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Our Home our Haven

Monday, September 16, 2013

                                                   Five Minutes of Fame......
There is a saying that in everyone's life we have five minutes of fame...I have had mine ..though it was embarrassing the kids thought it was great.I have not blogged it for attention but as we all do  with our blogs it is our little diary, a record of things that happen on our life's path.
I spend a lot of time telling people that just one person can make a difference, it is true but it is also true that we never get "things done" alone there are always many helpers and when  was interviewed for this article I named all my friends and helpers but in the telling of the story by the writer I was saddened to see their names were not there. Anyway here is a little bit of m from a section of our local paper called "True Blue" where each week they tell a story of someone in the Community,a couple of weeks ago it was me.

This is taken in our little park that houses the hall we meet in for the Cackle Club...looking very glam in my Australia Post uniform .


  1. Hey! Well done you hunny...
    You should be feeling over the moon.
    Lovely to see you in a piccie also :)

    And yes you are right you should add it to your life's quilt of blogging!
    Tilly x

  2. I like Tilly's phrase "your life's quilt of blogging".
    Yes, good or bad it is all part of our history. I'm pleased to see that your work is highlighted, as it might encourage others to get involved in community projects, by following your example.
    How nice to see you photo and put a face to your name x

  3. So lovely that you have been recognized

  4. and why not Carole....a little bit of fame or recognition is tremendously motivating,isn't it!!!

    Great to see you in the photo and congratulations for those moments of fame :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  5. You are a such a beautiful soul Carole. I am pleased that your efforts are being appreciated in this nice way. Great article and photo of you.

    God Bless,


  6. Same as everyone else has said. Well done Carole, lovely photo of you too xx

  7. Congratulations Carole. You deserve it! Cro x

  8. Congratulations, Carole. I'm pleased that your efforts to rally Aberdeen for such a great service to our deployed troops has been recognised.

    Well done Carole!
    Well done Aberdeen!