Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Sunday, March 13, 2011

                                                                  A bit of Everything

My parcel arrived from my  colour swap that Maree had organised,thankyou so much Lise it is lovely.

My swap parcel is leaving my home today,the colour had to be Lime Green,I had fun putting it together,so a nice little surprise for a certain lady is on its way.Thank you Maree from On My Verandah for organising this swap.

We had a lovely Watermelon and decided to have a go at Watermelon jam that I had heard about, we got it eventually but not sure if I will do it again,although very yummy.

You cannot se it properly but it is a vibrant red,almost looks like tomato here lol.
( Bob in the background wiping up for me)
This is a little jug and honey pot that I found at the op shop,I really like the Grindley
china as it is plain but soothing colours,the blue,pink and green and yellow,although this jug is not Grindley it is English and matches.The honey pot is nothing special as in maker but it is sweet and I loved it..
I realised I have bought more things home when I am culling out!But I really do like the pink so it had to come home,I use lots of my things but of course many are just sitting gathering dust lol.
Have a wonderful day,the weekend goes so fast,back to work today the best part is that my job is joyful, I drive far up into the bush as you know and there is an abundance of beauty everywhere.last year the council widened part of the road and we were most upset as it was an area where all the little Quails seemed to live,we did not see them all of last year and the "presto"last week we saw them in the dozens they must have gone furthur into the bush until all the activity died down and now they are back on the roadside,funny little creatures the babies look like cocroaches they are so small,I am truley blessed for my place of work however being at home is where I would love to be,4 more years to go!


  1. Your special pink present is really nice Carole. I'm sure Lise will be thrilled with hers too. Your water melon jam looks colourful! I've made marrow and ginger jam when we had lots of marrows last year. It's tasty, but I found that mine didn't set all that well. Did you find that? Have a great Monday!

  2. I would lvoe to come with you on your mail run one day!

    Your jam looks delish and I ADORE your honey pot and jug. Both swap parcels look ever so lovely.



  3. I do hope (for your sake) that the jam is good; you seem to have made quite a lot!

    I love your honey pot. Every time I see one, I want to buy it, but Lady M very wisely stops me. Otherwise we'd have hundreds by now. Only one thing is better than good honey, and that's good honey from a beautiful bee encrusted honey pot. A good buy!