Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


                                       Everything Aches ...but Hey it was worth it........

The Quilt opening night went wonderfully,everyone had a great time,the guest quilter Yan Pring that gave the talk gave many good tips, the Information Centre was officially opened by the mayor and she even purchased a quilt!

This is the Quilt Yan Pring donated as a prize,it depicts our town from her eyes and was won by one of our girls elderly Mum.

Some of the 70 ladies that were "on show" on the night.

I was very shocked to see this there and can think of 100 other women that should be.

 A surprise to me was the wall of pics of Influential Women in the Hunter there were 70 all up and some amazing ladies there I was in shock to find me there!and very embarassed as I do not like to be "out there" I like to quietly go about what I do,a couple of years ago I received the Citizen of the Year Award on Australia Day and they used that pic so I am there with 4 of my grandchildren,I was unaware that this was going to happen and did not even have Bob to hide behind as he did not come with me as it was a ladies thing.

Then on Sunday it was all hands on deck as the Quilt day opened, it was overcast but the people still came out in droves, it was wonderful, however I was so busy in the kitchen did not get to take many pics, here are some of my lovely helpers in the kitchen as we made humungous amount of sandwiches and served up the yummy quiches, salad and sweets,these are just 4 of the 10 workers!

The Cackle Club had a little stall of goodies as last year people complained there was no handmades for sale,we did very well and here are Edith and Heather,just finished setting up before the people came.

Edith actually sold the pink quilt in the background to our new doctor,funniest thing is he is her next door neighbour and when his wife popped in at her home when it was being made she kept admiring it.
Hopefully someone else took lots of pics as there were so many beautiful quilts there.
Have a blessed day and keep well everyone,soon we will have 5 days off,can't wait I am ready for a break and hopefully sit down a while lol.


  1. The quilts are amazing. It must have been such a busy, but rewarding time.

  2. Well done Carole... and you deserve your award!!

  3. Carole, congratulations on your award - great news!

  4. Congratulations on the award...you deserve it for all you do in the community.
    The quilts all look beautiful.

  5. Hi Carole
    Thank you for visiting my blog it's lovely to meet country ladies, and congratulations on your award, be proud, you deserve it.

  6. How exciting and well deserved!