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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

                                                        A Little bit of Christmas Prep.

At this time most years I get my Prunes in Port ready for Christmas gifts.
It is so easy to do,so delishious and makes a great little gift.

All you need is a large packet of Prunes..pitted or unpitted..it makes no difference..whatever you like..unpitted are generally cheaper though.
Some white sugar.
A bottle of Port..this year I used Tawny Port.
Some nice shaped bottles not too big as it is nice to be able to give several small ones away.
Sterilize your jars.
pack tightly with Prunes.
Place 1 tablespoon of sugar in each jar.
pour Port into jars,let settle for a little while and top up to all fruit is covered with Port.
Place lids on.
Give the jars a good shake to dissolve the sugar.
Do not eat for at least 6 weeks.
These are wonderful with cream or ice cream also just as nice to place one or two on your plate with your salad..


  1. thankyou for sharing Carole sounds very nice.xx

  2. Do not eat for at least 6 weeks.

    This is the difficult bit LOL

  3. I've just shown this to Lady Magnon; it's possible that some of our friends will be receiving these for Crimbo too. Usually here we do them in 'Eau de Vie' (distilled wine), but it's hard to come by. Port sounds perfect (and a lot less alcoholic).

  4. I have a little 83 yr old friend and she soaks her's in Scotch Whiskey !! and they can take your breath away...literally :o)yours sound more my style Carole. xoxo

  5. Never heard of this before. What a great idea.

    Sft x