in law is having a time of not so good health also,she became quite ill quite quickly, she had a bad back for months then woke up one morning 4 weeks ago with no feeling in her left leg, by 7pm that night no feeling from the waist down,she was rushed to Royal North Shore in ydney for a 5 hour operation,her disc had collapsed into her Spinal Cord and she was literally moment away from being a paraplegic,her recovery is very slow,still after 4 weeks no feeling from the wais down and although walking with an aid has no idea if she is walking on anything dangerous or leaning against anything hot,a trying time but our son has been wonderful and our daughter was first to go to them as all this was happening and she stayed with the children so Michael could travel with his wife.Kirsty is great spiritually and I am sure things will all be normal again in time.
Bob is on the Diabeties test trail after having many tests the results will be in soon but I am sure he will be fine.....ENOUGH...that is the doom and gloom catch up.

Bob was 66 yesterday happy birthday sweetie, singing phone call from the little ones and gifts and the little boys over the road made him a cake,he was very happy.

The great things are that we are 42 weeks or so from finishing work we cannot wait!

Billy got to stay and live with us we  all love him and he loves us back.

Billy and Molly having an evening nap...see typical Billy is in Maroon and he has the remote! men !

My little helpers with my care packages for the soldiers and I are up to 199 for this year,last year we did 179 so we have broken our record, I call them Care package Cadets now.

Riley,Jonah,Jayden and Brayden,Brayden is my Captain and has packed all but 20 of those 199 I am going to nominate him next year for junior Citizen of the year, I am so proud of these lads all 11 years old and giving to the Community.

The other thing is my decluttering I am almost done, I cannot believe how much we have sold, I have no idea how much we made as we are not opening our pots until the 4th December but I am sure we have enough for our fares to UK and Europe after we give up work.
                                    All the pots of money numbered  and ready to open in December
This is the pot we are working on now, it is 3 parts full and from now on really will just be getting our change etc.While decluttering has been great,we still are surrounded by things but they are all meaningful,my graft corner still needs to be culled a bit but I will get there.

Life has  thrown us a bit this year, I have missed my friend very much in the tough times ,if you follow me from way back you will remember Eva, I realise I don't really have a bestie anymore ..I sometimes think I will call a friend to unburden only to find a I don't get to as they unload,so the main thing is that they have been able to do that and as I drive on my job each day I give thanks for all the friends I have and I love them all,I ask myself is it rally important to have someone in your life other than family that knows every nook and cranny of your life?,  perhaps not ..after all,..so I share it with the the other constant in my life ..God he always listens, always loves always heals so perhaps I have had a bestie all along and did not know it.
Bless you as you travel your road be it bumpy or smooth if there is nothing else there is always blogging..I read all your blogs all the time,thank you for dropping by.