Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Friday, November 2, 2012

                                                      Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

To many these are just weeds but to me they are my pleasure each day,to see them as buds just like the flowers in my garden,these wild flowers and thistles are just as beautiful and there to be admired.So sorry Mr Farmer when you come to poison them out,it will be too late they have made me smile today.

 This is the tiniest flower I have come across,I leaned down very close to her,she was about the size of a dressmakers pearl pinhead.
 Although this is not as clear as I tried to get...make a wish anyone they are Dandelion puffs.We blow on them here and I guess they do all over the world and make a wish.
                                                             The beautiful thistle flower.
                                            Don't know their names but they are so sweet.
                                                               Yellow thistle
                                    Wild Honeysuckle a bird probably dropped a seed from in town.

Now a couple of lovely animals on my way,this is a newcomer,the farmer has a black and a white Alpacka to mind hi sheep and protect them from wild dogs,I could not see the black one on this day but here is the white one babysitting as required.I believe they are just wonderful and have made a great difference in heard loss.

This is an Echidna I came across today,so I got out and gave it a touch and took a picture up close of his quills,I was surprised to see they are quite hairy underneath the quills but they are harmless and I tried not to frighten him,at the moment they are everywhere in the paddocks and I just stop and watch as they eat ants and insects and give thanks for the wonders of our world.I would have to have these in one of my tyres,they are very stiff and very very sharp!

This precious horse is at one of the gates I get out to open.I have never noticed before but she is Albino,she came right up to my car window at first and I said to her "look at your eyes you are so beautiful" and by the time I got the camera ready she had moved away a little so I probably have not captured her beauty.There is something so pure about this horse I am not sure what it is,maybe it is her eyes.
I am just so grateful that I have the job I have.Life is very stressful at times with worries and woes but God grants me this time of peace each day,I can put things into perspective and see  that in the big picture,I do my best,treat people the best I can each day,the way I would like to be treated,I try to do a little something for someone each day and yet in the eyes of some it is not enough.
So I give thanks for this drive,for the peace and serenity it gives me,for the reality of how graciuos we must be and appreciate each day.
Soooooo bugger off those who find fault and get a life!!!( lol how brave we are when no one is listening).
Have a wonderful weekend and happy blogging dear friends.


  1. Carole you saw so many things on your little drive out. I love wild flowers - I think the the tiny top one is a 'scarlet pimpernel' and the blue, a wild scabious. They are all beautiful. Looks a lovely drive - is it part of your posty job. Have a lovely weekend, yourself.

  2. What is this life..if full of care.. we have no time...to stand and stare.

    I love that you notice the beauty in nature and wildlife.

    I think they look like Scabious too.

    Hope you get the chance to relax a bit during the busy build up to Christmas.

    Sft x

  3. A lovely post Carol, I need to look at my weeds in a new light and see the beauty not the nuicance of them, you have a lovely "office" to go to work at each day, have a lovely week-end.Lynne

  4. I love your blog Carole, full of joy and gratefulness for the beautiful things in life, like family and doing things for other people.
    God bless you x

  5. What a lovely drive you took us on.Looking at the little things can be so rewarding.
    I think the blue flower is a Cornflower maybe.

  6. you live in a beautiful part of the world Carole,enjoy your weekend.xx

  7. Always love stopping by your blog :-)


  8. We used to have Hedgehogs in the garden, but I haven't seen one for years. Maybe you could send me a few of those Echidnas, they look wonderful!

  9. I was listening, Carole, and I totally agree with all you wrote.
    Little things mean so much and we've so much to be grateful for.
    Love from Mum