Our Home our Haven

Our Home our Haven

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some Days are tough...
This is a pic of one of wrap and giggle days from a couple of years ago,the annual event where we treat all the seniors in town to a day of fun and gifts.
The one in the pink is Robbie a most gorgeous person,me and then the lovely Tania.She has had a shocker year and was alone at Christmas and told no one.
Tania also works for me at the op shop so does Robbi but Tania is my Monday girl and much loved.
Last Friday she had a colonoscopy and you know what I am going to say...yes she has Bowel Cancer,yesterday was more scans and tomorrow a visit to the surgeon.Another dear friend is going with her so she is not alone.
Lots o f hard times ahead but they have told her if you get Cancer this one is the one with the best chance  so many prayers are being said.
I wanted to talk about selfishness,selflesness and not selfrightious.When Tania sat down and told me what was happening I felt sick,what could I do? how could I help? buggar.....
Tania's sons marriage was in tatters at Christmas her other son in a mess himself and she gave them both everything she had to make things easier,leaving herself with nothing and alone and too proud to ask anyone for their company. so she spent Christmas alsone..that won't be happening again..one of the boys is now on his feet again and will help pay for the tests.
After Tania told me her news she then said she did not know how she was going to travel the 2 hours for all her visits etc she had $1 to her name......I cannot remember ever being like that since the kids were small when it happened often..I remembered that feeling add to the mix the horror of what is ahead and it is a wonder she was sane.
I came home and sat with Bob,we decided that this week the  Sealed POT misses out,I am obsessed with every coin going in there.So I went to see Tania and gave her some money for fuel,coffee and lunches for the next 2 visits.No it was not kind of me it was the right thing to do...I am shoving everything into my pot for my future and here is a gorgeous person who may not have a long one.
Before you place your money in the pot this week,have a little peep around and see if there is a Tania in your life,work out the rights of things and go from there,she was not embarassed.I was not selfrightious thinking I have an abundance as we have not,it was not a loan and only because none of my gilrs have a PC or would read this am I writing of it.
I just felt so humbled to know that we have the POT there and that we could decide without hesitation what to do.Tania will be paid tomorrow ( she is a pensioner) and she will be ok again.
Life is just too hard at times and we are so grateful for a life where we are usually on top of things these days,but next year we will be pensioners,I hope if we are in trouble someone notices...next time you ask "are you ok?" to someone dear listen to their answer but at the same time look at their eyes,if I had not done that I am not sure what would have happened for this dear friend this week.
praise God and keep her safe and a good healthy outcome after the dreaded C is removed.


  1. Carole, so sorry to hear about your friend Tania. You as her friend are worth more than gold to her. Thoughts and prayers going out to you all xx

  2. Thank you from the universe for helping your friend; you know it means more than she can every tell you.

  3. Sometimes there are things that we just have to do. Your friend is doubly blessed in having you as a friend and in being the recipient of your kindness.
    Prayers for her healing.

  4. I know your gift to her was in the right spirit, and therefore there is no need for her to be embarrassed. She's just lucky to have you as a friend. Cro xx

  5. Thats what friends are for, bless your heart....

  6. She is lucky to have a friend like you. I wish her all the best. :)

  7. Hi Carole
    Its like a breath of fresh air coming to visit your blog. I mean that there are lovely people like yourself out there that are so thoughtfull. Bless her and hope it all goes smoothly as can be for her x x
    hope you are being good and taking it easy.
    As usual I have been awol and lots to catch up on x x

  8. Hello there
    I came over from Mum's blog to see what you were up to and feel I must echo all the other sentiments of the above bloggers.
    Thats certainly what friends do - I'm sure Tania will be giving thanks for the fact that she and you are just that Friends!
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  9. Thanks for dropping in Carole. I wish we lived near each other as I know we would meet over tea & cake and get on well. I know we would x x Hope you & your family are well x x