Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, September 8, 2012

                                    How many Girls dwell in your garden??

Rose was absent today as she is just a budding little lady so we will excuse her,however for a garden party these girls were there.

                                             The lovely Jasmin always looks her best..
                                         Iris is just perfect whenever she shows.
                                           Daisy is delightful and a real show off!
 Now I am sure there is no one by the name of Rinuncula but for the sake of today there is lol.
                                   Violet,dainty and reposed,always a lady.
 May,now she is confused by the seasons,showing herself in September !
                                            Lily,hiding shyly in the pond.
                                     Another Lilli,so nice and multiplying yearly.
                              Rosemary,sweet scented and a welcome addition to any day.
 Now here is the little blended family,it consists of Miss Stock,Pansy,Miss Primula,all living happily in their tiered home cared for by Joyce.
 There would of course be no party without Madonna,always looking for attention.
So thank you for coming to our little garden gathering,how many girls are in yours at the moment.

On another subject here is a little pedestrian that I had to stop for this week.It is an Echidna and it is a lovely time of the year for seeing them.
 Finally safe from that sticky beak mail lady,refuge near a large rock.
Have a great week and many happy days ahead,for you all.


  1. what a lovely post Carole it bought a smile to my face,enjoy your day.xx

  2. Ahhh! yes! Echidna's are stirring, saw one myself at Wyangala a week or so back. I am always so pleased to see them safely across the road!

  3. What a pretty garden you have! So sorry to hear about your friend Carole xxx

  4. Hello Carole
    What a smashing garden party I'd pop in any day to admire!!! Jasmin and me well we just don't get on you'd think here in Spain I'd have no problem with it as its everywhere.....and it grows nicely on a balcony too at least it does on everyone elses but no sir it doesn't like me at all tch!!

    Great post!

    Amanda :-)

  5. Ivy puts in an appearance in our front garden along with Poppy and her large family - they're all called Poppy by the way. Hyacinth stays hidden away until spring. Holly is a prickly soul but so beautiful and Dandy Lion makes an entrance now and again even though she's not wanted here. Daisy and Clover always arrive when we've neglected to mow the lawn and Rhu Barb always tends to get eaten. Bluebell visits for quit a long time. Primrose hides among the rocks in the back garden along with Clematis who likes clinging to the pergola. Orchid stays indoors, only venturing into the garden on sunny days to have a drink of water.
    Love from Mum

  6. Beautiful ladies in your garden, Carole. My Autumn girls are all going to seed - roll on Spring.

  7. What a beautiful garden you have Carole
    I'm so looking forward to Spring xx

  8. Beautiful garden and funny post!

    Love the Echidna. The children learnt about them in my Wildlife Club at school.

    Regarding your last post-so sad when you hear the news of another service man or woman being killed. Keep up the great packages!

  9. Hi Carole, your flowers are beautiful. You are quite the gardener.
    I went Wikipedia and looked up Echidna so that I could get a better look. It is not an animal that we have here, but does remind me of our Porcupine. It is very interesting seeing photos and learning about other countries around the world. I have gotten so much pleasure from reading posts and making friends with fellow blogging sisters from all over this big wide world. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for your resent comment left on my blog. I am delighted that you like my paintings. Have a wonderful week, Connie :)