Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

                                                           It HAS BEEN SOOO LONG.....................

Time just escapes us when life gets more full and there are more things that need to be done than there are hours in the day.

This is just an update on life at the Johnstons.

All the family have just had birthdays so we have everything from 8 year old,11 year olds, 15,42,a big 40,and a 38 and soon and, a 15 year old and a teenager 13,next is Mum turning 93 in 2 weeks.

Our family is in a wonderful place,after a very long recovery our daughter in law is at last getting better,she still has no feeling in her feet but t be able to walk better and have sensation in her lower body and legs is a blessing.

We have 28 weeks left to work before retirement and although daunting we are excited, we are so tired no holidays at all for 10 years for Bob and 5 for me other than weekends and allotted days,so we are counting down.

                                                   Myself, Kirsty and our Kate
                                                 Birthday boy BIG 40 with Mum and Dad
 The part was at a place named Nords Warf, the kids had an old canoe it was private and more fun than winning lotto for the children
 This is the creek I would normally have trouble crossing but the drought had been very hard this year,now this is flooded due to much needed very heavy rain last week, I will not be able to get across here today.God is good,just takes his time sometimes.
 No greenery for the stock the ground hard and so sad but like I said all wet and soft and maybe mushrooms will appear now the sun is back out.All this area was badly burnt in the bushfires.
Brayden and I are still doing soldiers packages we have done 230 this year, more than last year,we had a little table at the local market so the wonderful people that donated to us could see a sample box from having this Brayden collected $125.25 and that means we could do extra ones.I have put him forward for Junior Citizen of the year for next year,he deserves it as he is just as passionate as me.

 Bob and I at a historical  village at Windsor, my cousin and his wife turned 060 and they bought all the family together for it,this was part of the weekend and fitting we took a pic at the post office.
All my cousins, our day was all planned for us ending with a dinner on a paddlesteamer,it was wonderful.Birthday boy is on the far right.

I want to say how generous some people are, John sent us all an invitation, everything from motel to village visit,dinner boat ride,cup cakes and coffee and a late night nightcap was all prepaid by John and his wife Gae.There were 70 of us and not one person had to pay one cent.
John has been very sicessful in life but I honestly have never met a more generous,loving and caring person.I just love him. You can tell when your with your favourite lol.

  That is just a little catch up.I have not taken and pics of Christmas sewing, I have made the childrens Christmas shirts and a bauble each for their tree, perhaps I will do that before I post them off.
Blessings to everyone.


  1. Glad to see you are back and everything is well. How wonderful that you are doing the care packages with your grandchildren. You have given them something they will never forget. God bless,you and yours! And what great family times you have had! Life is good. xxoo. JO

  2. Carole, great to have you back again and catch up on all your news. So glad to hear that you D-i-L is getting better. Roll on those 28 weeks until you both retire. Just think of those long lovely holidays together. The weather here has been horrible today with high winds and driving rain with snow on the horizon.

  3. You have a wonderful family and I'm so glad that things are finally going well for you. Long may it continue. 28 weeks to retirement is no time at all. Enjoy every minute of the count down. Relish every second. Freedom and relaxation are just around the corner. Love to you and yours.
    Love from Mum

  4. So glad to see you back, Carole. It looks like you all have been enjoying some family time and we all continue to pray for your daughter-in-law.
    mrs. b

  5. I was concerned that all wasnt well for you, when we hadn't heard from you, so I am mightily relieved and delighted to see you blogging today.
    I really enjoyed the photos, you have a lovely family and I loved your cousins pink hair! She would fit in perfectly here in Glastonbury xx

  6. So lovely to catch up with all your events. Retirement will be wonderful, though I'm sure you will find plenty to fill the time. Start with a holiday!

  7. What a lovely catch up. Kate's slow recovery is good news, and retirement--whoo hoo, as they say. Six months will fly.

  8. That is a lovely catch up, Carole. I need to tell you though, I have just retired and you don't get less busy, you just end up doing different stuff! But you can pick and choose so that you do what you want, I'm sure you'll enjoy it when it happens :)


  9. Welcome back! And well done John and Gae; generosity indeed. I love your hilly landscape.

  10. It is nice to hear from you again Carole. Great photos of your family :) 28 weeks hey? 28 weeks to freedom!!

    Busyness does get in the way of blogging as I am finding out this year.