Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Thursday, April 7, 2011

                                                              That awful "C" word.

Those that follow by blog will have read that my daughter is nursing her MIL with terminal brain cancer,the update on Ruth is that she is still with Kate and Stephen and although sleeping almost all of the time,pain free at this point ,her time is very limited, all has been said that needs to be said,peace has been made where possible and  Kate is the main carer but Stephen sits beside his Mum on and off and hour at a time just gently stroking her,Olivia who is 8 brushes the little hair that is left after chemo and yesterday brushed Grans teeth which was hillarious apparently and Gran stired enough to smile,she is so humble in her time of exiting our world,Alex 12 does not say too much goes in and touches Gran and next Friday he goes to Hong Kong with school,such a huge journey and he wonders if Gran willl be there when he returns in 2 weeks or if she will leave them before he goes, William 4 is the one who has made her laugh so much in the last 4 months,only time he pokes his head in the door is to hug and kiss Gran and when they are bathing Ruth as she can no longer make it to the shower,calling out in his naughtimess "I can see your bumm" this just makes her smile and I bet she thinks he's a buggar of a kid.How lovely that she is nurtured in all this love and kindnss,this sweet humble lady that was once a vixen with a tongue like a knife,this family on the moment of being told of her illness said "you will come to us and thats that" otherwise she would be alone somewhere going through this,I am in awe of my little family.
Now the awful C word has come to bite our family again.
On Monday my sister in law was walking past the local florist and saw a painting in the window,   it was Bouguereau,,,Evening Mood,she thought the lady in the painting had a strange looking boob like hers so proceeded in to ask about the painting,she was told it was the artists wife who had died of breast cancer,Janet hot tailed it to the womens health clinic,they in turn took her straight to the doctors surgery, a biopsy was done on Wed and today she will be given her results and will be told what is to be done, already more or less been told the breast and Lymph nodes will have to go but as that was the GP's comment she is holding out for what the specialist has to say.
Do you check your body? I know I don't,we are always told look in the mirror for changes and feel for lumps,Jan never does either.
O'h but for that painting it may have been too late, it may already be,I wonder how many women have looked at it and seen a likeness, my daughter tells me that at University when she was studying nursing they were shown this painting as an example.

Prayers and thoughts today for Janet and for Ruth who are both precious in our eyes, and to any of you who have someone in your family in the same position.


  1. Your daughter Carole is one amazing woman. I bet Ruth feels surrounded by the love of her family. It's wonderful that the children get to spend what little time is left with her. Hope all is well with Janet also.

  2. Carole. I'm so glad you found out about the painting. My own search proved hopeless.

    So sorry to hear of all your woes.