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Our Home our Haven

Saturday, March 12, 2011

                                                           The Love of all Things British/English.

The fact of life is I loved the UK before I ever got to go there, I never thought I would in my wildest dreams have the oportunity and when I did it made the hunger for all things even worse so much so that I actually get homesick for the place and the lovely people I met on my way.

Therefor it affects my Tv watching,I am lucky that Bob and MUm love it all just as much as me and although we are not huge TV watchers these are the shows we never miss...you English followers will probably say yukk  but sorry about that lol.
When The Bill finished myself and many others were devasted!It never was quite the same after the explosion that took out half the original cast lol but we got to love all the new ones.
We have watched Heartbeat for years it seems but with new digital TV chanels they  started the series right at the beginning and I could actually see the roots of the show,mind you I think I watch all these just to stare at the scenery.
As Time Goes By is just the nicest show we never miss it.
Born and Bred is old as the hat but Mum loves it and the little village is wonderful.
Then there are the old favs that are rerun over and over but you always laugh....Are You Being Served,George and Mildred,Benny Hill,Hycythn Bucket lol and her long suffering husband and family we all know one!
The latest not to miss for me is Escape to the Country,I can be a sticky beak and look inside all those houses I have driven past not all of them but some villages I have been to and I so enjoy this show.
My 2 all time favourites would have to be The Antique Roadshow and Bargain Hunt.
I so enjoy Graham Norton, he is as camp as a holiday park but I find myself cackling and Bob actually laughs loudly!! Graham deserves an award for achieving that lol.
I have left out many others but to be honest the American content that we get is not all that great,the English humour is so like the Aussie I think we "get it",many shows now are just not nice for Mum the swearing upsets her and the American ones seem to talk too fast for her to grasp and I have never noticed that before.
I actually got to go to many Car Boot sales when I was over there as Eva was collecting vintage Fire Brigade and car medalions for her husband,I bought lots of lomoge that my DIL collects and a lovely vintage solid gold anchor pendant for my daughter  and 2 Royal Doulon flower arrangements for a pond.I had the leave the Doulton behind as although they were small they were too heavy to bring home and to my amazment when Evas sisiter came here for a visit she bought them with her so I have a little piece of England in my bedroom...anyway...love them or hate them they are fun!

On another note George our cocatoo flew away yesterday,we searched and searched for him,Bob on his postie bike all over town and me and my neighbour in the car,Mum called my mobile to say that the little boys over the road found him high in their gum tree oblivious to the worry he had caused this was over an hour into the search.Bob finally got him down "hello" Georgie says..we'll give him hello,we bought  him  in and re trimmed his wing...our biggest worry was that a dog would get him, the little boys (there are 5 of them) were so thrilled they found him we gave each of the $5 reward..their dad said no and I explained that they needed to know also how important it is to help others even though reward is not always there and it was so much cheaper than watching Bob cry each night and sending him to a therapist for cocky fretting!So Georgie is safe Bob is happy the little boys eyes were as big as saucers as they held their money and the day ended as it should,us watching first Born and Bred,then Hearbeat and then Inspector Morse! did not even mention him and Miss MArple, Periot,and on and on and on lol.
Have a wonderful day,full of love ,sunshine and blessings,I have been yukk all week no use winging,blood tests done,know the results as my body told me long before the Doc will call and just have to put up with it,reading blogs makes life a little sweetier and smiles come and go and then there are those with problems so huge that we just pray for them,that times will get better,so peace be with you all..and also with you as Ronnie Barker used to say ,or something like that no! it was goodby to you ..and goodbye to him...or was it? lol have a great day.


  1. Carole - I'm so sorry to hear that you're not too well. Get better soon! Glad Georgie made it home safe! I hardly ever watch TV although we have been glued to the news these last few hours. One of my favourite programmes was 'From Larkrise to Candleford' A historical story of the people of two villages. I also love Gardener's World.

  2. Hi Molly..have not heard of those 2 maybe we just get all the lefyovers lol thanks....yes us too with the news the owrld is in a mess right now and who knows what is next maybe it is better we don't.

  3. The constant link between your favourite TV programmes, is the same as mine. I don't watch anything that involves violence, murder, car crashes, disasters, screaming, or general nastiness. Heartbeat, Gardener's world, etc; much more my style too.

    I do hope you are feeling better soon. Being under the weather is such a drag. Bisou, Cro.

  4. You certainly enjoy a wide variety of shows.
    What I think you have listed above are all old programs that the BBC has probably sold off.
    But....they are all the best. So lucky you.
    I don't expect those that Molly mentioned are old enough to give away yet. Larkrise was only on the telly a couple of weeks ago.
    I have a 'Heartbeat' cookbook which gives you all those mouth-watering recipes from Yorkshire.
    The Heartbeat Country Cookbook. by Tom Bridge. Capricorn books (Australia) NSW.
    And...."It's goodbye from him, and it's goodbye from me", in England. :)

  5. I loved Inspector Morse and the spin-off Lewis is good too - I wonder if you get that over there?

    I love anything historical and the classic book adaptations like Cranford and anything Jane Austen of course:-)

    So glad you enjoyed the UK when you visited Carole, I felt the same about Australia - loved it!

    I hope George has returned and that you are
    feeling much better now.