Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Last Christmas as the Mail Lady
I will be giving up work in July so this is my last Christmas as a rural mail lady and it has been wonderful and I will miss it dreadfully I know that.
I will try to post at least once a week with all the wonderful things I see for the next 6 months.Tell about the beautiful people who have made me part of their family in some cases and the shoulder to cry on for others and just the lady who turns up at the same time every day with the paper.
It is a special time for those isolated just as it is for us "townies" so here are a few of the decorated places.
This is the milkcan mailbox that becomes a reindeer every year,just love him!

This house belongs to an Uncle Pete who always has his great nephew Jimmy with him and this year a new little one to join in,the children and family live in a home you can't see from the road so all the family mail goes in this one box.
 This is a home  to three gorgeous little children,a new baby now 6 months old was so tiny I did not get a nurse for some time,but lucky for me they had a parcel too big for the mailbox one day and I had to go to the house and guess what baby was awake!!!!  one very happy mail lady got her first nurse of the tiny little babe who fought so hard to  stay in this world Mum was in a hospital far away for 3 months until baby was born safe and sound,hard going for those in the bush, with 2 little ones already, luckily Nan and Pop live not far down the road.
Have a wonderful Christmas,all our family will be here this year,so that makes 7 adults,6children and hang on 6 dogs! as they all bring their dogs with them and 2 extra people for lunch,I feel some seriously funny situations ahead...fun and games !

May your new year be peaceful and abundant with your needs, thoughts to all those who are having a sad time, for us it is one of our Cackle Club girls loosing her lovely 95 Mum yesterday,she will leave nothing but happy memories.Another family suddenly lost a wonderful father/husband and brother to many this week so Christmas will be hard for them so we need to remember how blessed we are.
Mum turned 93 2 weeks ago,I hope she survives the onslaught ,she is a trooper and although her patience is limited these days I am sure she will love it all.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,remember to keep Christ in your Christmas as that is what it is all about,I do not know about other countries but every day over here they are trying to change this.


  1. You will miss your round, I'm sure, and all the people that you meet daily. Lovely to see a bit of your area, and the funny mailbox.
    Happy Christmas!

  2. Enjoy your last 6 months on the road; you'll probably miss it when its gone! Happy Christmas, Cro x.

  3. Merry Xmas Carole to you and your family and may you have a safe and happy new year.xx

  4. The reindeer box is precious.
    Six months will be gone before you know it. Enjoy them, and your retirement.

  5. 6 dogs, I'd like to see them all charging about!
    Have a lovely Christmas Carole, special greetings to your lovely Mum, she is a marvel at 93.
    So you will soon be a retired lady, don't forget I am waiting for you to come to England for a holiday!

  6. I think the mail lady is going to be very much missed too! Enjoy your retirement :)