Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Saturday, October 20, 2012

                                                                The Week that was......

A bit of a down week so what could be more wonderful than Mother Nature and Gods wonders to make us see how blessed we are.
Spring is here...so here are some of the new kids on the block.

Here is a glorious Eagle but I could not zoom in any closer,it was amazing as he chased and swooped on a rabbit and then landed to have his supper,Pee Wee birds kept attacking him and each time I got him focused he flew a bit further away.

Now here are Corellas,they were in their hundreds,finding fresh shoots of grass after a shower of rain that lasted just moments and then the sun dried it al up again,our countryside is desperate at the moment, I seemed to disturb them but here a the rest forriging.

Now  this is a Goanna,I used to see an adult one here in this spot almost daily,then one day he was dead on the road,Spring has bought out a new one and I think perhaps one of the babies of the dead one as the markings are identical(perhaps they all are lol) These run straight up trees as far as you can see,there for we are all taught to lay down if we see one and not stand still as they will literally run right up you.
It is not only in town that pedestrians are a problem,I had to sit and wait until they all had a drink and ambled back off the causeway,I did not mind I love to watch the cattle.

I have not sewed for a few weeks so this is the last thing I made,a friend got a new parrot and Eclectus?and needed some suits for him to wear so he does not mess up the house,so I used Georgies baby pattern.

The little felow over the road asked if we had any jobs to do as he is saving up his money for a new cap,I asked permission from his parents for him to come over and help me pack Care Packages for 6 soldiers.This will make 106 we have now sent to date and many more to come.he was a wonderful help.
As we worked I told him a story and he was fascinated.You see we also did a 7th box.It was for an 8 year old child,a little boy.he hangs about the base where the soldiers are and a female soldiers mother told me about this little boy.He runs errands for the soldiers,he is 8 now and has been working since he was 2 years old! he cannot read or write and what a life he must live.So we gathered a Care Package for him,with pencils,colouring in books,some lollies,a beanie as winter is coming, an Aussie rag hat,a yoyo,a magnifying glass, some small balls ,many other things and the box was so full we had to force it shut and it was still underweight.My young helper was fascinated and when he went home he must have told Dad all about it as he called out to me that he thought I was great...no I am not... I almost cannot bear to think of the hardships that little boy has,but there must be so many,he could not be the only one,I am hoping he will share,I have addressed it to the Flight Sgt that told me about him and a letter will go to her to give the things to him all at once or one at a time,she knows what is best,we do not want him t be put in a position that he is a target from others.
In our little town wonderful people give me bits and pieces almost daily for these packages,I cannot do it alone,but one person can make a difference, I was doing this alone as one many months ago,now I am one of many..please think about the life others are leading,please think about your blessings each day,many times I get caught up in my woes,life is never perfect.
I also wanted to say from my experience recently that if someone in family is not happy with you and your life and wants to change you,stand strong if you are doing the very best you can that should be enough,the worst part is that it eats away at you and you suddenly notice that you are sharp and estranged from the one that loves you the most,your partner in life,that you have let the angst take happy days from you.
So shake yourself off,fix what you can and let go of what you can't.I cannot guarantee that you will stop worrying but you will live for the day instead of letting others rob you of a good day.Hope it makes sense I am rambling but then that's what blogs are for...self indulgent chronic worriers   ...sorry to bore you.


  1. Hi Carole, I've just read your very interesting post, I'm sure the care package you and the young fellow from across the road will have great repercussions for both him the young man who recieves it. How wonderful to be able to pass on your care and compassion to the next generation, even if one at a time.
    And yes, the new seasons babies are lovely aren't they, I posted some lambs a couple of weeks ago.


  2. Carol, what a wonderful post again. Never, never think you are boring please. I look forward to your posts so much even though this is the first time I have commented. You sound like such a lovely down to earth caring person, I take my hat off to you!

  3. Hi Carole what a lovely thing you are doing with the care packages.
    Glad you have such a positive outlook with life,take care my friend.xx

  4. I agree with all that Carol said, I love to read your posts full of love and compassion.
    I have said it before, but I wish we were neighbours, how I'd love to visit with you on the porch of your beautiful home and help you pack the boxes!

  5. You never bore, I love reading about the things you get up to and I think you have a lovely outlook on life...x

  6. What a brilliant post choc full of life and hope.
    Love from Mum

  7. Carol, that was a lovely story of the two little boys. The last little bit of your blog post sounds like that prayer -' Lord help me to change the things the things I cannot accept. To accept the things I cannot change and the wisdom to know the difference.' (or something like that)All the best to you and your family xx

  8. Is there any way of knowing about the 8 year old's reaction to your package? I'd love to know what he thought... HEAVEN probably.

  9. xxx the last paragaph of your post spoke to me xxx
    Keep on keeping on xxx

  10. I 'm so glad i read this post. You have sent me thinking what I could do to be more helpful. I only work with our Buddy but really the two of us could do something more. We could reach out! Time to find a place where we can get started. Thanks !!!

  11. Those are beautiful foals. What a great area you live in to be able to see so many different types of birds. I love the bird clothes. I have a Senegal who I don't think would take well to clothing!

  12. Carole,

    You are so kind and so wise.

    Beautiful photos.

    How is Georgie?

    Could we have a photo of her soon? I miss her.

    Sft x