Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, October 7, 2012

A surprise visit,Christmas puddings and an early birthday..add some pics of work and wallah!!you have a mixed blog.

We had a wonderful surprise Friday night our daughter called us to say she and the two youngest were coming for 2 sleeps,how lovely and unexpected.Kate has been so supportive understanding that we cannot leave Mum all day any more so she has tried hard to come home as often as possible,she is such a good daughter,full of love and smiles and encouragement.It just happened that we had the dried fruits soaking in rum ready for the Christmas puddings so this meant that 4 generations would make them this year...such a blessing.

Look at those hands 83 years difference,same coins as my grandmother used,life has bestowed so many blessings upon us that the little hiccups here and there in the family are so insignificant at times like this.There seems to be more mixture up the spoon than in the bowl lol...

Four generations, now you can't tell me this pudding will not taste special..or puddings we did 2 as we will need them this year especially.There are 206 years in this pic..I look old and worn lol just very tired my problem is back and I wear out easily.

These are the puddings boiling away on two little portable gas cookers.The puddings take 3 hours to cook and this way it costs less than $1 to cook them,my brother does his jams and pickles this way and I will too from now on.These little cookers cost a little over $12 to buy and you get 4 gas cylinders for $5  a bargain!I forgot to take a pic of the finished puddings but thankfully they look great and now are wrapped and frozen awaiting,the house smelt wonderful.

Now a first for me for many years,it will be Kate's birthday next Sunday so seeing we won't see her I made her a sponge cake,yes you read right.look at this !!!

 I will do better next time,I forgot to turn the bottom one over so have not put the correct pieces together,I did not turn the bottom one when it was cool, but I was thrilled.Our darling girl looks thrilled too,not very often Mum can bake her a cake these days,,happy 41st sweetie you are amazing!

Look what was happening across the road....our lovely neighbours got married.They have 5 children all boys some Troys some Alitas and one of theirs so they decided to make the family a permanent thing.The groom 
waving the the sticky beaks lol

This is the  second eldest son,they are all gorgeous boys and all looked like the Blues Brothers, I did not take any more  pics and it is a private time,we were asked to go over later in the evening,they just had immediate family there 30 in all and it was very sweet.They are doing a wonderful job with the boys.We neighbours all put in and bought them 2 huge terracotta pots as they love their garden and plants.

Finally Mr and Mrs King Parrot visiting our feeder,there were more but I scared them..typical of me!

Have a great day,joy and love aplenty in your life,may God bring peace to your heart as you go through your days and just let us reflect of the wonderful life we have when our problems can so easily be solved,not like so many who have lost a loved one recently,had their heart broken or in dire straights,we count our blessings as life glides on.I look at Mum who had such a horrible marriage,a life of hardship rearing us on her own,I wonder could I have done it? would I have had the guts it takes  to be able to face what she did...and here she is 91 almost 92 and still with us.Some say we should put Mum in a home and have a life..we are having a life with a Mum included,how could you place this darling in a place of strangers,maybe the time will come when we cannot cope or she becomes very ill,but until then Mums place is here,in our home but more importantly in our hearts.I will read these words and make sure I remember them next time I feel a little impatient.


  1. I've had a wonderful time reading this mixed bag of a post. What a moment with 4 generations stirring the pudding. Such a lovely birthday smile from your daughter. You have a right to be so proud.
    Love from Mum
    PS Don't worry about that stray comment.

  2. what a lovely post Carole and what a special daughter,mum and grandmother you are,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  3. Last year Lady Magnon made 2 Christmas puddings. The one we ate was delicious, but sadly the one she kept for 2012 has 'gone off'. Luckily she's off to Blighty for some grandson-sitting, so will buy some small ready made ones to bring back.

  4. I love it when we have lots of family together to make the puddings. We, too, cook ours on the little gas stoves. They are brilliant. They are also available in a higher BTU rating and we have one of those for cooking steak.

    Another "me too". Just this morning I had a very uncomfortable lengthy discussion with the service that is supposed to assist in keeping dad at home. He has dementia. I am so frustrated because anything I need is against the rules. The lady was not listening which makes it unnecessarily complex. As far as this family is concerned dad belongs in his home surrounded by love.

    I applaud you and your weekend it sounds just as it should be.

  5. Those puddings will taste amazing at Christmas time made with so much love. I must remember those words too at times xx

  6. Lovely post Carole. It was just beautiful you could all make the pudding together.
    What a great idea using those little gas burners. I made pickled beetroot the other day and it was awkward doing it on the stove top so I was wondering how else I can do them. Thanks for the idea!

    Take care of yourself Carole.

    God bless.

  7. I love this post. Your family are your treasure and you are right, we all need to count our blessings.

    Lovely photos, wish I could come and taste the pudding.

    What type of parrots are they?

    Sft x

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this quite emotive post and I totally agree with you that having your Mother with you still at 91 years old is a gift a very precious gift...and still in good health....may it continue so. I loved the photo of the 4 generations you must feel so proud! :-) My Dad always said to me when I was a child that food tasted much better when it was flung together (grin) than being picky making it a showcase meal. He never bothered with measuring stuff but just a cup of this and a jug of that and I always loved his cakes. He used to cook in the army so meals were rough and ready but edible. Personally I think your daughter's birthday cake looks scrumptious.

    keep well

    Amanda xx