Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I thought you might like to see this,Bob and Georgie made the limelight a couple of months ago,it was in The Daily Telegraph...page 3 mind you and almost a page full( well the birds are always on page 3 but not usually the feathered variety).
This lead to TV stations ringing Australia Post and wanting to do a story,which lad to Bob getting into all sort of trouble for allowing himself to go into print,Bob thought the person taking the pics etc was a year 12 student having a little joke.
This then lead to the big boss from Canberra travelling up and giving him a dressing down,the remodifying of his postie bike apparently set up wrong(the pics showed this)mind you it is as it was when he started 11 years ago!
The upside is that they love the fact that Georgie goes with Bob and so that was a bonus.Thank goodness we are only a few months from finishing and retiring...the world has gone mad when you find a simple bag on the front of the bike is wrong and the crate on the back too ...who cares as long as our lovely town gets their mail!

This last pic is a classic as Georgie loves it best when Bob has a long straight and can go faster,I think it reminds him of our big bike.We are going to keep one postie bike when we finish up just so Bob and Georgie can go fro a ride occasionally because they will both miss it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It is such a long time since I blogged,life has a way of pulling us up short and making us deal or not with obsticles, so we have to put them in order of importance.
Family always comes first ..but..which members,this is a tough call and without going into any detail too much we decided that it is Mum who must come first at this time.
It is not a decision sitting well with all members of our family.Putting her in a home is not an option for us,however others think differently.All I can say is we have had to choose between who is in need and who is being needy.
Mum came out on top, we are missing out on seeing three grandchildren...for now...and we will catch up hopefully before they all get married lol..honestly though they have decided not to visit to prove a point and the choice of visiting them has been taken away from us..so here we are..sad at heart but doing...we think the right thing.

Mum is almost 94 and just very recently has had a Frontal Brain Bleed, we thought the time had come to say goodbye,but here she is almost 4 weeks later,chirpy,cheeky and as of 2 days ago now getting dressed each day.However we can never leave her alone again,so we have a wonderful lady that comes everyday while I am at work.We are locked into a contract with Australia Post so we cannot give up without a lot of notice,so we are retiring on 30 April next year and darling Julie will help us out till then.
Our daughter is a darling and travels up as often as her work allows to visit Nan and to give Bob and I the support we need,it has been very difficult but we made a promise to Mum that she would be with us and we will not change.

So here she is happy on a Sunday with her tea and Vegemite Toast a different girl to some weeks ago.

Here are some roses from her much loved garden and an area Bob has made for us to take her to sit he calls it the Taj Mahal,it is actually much nicer now,there are 4 chaors and more pots of colour,she loves it but has not been well enough to venture there,perhaps next week,it is 40 degrees today so too hot to sit her outside.
Will catch up with all the other happenings as time rolls on.
Honor thy Father and thy Mother is the most empowering thing there is we can do, I know I am blessed to have such an easy Mum to deal with,but I just know I could not live any other way and ever have a peaceful sleep again if she were being looked after by any other persons than Bob and I and our helpers,Bob was asked the other day if it would be easier if we placed Mum in a nursing
home close by,his reply was "over my dead body" see that's why I love him so much,not every man feels that way about the dreaded Mother in law.I hope one day the family will unite and support us,until then I write to the children weekly and send an update on Mums health,there are no replies really..but in the big picture of life..tomorrow is another day and time heals all.