Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, December 15, 2012

                                                                 Thank you
I just popped by to say a huge thank you to everyone for Mums birthday wishes.She had a magical day,all the calls from family and friends and two daughters of Mums twin rang and that made her soooo happy.Then a niece that remembered her from my Dads side( from a divorced family you loose half of those you love in almost an instant.)This girl Barbara remembered her Aunty Joyce and knew it was her birthday Mums joy was just immeasurable I think it made her day complete.
So a huge thank you for adding extra special wishes to her day.
I am replacing my PC over the Christmas period and hopefully I can find you all again when I do the changeover.
Have a Peaceful,happy and very loving Christmas with those you love or if they are far away,I know how you feel but where love is,family is just right there in your beating happy hearts and they will feel the love.
Bless you all and hopefully be in action in the new year,photos and all!.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Joyce Mavis and Thelma May Burrows came into the world weighing 3lbs each.
Leonette and Harry Burrows had to place them in the bottom drawer of their cupboard as they were far too small for a cot,they slept in there for many months .
12/12/2012..Joyce turns 92 today.Happy birthday Mum.
It is a happy day and yet so sad for Mum today,next week it will be 7 years since Thelma may passed away,Mums other half,the twin she shared all those 85 years with and misses so terribly.
As I sit here writing this, I listen for a familiar sound of the walker approaching along the hallway and Mum and Molly coming out for their morning coffee,Molly our pup was given to Mum for her 90th birthday and is her constant companion,Mum talks to Molly all day long,it is a delightful thing to see and to hear Mums soft mumbles when they go to bed is so sweet.
The children all live far away but all week there have been presents and cards arriving from her son, nieces old friends who have remembered,from grandchildren,I hid them as they arrived so she will have a lovely time opening them this morning.
A bunch of lovely flowers are waiting on the table for her,she loves flowers and my friend Marg is coming to visit this afternoon and she will stay and share dinner with us as she is one of my friends and Mums favourite .
Sadly I will have to go to work but Mum will have her cards to look at over and over again and she and Molly will no double look at her gifts over and over again and before she knows it I will be back,and we can look at them together again,the thing is when you are 92 you have the joy of the first feelings over and over as you forget what you did 5 minutes ago lol we call it the goldfish syndrome a memory of 3 seconds.Mind you Mum remembers the things you wish she would forget lol it is a wonderful thing to reach this age,,she is in great health,but often says she wished she had gone at the same time as Thelma as age is not kind to us,we want to do things and can't,you can't catch all that is said as everyone is talking so fast,the world in general moves too fast and you can no longer keep up.
The one wonderful thing is the knowledge that you have and the wisdom,if only all the young ones would sit and listen for awhile.Mum has seen wars come and go,seen her Dad go to war and then many years later her son.
She has seen fashions come and go and come again and now some are back yet again lol how fantastic!
The bread and milk come by horse and cart and then the change to modern vehicles.
The list goes on and on and on.
She tells us of the fun at the dances,having a dance card and all the wonderful innocence of life back then,o'h we could all learn so much no wonder the elderly are just not able to understand "the kids of today".
Happy Birthday Mum, we are so glad you live at our home and we would not have it any other way.We can make the rest of your days comfy and with company,I could not bear it if Mum lived alone in some little flat somewhere.
I will take some pics today and Kath my Pc still won't let me take Picasa off and so I am in a spot that the kids will fix at Christmas for me so then I will invade you all with catch up pics.
Thanks for visiting,wish you could have some cake,as I have been writing this I stopped for a while,I heard Mum approaching down the hall,Molly has been out to the grass for a wee,I have made Mum and I a cuppa,now we wait patiently for Bob to get up so we can open Mums gifts because they are hidden in our room lol it is just 5.30am and already we have been up awhile.
Mums first sight was the flowers, she loved them,Gerbras bright pink and there are deep lilac lillies,I gave her a kiss and said happy Birthday and she said "is it I had forgotten "lol isn't it fantastic!
Bless you Mum,it is selfish but we hope we have you for a while yet sweetie.

Monday, December 3, 2012


                                         The Silly Season ,Family and The Queen.

For most Christmas is exciting and for us it is too but more exhausting than exciting.Because of the change in lifestyle for many, internet shopping is a BOOM!!!!and after the purchase of course there is the delivery and for us that is us!!
Each year  we start to deliver 2 weeks before Christmas on the weekends,this year we have been doing it for 3 weeks already!..
I did not join a Christmas challenge this year to keep me on track,I did however give myself a Dec 1st deadline and that was met,so everything was wrapped by then,all the food organised other than the fresh things.
Our son came at the weekend and we had Take 1 Christmas and it was lovely,we will have our daughter and other relies for Christmas itself.

The day has arrived today when we needed to count or Sealed Pots..as you know I was hoping the have $500 in my three pots and I excelled that by a huge amount,we were in shock to find we had saved...wait for it...$2098.90!!!!! we are saving very hard for our fares to the Uk in about 2 years time,now we have just got to save the second fare this 12 months.
I am so disappointed, I took pics of the pots emptied and some of Christmas family timr but I keep getting a message to say I have run out of room for pics yet I have sent them all to a stick and there are only 4 on the PC..I am confused anyway no pics as planned.
So the Queen was in her counting house today,counting her pots and feeling very delighted as it was a hard slog but I am hoping to do just as well next year.
We are so busy at work that blogging has come a very sad last and I am afraid the next couple of weeks will be similar,so Merry Christmas to all and I hope to get some time to catch up ..and post some pic.!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

                            A Busy Weekend...You betch Ya!!!!!! Something for Mum and Something for us.

It is a little under 2 years now until we retire,we will not have huge amounts of money to come to us as Bob as his breakdown so we are about 30 years behind in that area of Superannuation,we have some to come but it will have to be careful with it.
We have decided to do some things just for us to enjoy,and of course share with family when they visit.
First up was the little spot where Mum sits with Molly with her paper etc.It is the ugly spot really and has a loose pebbled surface which is not easy for her walker.So we decided to make it a nice place for her to sit.

                                       First job to put a sail up for shade as it is a hot spot,and level out the pebbles.
 Next some artificial grass,this is lovely and soft at the same time easy to use the walker on.
 Then add some little wrought iron table and chairs and 2 comfy backed chairs,a pretty for the wall and some plants.
Here are Mum and Molly   before it is quite finished,they love it...hope you have many hours sitting here Mum.

Next something for us....it has taken all week to do some preparation and we had to wait for a delivery or two but here we go.

 Bob doing the footings and that on the ground is the artificial grass,this will be the floor in our little bit of heaven.
 The hot tub/spa in place ready for the rest of the Gazebo do be put up,it is fully screened for insects and it also has the outer curtaining for privacy or to keep cool whichever.
 Looking from where Mums little spot is and that is Georgies cage and he is in there watching from his perch,there is a little area at the bottom of his cage that is a window and he can look at us in the SPa(better watch what we are up to lol.)
 This is it complete and how i looks closed but it will be just curtained off on the hottest 2 side most of the time,mostly to protect the tub.
And here he is...Mr Wonderful,the water warm enough to get in and to ease the tired muscles,it was devine,no other words for it and we will use this every day,it holds 6 adults and already it is the best money we have spent.We could not afford the $7,000 ones this was all done for about $1,500 although it is inflatable it is like a leather outing and has a top that goes on and padlocked so it child safe  for when we are not watching.
Now we have just some of the garden left to modify and we are done for now.Bob is so wonderful you know,he worked so hard this weekend,we did it together but he is a good man,a cold beer and a warm loving wife is all he asks from life.
Our son called last night and said they are visiting this weekend,we have not seen he and his family for over 6 months,so we are so happy to see them all,they do not agree with us having Mum all the time,but they have to grow up,see that she is so happy here,and accept our decision so at last they are coming to see us.Our daughter comes as often as possible and her support has been wonderful.
Not everyone agrees with the decision we all make all of the time,but respect and support for those decisions is a really important thing.If you can try to support what is happening around you,even if it is not what you would do,ultimately only you have to live with your choices,and although in the past i have been easy to manipulate this time I stood my ground...you know what IT FELT GOOD! and i would not change my mind for quids(money in Aussue talk).
Have a great day,I will think of you when I have a spa tonight after a hard day at work. for the postman every Monday is Manic Monday lol.

Friday, November 2, 2012

                                                      Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

To many these are just weeds but to me they are my pleasure each day,to see them as buds just like the flowers in my garden,these wild flowers and thistles are just as beautiful and there to be admired.So sorry Mr Farmer when you come to poison them out,it will be too late they have made me smile today.

 This is the tiniest flower I have come across,I leaned down very close to her,she was about the size of a dressmakers pearl pinhead.
 Although this is not as clear as I tried to get...make a wish anyone they are Dandelion puffs.We blow on them here and I guess they do all over the world and make a wish.
                                                             The beautiful thistle flower.
                                            Don't know their names but they are so sweet.
                                                               Yellow thistle
                                    Wild Honeysuckle a bird probably dropped a seed from in town.

Now a couple of lovely animals on my way,this is a newcomer,the farmer has a black and a white Alpacka to mind hi sheep and protect them from wild dogs,I could not see the black one on this day but here is the white one babysitting as required.I believe they are just wonderful and have made a great difference in heard loss.

This is an Echidna I came across today,so I got out and gave it a touch and took a picture up close of his quills,I was surprised to see they are quite hairy underneath the quills but they are harmless and I tried not to frighten him,at the moment they are everywhere in the paddocks and I just stop and watch as they eat ants and insects and give thanks for the wonders of our world.I would have to have these in one of my tyres,they are very stiff and very very sharp!

This precious horse is at one of the gates I get out to open.I have never noticed before but she is Albino,she came right up to my car window at first and I said to her "look at your eyes you are so beautiful" and by the time I got the camera ready she had moved away a little so I probably have not captured her beauty.There is something so pure about this horse I am not sure what it is,maybe it is her eyes.
I am just so grateful that I have the job I have.Life is very stressful at times with worries and woes but God grants me this time of peace each day,I can put things into perspective and see  that in the big picture,I do my best,treat people the best I can each day,the way I would like to be treated,I try to do a little something for someone each day and yet in the eyes of some it is not enough.
So I give thanks for this drive,for the peace and serenity it gives me,for the reality of how graciuos we must be and appreciate each day.
Soooooo bugger off those who find fault and get a life!!!( lol how brave we are when no one is listening).
Have a wonderful weekend and happy blogging dear friends.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

                                                         Mums Virtual Tea party.

O'h dear.nothing went right yesterday so my mum and I were not able to make the Tea Party.As much as I tried I could not get the internet to stay on long enough for me to post! So here we are with something we prepared earlier.Mum and I Not all dressed up! All the pretties still in the cabinet and what could we do but laugh at it all.

We hope that everyone has a wonderful time and so sorry we missed you all!
Have a blessed and wonderful day.
Today our eldest grandson Alex turns 14 and he shares this birthday with an Aunt,but it is his day that is special,he was a gorgeous baby,a very cute little man and now just a more amazing young  teen finsing his way.
All our love goes to him on this day.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

                                                                The Week that was......

A bit of a down week so what could be more wonderful than Mother Nature and Gods wonders to make us see how blessed we are.
Spring is here...so here are some of the new kids on the block.

Here is a glorious Eagle but I could not zoom in any closer,it was amazing as he chased and swooped on a rabbit and then landed to have his supper,Pee Wee birds kept attacking him and each time I got him focused he flew a bit further away.

Now here are Corellas,they were in their hundreds,finding fresh shoots of grass after a shower of rain that lasted just moments and then the sun dried it al up again,our countryside is desperate at the moment, I seemed to disturb them but here a the rest forriging.

Now  this is a Goanna,I used to see an adult one here in this spot almost daily,then one day he was dead on the road,Spring has bought out a new one and I think perhaps one of the babies of the dead one as the markings are identical(perhaps they all are lol) These run straight up trees as far as you can see,there for we are all taught to lay down if we see one and not stand still as they will literally run right up you.
It is not only in town that pedestrians are a problem,I had to sit and wait until they all had a drink and ambled back off the causeway,I did not mind I love to watch the cattle.

I have not sewed for a few weeks so this is the last thing I made,a friend got a new parrot and Eclectus?and needed some suits for him to wear so he does not mess up the house,so I used Georgies baby pattern.

The little felow over the road asked if we had any jobs to do as he is saving up his money for a new cap,I asked permission from his parents for him to come over and help me pack Care Packages for 6 soldiers.This will make 106 we have now sent to date and many more to come.he was a wonderful help.
As we worked I told him a story and he was fascinated.You see we also did a 7th box.It was for an 8 year old child,a little boy.he hangs about the base where the soldiers are and a female soldiers mother told me about this little boy.He runs errands for the soldiers,he is 8 now and has been working since he was 2 years old! he cannot read or write and what a life he must live.So we gathered a Care Package for him,with pencils,colouring in books,some lollies,a beanie as winter is coming, an Aussie rag hat,a yoyo,a magnifying glass, some small balls ,many other things and the box was so full we had to force it shut and it was still underweight.My young helper was fascinated and when he went home he must have told Dad all about it as he called out to me that he thought I was great...no I am not... I almost cannot bear to think of the hardships that little boy has,but there must be so many,he could not be the only one,I am hoping he will share,I have addressed it to the Flight Sgt that told me about him and a letter will go to her to give the things to him all at once or one at a time,she knows what is best,we do not want him t be put in a position that he is a target from others.
In our little town wonderful people give me bits and pieces almost daily for these packages,I cannot do it alone,but one person can make a difference, I was doing this alone as one many months ago,now I am one of many..please think about the life others are leading,please think about your blessings each day,many times I get caught up in my woes,life is never perfect.
I also wanted to say from my experience recently that if someone in family is not happy with you and your life and wants to change you,stand strong if you are doing the very best you can that should be enough,the worst part is that it eats away at you and you suddenly notice that you are sharp and estranged from the one that loves you the most,your partner in life,that you have let the angst take happy days from you.
So shake yourself off,fix what you can and let go of what you can't.I cannot guarantee that you will stop worrying but you will live for the day instead of letting others rob you of a good day.Hope it makes sense I am rambling but then that's what blogs are for...self indulgent chronic worriers   ...sorry to bore you.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A surprise visit,Christmas puddings and an early birthday..add some pics of work and wallah!!you have a mixed blog.

We had a wonderful surprise Friday night our daughter called us to say she and the two youngest were coming for 2 sleeps,how lovely and unexpected.Kate has been so supportive understanding that we cannot leave Mum all day any more so she has tried hard to come home as often as possible,she is such a good daughter,full of love and smiles and encouragement.It just happened that we had the dried fruits soaking in rum ready for the Christmas puddings so this meant that 4 generations would make them this year...such a blessing.

Look at those hands 83 years difference,same coins as my grandmother used,life has bestowed so many blessings upon us that the little hiccups here and there in the family are so insignificant at times like this.There seems to be more mixture up the spoon than in the bowl lol...

Four generations, now you can't tell me this pudding will not taste special..or puddings we did 2 as we will need them this year especially.There are 206 years in this pic..I look old and worn lol just very tired my problem is back and I wear out easily.

These are the puddings boiling away on two little portable gas cookers.The puddings take 3 hours to cook and this way it costs less than $1 to cook them,my brother does his jams and pickles this way and I will too from now on.These little cookers cost a little over $12 to buy and you get 4 gas cylinders for $5  a bargain!I forgot to take a pic of the finished puddings but thankfully they look great and now are wrapped and frozen awaiting,the house smelt wonderful.

Now a first for me for many years,it will be Kate's birthday next Sunday so seeing we won't see her I made her a sponge cake,yes you read right.look at this !!!

 I will do better next time,I forgot to turn the bottom one over so have not put the correct pieces together,I did not turn the bottom one when it was cool, but I was thrilled.Our darling girl looks thrilled too,not very often Mum can bake her a cake these days,,happy 41st sweetie you are amazing!

Look what was happening across the road....our lovely neighbours got married.They have 5 children all boys some Troys some Alitas and one of theirs so they decided to make the family a permanent thing.The groom 
waving the the sticky beaks lol

This is the  second eldest son,they are all gorgeous boys and all looked like the Blues Brothers, I did not take any more  pics and it is a private time,we were asked to go over later in the evening,they just had immediate family there 30 in all and it was very sweet.They are doing a wonderful job with the boys.We neighbours all put in and bought them 2 huge terracotta pots as they love their garden and plants.

Finally Mr and Mrs King Parrot visiting our feeder,there were more but I scared them..typical of me!

Have a great day,joy and love aplenty in your life,may God bring peace to your heart as you go through your days and just let us reflect of the wonderful life we have when our problems can so easily be solved,not like so many who have lost a loved one recently,had their heart broken or in dire straights,we count our blessings as life glides on.I look at Mum who had such a horrible marriage,a life of hardship rearing us on her own,I wonder could I have done it? would I have had the guts it takes  to be able to face what she did...and here she is 91 almost 92 and still with us.Some say we should put Mum in a home and have a life..we are having a life with a Mum included,how could you place this darling in a place of strangers,maybe the time will come when we cannot cope or she becomes very ill,but until then Mums place is here,in our home but more importantly in our hearts.I will read these words and make sure I remember them next time I feel a little impatient.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

                                                             A Mixed Bag........
Just a little mixed blog today.Bob and I got to go away for the long weekend and we just went less than 2 hours away and not the planned trip.We had both not been that well and the place we were going to visit  was over 5 hours away and beyond us as we had been relieving at the Post Office to sort the mail truck and up at 4.30 for 2 weeks,it just caught up with us....

Here is Bob relaxing with a book,a rare sight as there is always something to do at home.The caravan park was really quiet at a place named Tamworth,we did nothing.I had hoped to stop on the way home and see a fellow blogger but we were too early for the shop she works at to be open( sorry Chris) however maybe next time.It was good to be alone as we are never alone,my brother came to look after Mum and we wanted to get home early to have some time with him.

I love my job as you know and with school holidays on the farmers children are all at home and they LOVE the mail lady lol.This is a sweet set of twins and big sister,Daddy had gotten them a dwarf rabbit each so I had to stop and pat them every day so far,I asked permission to take their pic and put it here.Miss whitey,Miss Blackie and Miss Brownie..don't you love the names lol.These children live next tot he little rural school,they have 9 yes 9! pupils.I will take a pic one day for you I have to ask first for permission.

Finally one of my favourite trees on my mail run, it is right where I have to open a gate,many times mares bring their foals here for shade and also the ewes bring their lambs rest here,today it was almost alone.It is just magestic this tree...Gods great wonders.

Well we are back home,back at work,back to normal and it was like we were never away.We laughingly said the sexfest is over,lol well Bob has to dream!or am I just joking...well who knows.....

My friend was once phoned up by her about to be married daughter.."Mum she said do people have sex over 70?" Now I am asking...I thought life got quieter in that area as we advanced into our 60's...looks to me like the men get rejuvenated lol or perhaps it is if you are blessed enough to still be "in love" as we can love one another but not be in the state of" in love.".
This subject came up recently at our craft group and I was surprised to fins that more than half have separate beds at the same age as us and some have their own room..I wonder which is the most normal.Well it is a private thing so guess I will never know lol.
Have a wonderful day,feel blessed to be breathing as with all the illnesses facing us and the tragedies in abundance  it is truely a blessing just to awaken each day.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

                                                        A Little bit of Christmas Prep.

At this time most years I get my Prunes in Port ready for Christmas gifts.
It is so easy to do,so delishious and makes a great little gift.

All you need is a large packet of Prunes..pitted or unpitted..it makes no difference..whatever you like..unpitted are generally cheaper though.
Some white sugar.
A bottle of Port..this year I used Tawny Port.
Some nice shaped bottles not too big as it is nice to be able to give several small ones away.
Sterilize your jars.
pack tightly with Prunes.
Place 1 tablespoon of sugar in each jar.
pour Port into jars,let settle for a little while and top up to all fruit is covered with Port.
Place lids on.
Give the jars a good shake to dissolve the sugar.
Do not eat for at least 6 weeks.
These are wonderful with cream or ice cream also just as nice to place one or two on your plate with your salad..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

                                                When someone touches your soul.
Recently the daughter in law of one of our cackle Club ladies came to our sewing day to give us a talk with a friend of hers.
I have to say I was so deeply moved by their words that my days since have been spent day dreaming.
When Bob and I decided to start a family all those years ago baby 1 was born and then 2 years later baby2.I thought it was that easy for everyone.They have a small group of 35 yes  35 all having miscarried or had stillborns...Many of the young ladies had lost up to 7 babies.
We were reduced to tears at their heartbreak...the reason they came to us was for help to make tiny clothes to dress the little babies in for their burial and little rugs and snugs to place them in while they are nursed for goodbye then mum and dad get to keep that little item.
These items must fit from  25 week and sometimes a little less to full term babies.
The girls came to the right place,we are going to make these items of love for Mums of the future who go through this traumatic time.
I feel so blessed to have never knowingly lost a baby,and honoured that we can help these young Mums out.
We have made some pieces already,I have to say it is a very sad thing to do,an honour but hard.
We have taken it upon ourselves to be Grannies to these little Angels that God has taken swifly,early.
Do you think perhaps you could check with your local hospital to see if they are also desperate for tiny clothing and rugs to dress these precious little angels in..you might just find it is a way that you too can make a young Mum feel blessed..Just think about it.. that's all...

 These are what the girls have made already,we have to make some of the little shrouds smaller ,the smallest bonnet will fit over an egg and the smallest bootees in the second picture are nit even and inch long on the foot.
This is a knotted snug/shroud and such tiny little bootees.
Please if you like to knit or crochet,there are many premi patterns online and some wonderful sites for free patterns,even if you just did a couple of items and take them to your local hospital i know they will be so grateful,I do warn you the tears flow as you make them,but someone has to do it...maybe this month it could be you...bless you lee and Amanda for your stories and your bravery for talking to us,we ached for you.
(P.S both the girls have gone on the have healthy children  one has 4 and one has 3).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

                                          Spring is here...bringing the sweet things and the not so sweet!

A day in my office as they say......I love the Spring..the lambs and calves are everywhere,the Plovers protecting their nests and the not so lovely(depends on your taste) the snakes are out like never before so it is going to be a bad year for them...I have seen so many already,unfortunately I have to look at every step i take once I am out of the car as we live where king browns and Tigers and Black snakes are in abundance and I can honestly say I have never seen them so fat so early in the season,maybe they did not hibernate so long this winter...anyway...here is my day on Monday.

                                           Lambs and calves a wonderful sign of Spring
 The sun is out again and so are the Echidnas,this one is large I could not get the camera out quick enough to catch a tiny one further along the road,maybe next time.
 Mrs Plover protecting her baby that is well hidden in the grasses,they look like Cockroaches on legs they are so tiny,but they grow very quickly,these birds have a poison spur so you do not get too close.
Many snakes on the roadside this year and yes I do run over them occasionally I worry about it when I do as they can flip up,just recently a friend ran over a 10ft brown snake and it wrapped around her brakes..Lord I hope that does not happen for me!This is a Black snake and has a red belly and they are venomous,and I am miles from anywhere most of the time, I would dread getting bitten by either a Brown or Black..

I was not able to take some pics of the lovely foals as they are a bit far from the road,maybe next time..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

                                    How many Girls dwell in your garden??

Rose was absent today as she is just a budding little lady so we will excuse her,however for a garden party these girls were there.

                                             The lovely Jasmin always looks her best..
                                         Iris is just perfect whenever she shows.
                                           Daisy is delightful and a real show off!
 Now I am sure there is no one by the name of Rinuncula but for the sake of today there is lol.
                                   Violet,dainty and reposed,always a lady.
 May,now she is confused by the seasons,showing herself in September !
                                            Lily,hiding shyly in the pond.
                                     Another Lilli,so nice and multiplying yearly.
                              Rosemary,sweet scented and a welcome addition to any day.
 Now here is the little blended family,it consists of Miss Stock,Pansy,Miss Primula,all living happily in their tiered home cared for by Joyce.
 There would of course be no party without Madonna,always looking for attention.
So thank you for coming to our little garden gathering,how many girls are in yours at the moment.

On another subject here is a little pedestrian that I had to stop for this week.It is an Echidna and it is a lovely time of the year for seeing them.
 Finally safe from that sticky beak mail lady,refuge near a large rock.
Have a great week and many happy days ahead,for you all.